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The Most Important Question In Business…

By Michael Brenner on September 20, 2011

…is “how are you doing?

When I started my career as an account executive, I found out very quickly that customers and prospects rolled their eyes the moment I started talking about my company and our services.

I would ask them if they’d like to hear about our new product release…crickets.

I would ask if I could bring my sales manager in for a meeting with my main contact’s boss…crickets.

I would ask if they had any budget they needed to spend…”nice try!”

But when I asked about them, when I asked about their business challenges, fears or aspirations, they lit up like a Christmas tree. And that is how (through lots of trial and error in business and in dating) I found out that I needed to stop talking about myself and ask that most important question: “how are you doing?”

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The 8 Most Common Sales Mistakes

By Michael Brenner on September 1, 2011

why content marketing is better than PPC

I often talk here about the need for better alignment between marketing and sales. In fact, it is often cited as the biggest challenge for B2B marketers. It is because of this that I like to reach out to some of my friends in B2B Sales AND Marketing to provide their perspective.

Recently we ran a guest post from Kenny Madden on how the line between Marketing and Sales is starting to blur and we are looking at a new partnership he called “SMarketing.”

Additionally, my colleague in Inside Sales, Robert Krekstein contributed this post recently on Lead Nurturing.

You have seen my posts on Marketing Mistakes. Well here is another post from Rob on the 8 Most Common Mistakes Sales Makes


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Money Is the Root of All Marketing Plan Evil

By Michael Brenner on June 30, 2011

marketing plan evilToday officially marks the half way point in the year.  Which means your 2011 marketing plan has just a few more chances to be analyzed, reviewed and refined in order to help you meet your objectives for the year.

As you look at your results, how are you doing? Are you on track to meet your plan? Or do you see wasted effort, tactical thinking and a reactionary culture.

One of the biggest reasons I see B2B marketing plans veer off course starts right at the beginning. The problem lies in how we distribute budgets.

Or to put it more plainly: money is the root of all marketing plan evil.

Well I think I’ve got the cure right here…it’s called a business case: If you want money, create a business case. If you want to hire people, create a business case.

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How To Create Killer Content: Speak To A Customer

By Michael Brenner on January 13, 2011

One of my favorite questions when I speak to marketers about social media, content marketing, demand generation or sales alignment is also one of the most frequently asked:

I am a small business and cannot afford to pay tons of money to create content. Any advice for small business marketers?

I write a lot about social media but we all know it all really comes down to the quality of our content. Now you may be thinking: “what does this guy who works for a large company know about the challenges of small business marketing?” Trust me, I have been there. This article will tell the story of what I did while working as the head of marketing for a small business.

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