Why Do Creative People So Often Struggle to Pick a Direction & Ship?

Your creative intuition is a powerful guide. So why does it occasionally seem like you’re wandering in circles, unable to move past a single piece of a project? It just doesn’t feel like you can get it RIGHT, so you keep agonizing over that part of the work. Today, we learn about the Art of the Unfinished.

We assume that, to ship something successful, we need to share only the good stuff, the completed stuff. But new Unthinkable contributor Cara Hogan joins us to share a story that refutes that — the story of the George Washington painting on the US dollar bill. Then, we hear from two product managers, Adam Sigel and Karen Rubin, about how they involve others in their process. If your default setting is to believe your ideas are wrong, how do you keep shipping your work? We’ll find out from them.

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Professor Patricia Hills: www.bu.edu/ah/profile/patricia-hills/

Cara Hogan on Twitter: twitter.com/CaraHogan27

Adam Sigel on Twitter: twitter.com/adamsigel

Karen Rubin on Twitter: twitter.com/karenrubin

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