Check Out The 20 Best Slideshare Presentations of 2015

It’s that time of the year again! Last year I shared with you my favorite SlideShares, marketing events, articles and videos. Thanks to readers like you, these articles continue to be some of my most popular posts of all time! And check out my list of the Best Marketing Conferences of 2016.

One of my content marketing predictions for 2016 is that visual content will continue to rise next year. And I still think SlideShare is one of the biggest opportunities in content marketing that marketers should be taking more advantage of as part of their 2016 strategy.


What do you think? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Please also share your favorite SlideShares in the comments below!

Top 20 SlideShare Presentations of 2015

  1. KPCB Internet Trends 2015 from Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers – 2.8 Million Views

This report continues to be one of the most viewed presentations on SlideShare every year. The presentation covers many key trends, stats and changes in technology, business, advertising, communication and other spaces that are impacting the way we market to today’s consumers.

  1. The Best Advice LinkedIn Influencers Ever Got from LinkedIn Pulse – 1.2 Million Views

11 LinkedIn influencers, including Richard Branson and Ann Handley, sharing the best career advice they received that has helped shape their successful careers.

  1. Disruptive Technology Trends 2015 – 2016 from Brian Solis – 1.1 Million Views

This presentation walks us through some of the world’s biggest trends we are (or will be) seeing in technology, science, social media and marketing, and what this all means for brands and marketers.

  1. Tech and Media Outlook 2016 from Activate – 1.1 Million Views

Michael Wolf, former Yahoo Inc. board member and now founder and managing director at Activate, shares his key insights into the future of tech and media for 2016.

  1. Mobile Commerce Playbook from PSFK – 480K Views

This playbook takes a look at how top brands and retailers around the world are leveraging mobile to deliver a more personalized and relevant experience to consumers, which builds deeper relationships and loyalty to ultimately drive more sales.

  1. 20 Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Pinterest Features You Didn’t Know Existed (But Totally Should) from HubSpot – 283K Views

This presentation goes through 20 of the coolest features that most people may not know about Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest to help you get the most out of these social channels.

  1. The 10 Best Copywriting Formulas for Social Media Headlines from Buffer – 282K Views

This is a fantastic list of 10 effective copywriting formulas to help you craft social media headlines that will actually get people’s attention and help drive action and engagement.

  1. How To Get More From SlideShare – Super-Simple Tips For Content Marketing from Content Marketing Institute – 214K Views

This is a great presentation that provides everything you need to know to create and optimize your SlideShare presentations for content marketing.

  1. What Makes Content Memorable? from Bruce Kasanoff – 221K Views

In this presentation Bruce Kasanoff shares 11 simple but powerful ways to make your content more memorable.

  1. Work Rules! from Laszlo Bock – 177K Views

Google’s magnetic brand doesn’t happen by accident. One of the top reasons why current and prospective “Googlers” think Google is the best place to work is its culture. In this presentation, Lazlo Bock, SVP of People Operations (a.k.a. HR), shares Google’s secret ingredient to its killer culture that helps Google attract and retain the best talent around the world.

  1. The 8 Basic Components of Every Great Speech from Matteo Cassese – 21K views

  1. Steve Jobs On Marketing: 8 Lessons Every Marketer Must Learn! from Ayesha Ambreen – 21K views
  1. Tips, Tools and Templates To Build Your Content Marketing Plan from Michael Brenner – 36K Views

Yes this is from me! I am lucky to have some relative success with my content on Slideshare and this was my best of the year. It’s chock full of practical advice on how to build your content marketing plan, as delivered at this year’s Content Marketing World.

  1. Humans Are Predictable: Exploit It In Eight Charts from SapientNitro – 66K Views
  1. Top 10 Facebook and Twitter Advertising Hacks of All Time from Larry Kim – 48K Views
  1. How to Choose the Perfect Stock Photo from IMPACT Branding & Design – 33K Views
  1. Content Marketing Strategy Workshop from Michael Brenner – 17K Views

This is a sneak peak at what I cover n content marketing strategy sessions. This deck was delivered to an audience of nearly 200 people. Let me know if you would like your own customized content marketing strategy workshop.

  1. The 4 Steps to Create Great Presentations @allisonhaag from Teachable18K Views
  1. How To Plan And Build A Successful Content Marketing Strategy from Michael Brenner16K Views
  1. The 13 ULTIMATE Free Stock Photo Websites for your Presentation or Online Course by @allisonhaag from Teachable16K Views

To check out all 20 of these Top 2015 Slideshares, see the Slideshare below (I know a Slideshare about Slideshare. – So meta, right?)

BONUS: Top Ads of 2015

Okay, I know we all hate ads. But these are brilliant branded content that people actually love and want to share. Not only are they effective at capturing an audience’s attention and pitching their products, but these viral ads also touched the audience in some way. And I think there are a lot of great insights and lessons we can learn from these ads about successful content marketing.

  1. “El Mayor Premio Es Compartirlo/The Greatest Prize Is Sharing” from The Spanish Lottery – 4.4 Million Views

Get your Kleenex ready for this one. It may not have as many views as the other ads, but this one is a must-watch this year. This Spanish ad tells a beautiful, touching story of a lonely security guard Justino, who passes the time by arranging the factory’s mannequins into funny poses for the daytime workers to enjoy. And in the end, they repay his generosity in a way that will make you cry a little (if not a lot).

What makes this a great content marketing example is that the campaign doesn’t end with the ad, the audience can continue to engage with the brand via Justino’s Instagram account @justino_vigilante, which has amassed over 12.4k followers since its launch.

  1. “Slap Her” from – 31 Million Views

This video produced by Italian journalist Luca Lavarone is a PSA aimed at raising awareness toward the domestic violence that many Italian women face in intimate relationships. A group of boys between 6 and 11 years old are asked to slap the girl in front of them. Watch their powerful reactions and responses.

Many have critiqued the video for oversimplifying the issue of domestic violence, but many supporters argued that behind the heartwarming ad is a powerful, effective message addressing one of the most troubling issues of our society. The opposing view and passionate debate taken place online certainly contributed to the video’s viral growth. According to Adweek, the ad had been viewed almost 33 million times on Facebook in just three days. (Note: total view included here is YouTube only.)

  1. “Android: Friends Furever” from Android – 21 Million Views

According to Business Insider, this adorable ad to promote Android is the most shared ad in 2015 and also the most-shared ad of all time. If you’re not a cat lover, don’t worry – there are lots of dogs and other furry friends, including a bear, orangutan, elephant, and many more.

  1. “The Man On The Moon” from John Lewis – 20 Million Views

This Christmas ad is for a British retailer John Lewis. The feel-good video follows a young girl Lily who, through her family’s telescope one night, discovers a lonely man living on the moon all by himself. Lily is determined to connect with him and goes on a mission to get him a Christmas present, to send a message that someone down here on Earth is thinking of him – and that, of course, with the right gift everything can be a little better.

As part of the clever campaign, John Lewis has partnered with Age UK to raise awareness of the issue of loneliness among the elderly, and will be donating a portion of their Christmas sale to the cause. The retailer has also launched several in-store activities, an online game and app that shoppers can use to continue to engage with the campaign.

  1. “Imagine The Possibilities” from Barbie – 18 Million Views

Empowerment isn’t the first thing most people would think of with the Mattel’s Barbie brand, especially with all the criticisms it has received in recent years. This two-minute ad is part of the brand’s evolution to change this negative perception and show girls and their parents that Barbie, through the power of imagination, will allow girls to realize their limitless potential.

The clever ad features hidden camera footage capturing real reactions to girls pretending to be professors, sports coaches, doctors and businesswoman in real settings, leading up to a surprise ending with a supposedly uplifting and empowering message for all young girls around the world.

Check out these videos Adweek ranked as the 20 most viral ads of 2015. Which is your favorite and which ones do you think we missed?

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