Article by Michael Brenner

  • Blast the Competition with Consistency in Content Marketing

    Do you ever feel like an obsessed ex stalking your competition’s content? Did their Tweets get better engagement than yours this week? Are you still below them in the search results for those battleground keywords? What topics did they cover this month? It sure would be great if you never had to think about them.

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  • The B2B Startup Guide to SaaS Marketing

    SaaS startups face several challenges when marketing their services to prospects. From brand name awareness, to lead generation, marketing your SaaS business requires maximum ROI for the lowest cost. That’s why SaaS companies win with content marketing. The results are measurable, and the costs are low. It’s also why we use a SaaS-based model with

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  • Do Chatbots Really Work for Customer Acquisition?

    If you interact with brands or organizations on Facebook, there’s a good chance you’ve come across a chatbot for customer acquisition at least once: You comment on a page’s Facebook post. A few hours later, a message bubble appears. The page messaged you with a question. It might feel strange at first – you know

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  • How to Make Hero-Villain Brand Stories Drive Conversions

    I’ve run across some pretty shrewd business owners, managers, and executives that balk at the idea of using hero-villain brand stories to drive conversions. You know the “no-nonsense” types that just don’t get why simply focusing on their products doesn’t sell as well as stories. So, they don’t buy it. It doesn’t make sense to

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  • Stacked pebbles with an aqua background representing a balanced martech stack.

    How Using the Right Martech Tools Can Help Drive Sales

    Let’s get real. Every marketer on the planet is overwhelmed by the number and variety of marketing technology tools available today. Questions about martech tools run through your mind like: What are the best automation platforms? How smart are your prescriptive analytics? Are you using the right technology to increase the impact of your organization’s social

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  • What Are Paid, Owned, and Earned Media, and Which One Drives More ROI?

    As a content marketer, there are numerous channels and strategies at your disposal. One of the most critical aspects of using content marketing is managing your paid, owned, and earned media. They actually all work together to drive traffic and conversions. Some come with a higher investment, and others have a more impactful ROI (return

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  • Why Content Differentiation Dictates Success (and How to Find Yours)

    Does standing out online against competitors feel like a game of cat and mouse? They publish an interesting guide – you rush to publish something similar with slight changes. They expand to a new social media platform – you develop a strategy for that platform to make sure you have a presence. Their thought leader

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  • marketing automation

    B2B Marketer’s Handbook For Marketing Automation

    B2B marketing automation is a hot-button topic among data-driven marketers. According to Social Media Today’s “State of Marketing Automation” report, 3 out of 4 marketers currently use some form of automation tool in their business. Many modern marketers use automation to manage social media post scheduling, email marketing, and social media advertising. Automated chatbots, AI-based

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  • business meeting with clients

    How to Use Content Marketing for Customer Retention

    You probably already know how powerful customer retention can be for your business. Cultivating new leads and clients can be much costlier and more time consuming than retaining or upselling current ones. However, in today’s world, where we can utilize predictive analytics tools to create highly personalized experiences for customers, it’s critical to focus on

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  • E-A-T vs. YMYL: What You Need To Know for SEO and Content Marketing

    SEO is something content marketers have to tweak and refine continuously. SEO practices that matter today can change tomorrow. Looking at SEO as only keywords doesn’t provide you with the big picture. In developing or improving an SEO strategy, companies need to consider the differences between E-A-T vs. YMYL. In this post, we’ll break down the two concepts

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