What Makes You Fascinating?

Do you think you are fascinating?

What if  I told you that you most certainly are fascinating and that there is research to prove it?

Less than 2 weeks ago I attended @MarketingProfs Social Tech conference where I learned from an amazing keynote speaker, Sally Hogshead (@SallyHogshead) that yes, I am fascinating! “And research proves it?”

Sally explained that “fascination is an intense emotional focus. Because when customers are fascinated by you and your message, they’re more likely to trust, believe, and respect you.”

I was definitely intrigued. So I took the test during the break following the keynote. And I was really surprised by what I found.

To me this is relevant for brands, for marketers and anyone looking to grow their personal brand. It is relevant for anyone who uses content or persuasion in their business or personal life. And that’s, well, all of us…

Sally explained that there are 7 triggers of fascination. The 7 triggers are Power, Passion, Mystique, Passion, Alarm, Rebellion and Trust and each translates to a unique approach to fascination.

Each of us has a primary and a secondary trigger that defines our own fascination style or approach to persuading others. And this combination creates a grid of 49 personality archetypes.

“Michael, You are THE VICTOR”

This is the first line in the email that delivered my results to me. It said that my primary trigger is PRESTIGE and  secondary trigger is POWER. It also said the trigger I’m least likely to apply in my personality and behavior is PASSION.

This means I am “Results-Oriented” (true), “Respected” (I hope) and “Competitive” (oh yeah!)

Well I thought Sally was truly “fascinating” in her keynote presentation. I would recommend her to any group looking for a keynote speaker.

But I have to say, of all the personality types, I am not sure I am completely comfortable with my results. I always thought of myself as more of a rebel. Maybe “The Catalyst” (Passion + Rebellion), “The Secret Weapon” (Mystique + Rebellion) or “The Change Agent” (Power + Rebellion).

Maybe being unhappy with labels is a classic “Victor” trait?

For now, I’ll take the results with a grain of salt and take the feedback to try and build more passion into my communications, content and persuasion.

But no matter how true the test may be (or feel), I think it’s great to hear that we all have the ability to fascinate, that we can stop creating boring content and can start attracting what we want with our own unique fascination advantage.

So take the test if you dare ($47 and takes just about 10 minutes) and share your results with us here?


Michael Brenner

Michael Brenner  is a Top CMO, Content Marketing and Digital Marketing Influencer, an international keynote speaker, author of "Mean People Suck" and "The Content Formula" and he is the CEO and Founder of Marketing Insider Group, a leading Content Marketing Agency . He has worked in leadership positions in sales and marketing for global brands like SAP and Nielsen, as well as for thriving startups. Today, Michael helps build successful content marketing programs for leading brands and startups alike. Subscribe here for regular updates.

17 thoughts on “What Makes You Fascinating?

  1. Love this post! I heard Sally speak at Content Marketing World. She’s amazing.

    Actually, I had to giggle a bit when this hit my inbox this morning because I’m currently working on a seven-month marketing campaign based on How to Fascinate. It’s launching in May and I’m very interested to see the results we get because I think it’s going to tell us a lot about our target audience. Fingers crossed!

    P.S. I’m Trust + Power = The Gravitas
    P.P.S. I see that you are speaking on Content Marketing World 2012. Looking forward to it.

    1. Good luck Paige and thanks for commenting. The Gravitas is such a cool name. I have such label jealousy! And yes, looking forward to seeing at Content Marketing World. Funny we have to travel to Ohio to meet!

  2. Prestige and Power? Time to buy some bigger rings! I love Sally Hogshead and was disappointed to have missed that conference! A phenomenal treatment of her material, Michael! It’s rare to find someone who is as compelling a speaker and they are a writer, but Sally’s book “Fascinate” is equally compelling!

  3. Hey Michael, love this post! I share the ambivalence you have about your results…I almost paid to take the test again and see if I could generate a result I liked better! My primary = Prestige and secondary = Rebellion (The Avant-Garde: Original, Distinctive, Trendsetter), with Passion as my dormant trigger. I’m totally cool with being an avant garde rebel, but the prestige thing felt a little stuffy and it bothered me that passion was taking a nap. I’ve been thinking a lot about how to incorporate these insights to do a better job with my own content, as well as our clients’. It would be interesting to take the test with a “brand hat” on and uncover opportunities for our brands to be more fascinating too. Paige, I look forward to hearing your results!

    1. Thanks Carmen, I have to say, I would much rather have a little rebellion with my Prestige. the Avante Garde is so cool! And we both have the dormant Passion. I would have never guessed that since I am such a hopeless romantic. But whatevs. As one of the comments said, I guess I just need to own it.

      Paige is great and a former guest contributor here on the blog. She lives like 20 mins from me, we have been to the same yoga studio (not at the same time) and still haven’t met. You should get to Content Marketing World! We can share war stories.

  4. Thanks everyone! I’ll be happy to share results if we get some solid metrics back, for good or bad.

    Michael – Who doesn’t want to be a Victor? That sounds so…winning. And I do find it funny that we will likely be meeting in Ohio, even though we live down the street from each other. It’s kind of shocking that we haven’t bumped into each other yet.

    Carmen – I think rebellion and passion often go hand in hand. They are so close, in so many ways. Avant-Garde is a interesting one, and I’ve always loved that word…

  5. The Secret Weapon here 🙂
    Great post! I must agree, Sally Hogshead rocks. Don’t be bummed about your results–The Victor is a cool label, sounds so empowering–own it!

    Paige, I’m intrigued by your campaign, I’m looking forward to hearing more.

  6. Yes Sally is awesome and how she packages her book is fascinating.

    #BBSradio we did great interview with her while she was creating this program.

    Love to talk with you and see what I “hear” in your fascinate qualities 😉

    I am Prestige and Rebellion

  7. Thanks Vanessa. Hopefully, I have the right metrics set up ahead of time. Sometimes I feel like that’s the Achilles heel to every campaign!

  8. Michael, what an entirely excellent post!

    Thanks for sharing the test, and your results. I’m honored to be included here. And by The Victor, no less…


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