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  • growth hacking strategies

    6 Growth Hacking Strategies You Can Get Started With Right Now

    Growth hacking is a term coined by entrepreneur Sean Ellis in 2010 to describe people and organizations who use creative, experimental approaches to drive fast growth on a budget. Since then, it’s become a marketing industry buzzword and growth hacking strategies are being embraced across industries. But growth hacking has long been associated with startup

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  • blog article cost

    How Much Should a Blog Post Cost?

    With companies shifting their marketing budgets away from physical events and inappropriate ads, the corporate blog and content marketing are becoming central elements of marketing. You know that blogging needs to be the central hub of your content marketing strategy. But you just don’t have time – you have a business to run. You wonder

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  • Setting business and marketing goals

    How to Set Business and Marketing Goals Amidst Uncertainty

    We’ve all learned over the past year that uncertainty can arrive at any time and make massive impacts on markets, companies, and consumer behaviors. Was your business prepared? If you’re still here reading this article, it’s likely that you’ve survived what’s been a really tough year (congrats!) and are looking to the future, which looks

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  • Why Empathy in Marketing Is More Important Than Data

    Data has revolutionized the world of marketing. It’s become an invaluable asset in targeting audiences and building personalized experiences for individuals. While it’s an indispensable tool in company decision-making, it doesn’t necessarily lead to authentic connections. Understanding your customer does that. That’s why it’s critical to infuse empathy into marketing – to deliver a truly

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  • ar vr content

    The Resurgence of AR and VR Content in a Post-Pandemic World

    When people hear the terms augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) their minds tend to think futuristically. But the truth is, AR and VR content is here — and it’s not even new. AR and VR existed in their earliest forms almost 200 years ago (you read that right) when Charles Wheatstone invented the

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  • consumer behavior trends

    5 Consumer Behavior Trends Marketers Are Watching in 2021

    In a year where just about nothing was predictable, consumers actually were. Clear consumer behavior trends have emerged over the past several months, even as circumstances have changed. Marketers are now looking to come out of the pandemic with more innovative approaches and flexible business models to acquire more customers. Delivering on what consumers want

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  • The One-Person Marketing Plan for Startups

    If you’re researching how to market your business, odds are you’re finding lots of information about marketing plans that require big teams and equally big budgets. But as a startup founder, you know neither of those are realistic for your brand. Well, it ain’t easy going it alone — that’s for sure. But it’s not

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  • B2B pricing

    The Complete Guide to B2B Pricing

    Can you believe that 80% of B2B companies feel their pricing strategy needs improvement? We hardly could either, but it’s true. Despite the fact that just a 1% price optimization improvement can yield an 11% profit increase, many companies are admittedly not prioritizing their pricing strategy. Our guess? The complexity of the process gets in

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  • The Ultimate Guide For Developing Your B2B Sales Content Strategy

    In today’s B2B sales world, buyers are in charge. The digital era has created a sales landscape where customers are self-educating for months or even years before they indicate interest in a purchase. For brands, this means finding a way to build a relationship with their target audience before ever interacting with them directly, and

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  • Your 20-Step Checklist to Write the Perfect Blog Post

    The perfect blog post does exist. One that draws in new audiences, keeps readers engaged, builds your brand reputation, improves your SEO rankings, and converts customers. There are more than 70 million blogs published every single month and most get very little traffic and no social engagement. But your blog posts can accomplish exactly what

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