The Benefits of Cross-Channel Influencer Marketing Campaigns

It’s not as cutting edge as it was a few years ago to choose an influencer, rather than a more established celebrity, for your marketing campaign. But for many traditional marketing teams, utilizing an influencer to the best of their ability is still some way outside of the comfort zone.

One of the best ways to make sure that you’re getting the most out of the influencer that you’ve chosen is to run your campaign on several platforms. Many influencers made their name outside of the traditional media – on Instagram, Snapchat or another social media platform.

Using several channels for your marketing campaign

If you want to capture their audience as your potential customers, it doesn’t make sense to run your campaign only on more traditional platforms – like TV adverts and the back pages of magazines or newspapers.

That said, it often doesn’t make sense to run a campaign exclusively on social media either. As popular as the platforms are, consumers often trust more old-school methods of delivering adverts more. Print advertisements, TV slots and even direct mailings enjoy a higher level of consumer confidence – which could mean a higher return on investment for you.

Spread your bets

It makes sense, then, that spreading your bets can be effective when it comes to sharing ads – and that applies to lots of campaigns, not just influencer campaigns.

When you use multiple platforms, you can – to some degree – enjoy the benefits of each platform, whilst offsetting each negative point by using other platforms. If your core audience is very active on Instagram, a sponsored post by an influencer could tap into that, but the lower trust that social media adverts enjoy can be offset by a traditional ad campaign in the print media too – the platforms support each other.


It is an oft repeated mantra of people who work in or are going to school for a masters in marketing online, that repetition is absolutely key. Few people will buy your product or remember your message the first time they see it, but if they see it often, they just might.

On average, it’s said that we have to encounter an advert seven times before we respond. The exact number is the subject of some discussion, but it’s certainly true that the more times we see an advert, the more likely we are to act.

Therefore, cross channel marketing can help to saturate your audience, ensuring they have encountered your product several times – in different contexts – and increase its efficacy.

Book an influencer

Influencers don’t just have to be social media stars – they can also be reality TV contestants with large followings or celebrities in another area who have branched out.