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Quality blog content to grow traffic, leads and sales.

Why you need Blog Content

  • Organic growth – Blog content is the primary way of educating your audience and converting visitors to customers.
  • Search intent – Your customers are googling their problems. Are you solving them?
  • Brand authority – Grab a greater share of voice and cement your brand’s expertise and authority in your field.
  • Sales funnel – Content mapped to your customer journey nudges them closer to the purchase.

MIG’s content is crafted to meet specific business objectives such as brand awareness, customer acquisition or sales.

Why you need Blog Content

The Business Advantage of Content Marketing Services

What you gain from annually planned and weekly published blog content

More Leads

Content marketing garners 3X as many leads as paid search for every dollar spent.

Higher Conversion Rate

Organizations who use content marketing see 6X Higher Conversion Rate

Increase Website Traffic

Content marketing leaders see 7.8X Higher year-over-year growth in unique site traffic.

Leaner Budget

It costs 62% to launch and maintain a content marketing plan than any other type of campaign.

Establish Trust

80% of people appreciate learning about a company through custom content.

Blog Content

That Works For All Industries

B2B SaaS

We specialize in taking SaaS businesses to the next level with content that connects with highly-targeted audiences.

Start Up

We handhold startups through their brand journey and propel them towards thought leadership with insightful, unique content.


We provide the high quality consistent, in-depth, and scalable content that industry-specific blogs and publications need.


Our team writes enticin product descriptions blog posts to support sales and branding for online retailers.


Agencies trust us for not just the copywriting & blogging needs of clients, but their entire content strategy.

Free Growth Software: $997/Month Value Included!

With Marketing Insider Group's Growth Software package, you'll access a comprehensive suite of tools designed to propel your business forward. These powerful features include:

Sales Pipeline Growth Support

Keep your pipeline flowing and drive more sales conversions with automated landing page and lead nurture capabilities.

Reporting Dashboard

Use data visualizations to track and centralize important KPIs, including traffic and leads, across all digital channels.

Referral and Partner Program

Enhance revenue by leveraging your professional network to bring in more leads and sales.

Website SEO Optimization

Increase brand visibility and drive more traffic to your site with elevated SEO approaches.

Backup and Security Tools

Keep your site secure and quickly resolve issues with always-on backup and security support.

Growth Software tools:

Our package is rooted in industry best practices but always tailored to support the growth of your unique business. Contact our team today to learn more!

AI SEO analytics & optimization, WordPress plug-in to analyze and manage website SEO. WP clients only.

CRM, Email & Text Marketing, Reputation Management, and more.

WordPress plug-in to secure your website and business from hackers without changing any directory or file. WP clients only.

Repair your website by installing plugins and themes, create snapshots in an instant, and restore previous versions of your website. WP clients only.

Create referral or partner programs with custom commissions, rewards, tracking links, and more to increase revenue stream.

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How Blog Writing Services work

Behind the Scenes: Exploring the Mechanics of Blog Writing Services


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We’ll send you new content every week for you to review and publish to your site.

The MIG Advantage:

Our clients see 150% YoY growth in organic search traffic and a 7x ROI on marketing investments on average.

US-Based Writers

All our writers are based in the US or UK & have native English-speaking proficiency. Rest assured you’re speaking the same language as your clients.

Subject Expertise

Our content team comprises marketing strategists with real world experience in multiple industries and verticals. Your brand is in good hands at all times.

Quick Turnaround

We blend consistency with flexibility for maximum impact — regular posts that follow an editorial calendar with incisive pieces that capitalize on industry trends.

Strategic Content

MIG’s seasoned digital marketing professionals will make sure your content is aligned with your customer journey as well as business objectives for maximum ROI.

Multiple Formats

Increase your brand authority and educate your customers with text and visual content including blog posts, whitepapers, ebooks, press releases, and more.

Scale for Growth

There is a direct correlation between share of voice and revenue growth. Leave us to talk the talk while you focus on walking the walk and building your product

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The MIG Assurance:

Frequently Asked SEO Blog Content Questions

We know only too well that a brand is the basis of trust between you and your customer. You place that same trust in our hands when you let us create your content. We’ve built on, enriched, and delivered this trust for organizations of all sizes and shapes, from unknown small businesses to the biggest brands in the industry. And so, we care as deeply about your reputations as we do about ours.

The MIG research team uses an unbeatable combination of the best minds in the industry and the latest, AI-based keyword research tools to understand online consumer behavior. More importantly, we start out by understanding your audience and your customers, and then attempt to map out exactly how they proceed on their journey towards purchase.

We create foolproof content strategies in close collaboration with your marketing team. What’s more, you get to approve each and every piece of content well in advance. The traction that our articles get as soon as they’re published will do the talking for itself.

You own the full copyrights to the content that we create for you. They are all published under a byline of your choice.

Every piece of content we create undergoes a comprehensive and stringent editing process with checks for spelling, grammar, readability, plagiarism, audio-visual copyrights and credits, technical and factual accuracy of advice, sources of research cited, relevance of examples used, as well as optimization for Google rankings and conversions.

For the first few articles, we offer unlimited (that’s right — unlimited) revisions to be sure our articles conform to your messaging guidelines, voice, and tone, reflect your culture and brand personality, and advocate your company’s mission.

We strive for publish-ready content after these first few weeks and it’s very, very rare that any piece of content goes through multiple rounds of revisions. Our team is that good! However, we are happy to make revisions after the onboarding period, as long as they’re requested within 2 weeks of the delivery date.

Your website is the most effective (from a conversions point of view) to post your content, so ideally your blog should serve as your content hub. That said, the content strategy we define together might include e-resources on microsites that you own, thought-leadership articles on other websites (such as industry journals), syndication to relevant online publications, and supporting posts on social media and email.

Why not? Think of lovable bunnies with robotic efficiency and you can picture our writers!

Every client is assigned 1 lead writer, 1 backup writer, 2 editors (yes, we take it that seriously), 1 branding and marketing lead, and 1 quality assurance team member. This breakdown allows for a true understanding of your company’s needs and business objectives. It also offers a fallback in the form of a backup writer who is already up to speed with your content strategy.

Our strategy includes customized, highly tactical SEO and PPC recommendations that are sure to work for you. We have some of the most experienced digital marketing consultants on our team and we can work with you multichannel promotion, including search, social media, email, and mainstream digital media.

Today, Google sends over two-thirds of all visitors on average to any website out there. There are over two hundred large and small factors based on which the Google algorithm decides to display your site for a particular search query or keyword.

We’ll run your site through a plethora of SEO tools and analyze it for every one of these ranking factors. Based on this, a couple of the world’s top SEO experts (yes, you read that right) will give you a prioritized list of on-site and off-site actions that will significantly increase your Google rankings and click-throughs.

The short answer is yes. Links and content are the two unchanging fundamentals on which Google’s ranking algorithm is built. While search engines have minimized “gaming” and unscrupulous link building practices over the years, relevant, high-authority links invariably help your content float to the top of search results.

Our PRO package puts in place a link “earning” strategy that brings in PR and authority for your brand, a wider reach for your content, and extra love from Googlebot.

Before we begin, our team will outline and help you choose a set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that tie in your content marketing with your overall business goals. Our monthly reports will then show you progress over time on metrics — such as content reach and impressions, organic traffic to your website, Google rankings, click-through rate, number of keywords you show up for, and conversions (steps towards sales) — that make it easy for you to tell if you’re meeting your KPIs or not.

Content marketing and SEO take time to deliver lasting results. While you’ll see a bump in the number of your web visitors and the keywords that bring them in quite soon, it can take around 6 to 8 months to see permanent upticks in business goals such as leads and conversions. Rest assured we’ll be looking out for results more often and more eagerly than you!

While packages are designed to fit different business sizes, verticals, and marketing budgets, the fastest way is to schedule a quick call with us. We’ll ask you some specific questions that will give you a better understanding of your target audience and the best ways to reach them. You’ll then have more clarity to choose a package you can run with.

We ask for a 12-month commitment because the results of our work take time. However, we allow for cancelation with 30-days notice any time after the first 3 months.

Shortly after signing up, we’ll introduce you to our team over a 30-minute kickoff call. There, we’ll cover the onboarding timeline, how we deliver content, and work together on a “briefing document” that will jumpstart our SEO research!

Two weeks later, you receive 50-75 focus keywords, 100 topic headlines, and two “test” articles that will give you a bird’s eye view of how the content strategy will pan out over the next 12 months. We’ll also host a 30-minute onboarding call where we walk you through your new content marketing plan, set expectations, and show you how to maximize results at each step of the way!