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  • PPC strategies for ecommerce campaigns

    5 Effective PPC Strategies for Ecommerce Campaigns

    A 2022 PYMNTS analysis found that Amazon and Walmart together take about 50% of the total U.S. ecommerce market. Amazon is by far the most dominant player, accounting for about 45% of all U.S. digital retail sales. Walmart accounts for 5%. Other big names, like Wayfair (1.5%) play a major role in U.S. ecommerce as

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  • How to Grow Your Small Business with Data: 4 Practical Tips

    It doesn’t matter if you’re a new company looking for a strong start or a town staple looking to break bad habits, you can always improve and grow your small business. For some, that might mean entering new markets. For others, it may mean creating deeper engagements with existing customers. Throughout this guide, we’ll look

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  • Why Brick-and-Mortar Marketing Needs Modern Automation to See Successful Results

    The past few years have been very good for the e-commerce industry, and really any business that earns significant revenue from online sales. The COVID pandemic sent established brick-and-mortars rushing to accelerate their digital transformation plans and sell more online. They plowed eye-watering sums into digital marketing channels despite often shaky evidence for digital ads’

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  • nonprofit marketing

    How to Make Your Nonprofit Website a Marketing Machine

    While their marketing tactics may differ slightly from those of for-profit businesses, marketing is just as crucial for nonprofits. Your nonprofit needs to employ a successful marketing strategy to acquire new supporters and drive donations for your cause. Ultimately, your website is your nonprofit’s online information hub, making it a critical marketing resource. Your website

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  • mail flying into your inbox with direct mail marketing tips

    Dive Into the Future of Direct Mail Marketing: 4 Fresh Tips

    Direct mail is one of the most classic and effective marketing tools nonprofits can leverage for fundraising. However, determining how it fits into your strategy can be quite a marketing challenge. By utilizing technology to support direct mail marketing campaigns, nonprofits are able to maximize their reach and increase their ROI. In other words, when

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  • man explaining association web design

    4 Best Practices for Association Web Design

    Your association needs a strong digital presence to stand out from the crowd. In fact, it’s estimated that you only have seven seconds to grab someone’s attention before they click away to the next website. With such a short time period to keep your users engaged, you’ll need a solid web design. A well-designed website

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  • Here are five expert tips to help establish your niche business in the community.

    5 Tips to Establish a Niche Small Business in the Community

    Starting a niche small business, whether it’s a hip-hop/ballet fusion dance studio, gluten-free bakery, or vintage thrift store, is no small feat. You have to jump through hoops to set up your business entity, find a location, and hire employees. On top of that, you have to raise awareness of your business and generate traffic

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  • woman on a computer looking at seven telltale signs that it's time to redesign your website

    Is it Time to Redesign Your Website? 7 Telltale Signs

    Redesigning a website can be a major task, but in many cases, it’s necessary for your site to survive and thrive. Visitors can assess your website’s visual appeal in as little as 50 milliseconds. That means you may only have a fraction of a second to make a positive first impression. A poorly designed website

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  • How to Interpret Web Engagement Data to Elevate Your Website

    Your website is a mission-critical marketing and engagement tool for your organization, whether you’re a large nonprofit seeking support for cancer research or a small retail business. This is where you create content that is useful to your target audience, house important tools that your customers or supporters can leverage, and more. And as you’ve

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  • Association Marketing Tools & Metrics for Member Engagement

    What separates associations with high rates of member retention from those that struggle with lapsing members? While there’s not a single answer as to why some membership bases remain strong and others fall victim to churn, one differentiating major factor is member engagement. Member engagement describes the interactions between your association and its members. It’s

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