Generating Leads With Responsive Content

Content marketing entails adopting various strategies that drive audiences to your product. You have seen countless blogs online that present copious amount of information, but these are limited in their ability to generate leads because not all visitors appreciate lengthy texts.

Responsive content plays a huge, crucial role in lead generation, as content interacts with the audience, instead of passively presenting information. Responsive content is done in so many ways, and all these share something in common—there is a need for multimedia (e.g. text, video, audio, quizzes, and even RPG) to pique the curiosity of the market.

Gone are the days when content is purely made up of text. With smartphones and tablets as the primary tools for viewing content, not all audiences have the patience to scroll through an essay-sized article.

Types of Responsive Content

Here are 6 kinds of responsive content that can generate leads for your company.

  1. Quizzes

You used to see them in women’s magazines, and admittedly they are fun to play. Aside from the entertainment they bring, quizzes actively engage the audience to participate and read your content. Treat it as a “getting to know your clients” activity.

A 5 to 10-item quiz can be completed in minutes, and though some of your prospects might not complete the quiz, you still gain some information about them and keep them around for longer.

Quizzes are highly shareable through social media platforms, and if your prospect is happy about the results, chances are he or she would tell his friends about it. Quizzes have a higher propensity for sharing and engagement when compared to a downloadable PDF file.

  1. Assessments

Like quizzes, assessments are fun ways to get to know your prospects too. However, the assessment evaluates the clients’ skills and knowledge in a particular area.

Buzzfeed uses a lot of these assessments, which have quirky titles and provide essential information for both you and the prospect. For example, many women want to know what accessories match their personality. This could be addressed in an associated assessment whereby the data collected could help cosmetics and fashion accessories companies learn a lot about their existing and prospecting customers.

  1. Surveys

A few questions are enough to know what your prospects prefer and what their behaviours/motivations are. Surveys provide you the necessary feedback and insight, which is lost in traditional content marketing.

You can use surveys to improve your product or service, or learn more about your target market.

  1. Calculators

Calculators help your prospects determine their ROI should they invest in your product. They can also calculate the costs of poor ad performance or the cost of computer downtime.

Essentially, online calculators can be made to calculate just about anything. The aim is to compel visitors to use them, so make sure that they’re getting something useful or valuable out of the action.

  1. Contests

Contests are a winner in responsive content. People love the challenge and novelty of contests, whether they make use of videos, taglines, selfies, or raffles.

Contests make audiences more creative, and all that creativity is used to promote your brand. For example, you hold a contest whereby users would post taglines on Facebook for a chance to win a free trip to the Maldives. Chances are you would come across some phenomenal taglines because people will put plenty of effort into things if the prize is worth their time. The best resulting taglines can be used to enhance your future marketing campaigns, it’s a win-win.

  1. Infographics

Infographics are a huge deal in spreading the word about your product. You can balance information with thought-provoking questions, highly engaging charts and images, and results to help the audience decide on which product to buy.

Infographics, and other visual content, also gets shared far more on social media than text-based content.

Reasons for Using Responsive Content

There are a number of reasons why responsive content works so well at complementing marketing and lead generation efforts. Mainly because they encourage users to engage with brand material.

Here are some other reasons why responsive content makes for a great choice:

  1. Uniqueness

Layering different types of media within a piece of content is more inviting to readers than a simple document with no graphics at all. The times have changed, and audiences prefers content that communicates to them in more than one way.

  1. Engaging content

Responsive content keeps prospects engaged with your content. The more your prospects are engaged, the more time they spend with your brand, and the result is the formation of a stronger relationship.

  1. Technology

Responsive content can be viewed on different platforms, can be shared online or through devices, and can reach thousands of prospects in real-time. Technological advances have made it more accessible and interactive than ever before.

  1. Flexibility and Freedom

You have a lot of options when it comes to using responsive content to generate leads. You can add a survey and pair it with infographic material. You can merge contests and surveys. You can use calculators to make your assessments more fun and realistic. The number of combinations is endless.

  1. Clear and Direct Message

Responsive content tells your prospects what you can do for them, without the need to read lengthy eBooks or white papers. Think about it as informing people about your brand and your products without telling them directly or coming off as too promotional because you’re offering something truly valuable.


Responsive content allows information to go back and forth between your sales team and your prospects. It can help you generate quality leads and keep them highly engaged with your brand. The modern era of marketing and lead generation demands that brands develop new and innovative ways to engage and interact with their audiences. Responsive content is a prime example of innovative content that drives audience engagement.

Give your marketing and lead generation functions a boost with responsive content today!

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2 thoughts on “Generating Leads With Responsive Content

  1. Hi,
    thanks for this article.
    I think you made some really important points here but I however disagree with some parts of the article.
    I am not an expert, so just take what I am writing with a pinch of salt.
    As a costumer and as an internet user, I find surveys and quizzes annoying. There are simply too many!!At the very beginning, quizzes were nice, but nowadays the internet has plenty of distractions, and users (or at least I do) regard those tools as an hindrance.
    Same thing applies (I underline that this is my personal opinion) with Ads. I personally NEVER click on Ads, I don’t even look at them because they never got me anywhere.
    I say it again, I am no expert but I think people could save money NOT buying Ads and use those money to make their websites more attractive, clear and engaging.


    1. Thanks Enria, I appreciate your thoughts. I think the article supports your point. Content has to engage and not interrupt or be annoying, For some that might be quizzes and list posts and images and for others it’s text-based articles. But I agree with you that no one wants ads!

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