Your Marketing Campaign Is Dead. Why Isn’t It Working?

After months of planning a big marketing campaign it fell flat the moment you launched it. Instead of being worried about what you should do next, you should try to find out why it was a total failure. This is not the moment to try to find a new job, this is the moment when you do your best to learn from your mistakes and create a new campaign that will be a great success.

In some cases it is not important the result, but the way you respond to it. You will have to understand what went wrong and avoid doing the same mistakes in the future. This article will help you understand what adjustments you should bring in the future, and why your last campaign was a failure.

You Did Not Identify The Right Audience

One of the most important factors for a successful marketing campaign is the audience. You should ask yourself who you want to get your message. Once you have the answer to this question you are a step closer to creating a great marketing campaign. But before deciding your audience, you will have to check what segment of clients prefer the product you want to promote and if you have competition in the market for this product. When you know these aspects you have to create a story that sounds appealing to that particular audience

You Did Not Promote The Right Message

According to the reaction of the audience your marketing campaign can be a success or a failure. So, when you create the message of the campaign you should make sure that it targets your clients. Keep your clients’ interests and preferences in mind when you create the message of the marketing campaign, because it will be the one that will speak to them directly about their needs and preferences.

You Rushed To Analyze The Results

Every entrepreneur would be disheartening if they would see that their campaign does not have the results they want, but at the same time you have to make sure that you give it enough time to fulfill your goals. If you are running a marketing campaign and notice that the first results are not the ones you have expected, then you should try to understand what is not working. You can ask for help from a professional who is specialized in offering data exchange, because it will tell you what changes have to be brought to the campaign.

Your Product Was Not As Good As You Promised It Will Be

There are not few the cases when a product is perfectly promoted, but it does not meet the requirements of the market. If people have bought the product and they were disappointed by its quality, then the reason why the marketing campaign was a failure is simple. The campaign promoted an under delivered product and customers do not trust your brand anymore. Make sure you control the quality of the product, and then you design the campaign according to it.

5 thoughts on “Your Marketing Campaign Is Dead. Why Isn’t It Working?

  1. ” I was greeted by the most evil advertising creation in the history of mankind, an auto-play video”

    LOL! And yes, auto-play ads are the worst! I’d love to see the metrics on those — and whether publishers can prove they are worth the interruption.

    1. I think they are effective at interrupting. The bigger question is at what cost? I hate them. I hate the advertiser who makes me scramble for the volume button. And I hate the publisher for using them.

  2. You are spot on with this post and I think have painted a perfect picture of where content marketing NEEDS to go.

    “It has to be customer-driven, it has to be continuous and it has to focus on reaching the right person, at the right time, with the right message.”


    One question for you or your readers…

    Given that the concept of personalizing content often equates to a need for even more content for more types of readers, how do you recommend brands (particularly B2B brands) go about creating enough content to execute on delivering a personalized, reader driven journey, given that they currently struggle with even a single journey targeting only a handful of cookie cutter personas?

    Or am I missing it? Is true personalization it about something different?

    1. Hi Steve, Thanks for your feedback and a great question.

      You are correct that personalization requires even more customer-focused content than most brands have today. But the problem is not that brands don’t have enough content. Or budget. Brands spend a ton of money creating a ton of content no one wants.

      The problem is that their content marketing efforts aren’t centered on answering their customers’ questions. Instead brands create content that the sales team thinks will help sell products. Or they create content that their boss thinks will help sell more product.

      When in fact this is what buyers tune out. So if brands simply STOPPED creating most of that promotional content and shifted just half that under-performing activity to content that actually helps their buyers, they would have more than they need to meet customer needs at each stage of the buyer journey.

      And we have helped dozens of brands do that. It all starts with a simple content audit. Or even a small sample of content audited to see what costs go into under-performing content. And then creating a plan to deliver stuff buyers actually want. No extra budget required. Just a shift in thinking.

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