Why This Workshop

Why This Workshop

Content is the key to attracting better leads. And when done right, it can fuel the digital growth of your organization.

In this virtual content marketing workshop, you’ll discover how to make a content marketing strategy tailored for your business’s specific goals and needs. You’ll get all the tools and resources you need to document your strategy as well as tools and tips for implementing your plan so that you can see real results in as little as six months.

Once your plan is documented, you’ll learn how to create the right type of content that will attract the leads you want. (Hint – it’s more than just a few blog articles).

In addition, you’ll see how you can get your website ranked in the top searches online and more importantly, grow you organic traffic without spending a dime!

What’s Included:

Competitive Analysis Assessment –

Get an in-depth look at what your biggest competitors are doing to attract leads and buyers

Content Marketing Roadmap to Success –

Get a step-by-step guide for building an effective plan that focuses on delivering results

Digital & Website Assessment –

See what’s working and what’s not working to improve your lead generation efforts

Content Markting Measurement Plan –

Learn how to track and measure your content in terms of marketing dollars

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Content Marketing Workshop

Three Reasons Why You Need This

Gain Buy-In From Your Team

Make the business case for content marketing to your managers and executives

Learn Best Practices

Implement the core components of an effective content marketing program to avoid making mistakes

Track Your ROI

Measure and optimize your content marketing program with data

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Our insights have been featured in leading publications

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