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Top B2B Marketing Insider Posts of 2012Last week I wrote the Top 10 Marketing Posts of 2012 from Business 2 Community, the social news site I co-founded with Brian Rice and Dan Criel. This week, I am happy to bring you my Top B2B Marketing Insider Posts of 2012.

Interestingly, all the top B2B Marketing Insider posts boil down to 3 main topics: The future of Marketing, the role of Content Strategy and the Social Business imperative.

Thanks to everyone who supported me in 2012. I hope you enjoy the review. And I wish you all the best in your marketing endeavors in 2013!

Top B2B Marketing Insider Post of 2012: What Is Marketing?

In order for us to change the problems we face in marketing today, we need to define it. In “What Is Marketing” I challenge the commonly held notion that marketing is simply defined as promotion (or ads).  I suggest that marketing is about meeting customer needs, delivering an experience and driving innovation. Peter Drucker said that “leadership is Marketing.” Or check out all 33 comments left on this most popular post from 2012.

In addition to this basic quest to define marketing, other top B2B Marketing Insider posts that fall under this category included: 10 Predictions for the Future of MarketingThe One Chart Every Marketer Needs To Understand and The Most Toxic Words In Marketing.

Bonus: My most popular post from 2011 declared: Change is Coming To B2B Marketing.

Content Marketing: What Is A Content Strategy And Why Do You Need It?

The 2nd biggest theme of this year’s articles and the 2nd most popular post was also a definition post. But this time it was an attempt to clarify What is a Content Strategy and why you need one. I also clarified how this differs from the tactics of content marketing.

In addition to the basics offered in that post, I also asked the question “Is content marketing the new advertising?” I went into a little more detail with 6 Steps To Executing A Content Strategy. And for those who always complain they have nothing to write about, I penned “31 Easy Ideas To Create Content Your Customers Want.”

Bonus: my 2nd most popular post of 2011 asked: Will Content Strategy Save Marketing? 

The Social Business Imperative

I believe that the newly digital / social / mobile world has changed marketing dramatically in just a few short years. I propose that marketing should help to drive our businesses to succeed by enabling social business across the enterprise, in every function. I called this the The Social Business Imperative and this article quickly became my 3rd most popular B2B Marketing Insider post of 2013. (Despite the fact that it was only published 2 months ago!)

But I wasn’t done. I even wrote the 2013 Social Business Marketing Manifesto and claimed that the time for change is now. And supporting this with 2 other popular posts for the year is a myth-busting of the Top 5 Reasons People Don’t Do Social and Why Now Is The Time To Build Your Personal Brand.

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  • Michael Higashi

    Thanks for compiling these gems! Really appreciate your contributions – they’re always insightful and inspirational, as well.


  • Frank Strong

    Always interesting to take a look at what resonated, Michael. What strikes me about this post is that the two most popular were in the form of a question.

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      Thanks Frank, posts with questions always seem to do well for me! Happiest new year to you!

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    So sound and compact. Great post! Thanks for sharing Michael.

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    Great roundup for all things involving B2B marketing. It’s nice to have the top posts all here for a quick reference. Happy new year!

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