How To Succeed with LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn is one of the least-used social networks for marketing.

It may be a social network like Facebook, but it has a substantially different userbase — professionals.

Even if users have both a Facebook and LinkedIn account, they probably use Facebook for personal matters and LinkedIn for professional ones.

So why would anyone bother to market on LinkedIn?

Marketing agency WebpageFX determined the answer. They compiled an infographic with different stats that looks at why LinkedIn matters to marketing. Check out the full infographic below.

Let’s take a closer look at their data.

First, it’s possible that some marketers want to avoid LinkedIn because it may not seem as popular or established as other social networks.

But that’s actually not the case. LinkedIn has 450 million users, and 106 million of them use their LinkedIn every month.

On top of that, LinkedIn has posted explosive profits since Q1 of 2015. They’ve only had one quarter (Q1 2016) where they’ve earned less than the previous quarter. They grew between 8-11% every other quarter.

With revenue nearing $1 billion quarterly, LinkedIn has actually grown by 31.7% since January 1, 2015, which is a huge leap in the social media world.

That growth makes sense when you look at LinkedIn’s users, too. Every second, two new users sign up for profiles, and 13% of all users access LinkedIn every day.

Plus, 41% of US users earn more than $75,000 annually, meaning almost half of LinkedIn’s users have a huge disposable income.

Roughly as many users are in upper-management positions as well. As 45% of LinkedIn’s userbase, these managers are decision-makers for their companies or departments, meaning they’re the perfect people to talk to when you’re selling B2B.

Speaking of B2B, 74% of LinkedIn users check out LinkedIn profiles before they make a purchasing decision. So if you want potential clients to pick you over your competition, you need a LinkedIn presence for your company.

LinkedIn converts a lot more visitors to leads than other social networks, too. On average, 2.74% of all site visitors that come from LinkedIn become new B2B leads. On Facebook and Twitter, that rate is 0.77% and 0.69%, respectively — way worse.

But LinkedIn has a place for B2C companies, too. 90% of all LinkedIn users say they make household decisions, which is all you need to know to start promoting your services or products for the average consumer.

So now that you know who’s on LinkedIn, how do you sell to them?

It’s surprisingly easy — you just have to write.

LinkedIn blogs and longform earn four times as many visitors to a homepage than Facebook or Twitter. Plus, when you start publishing longform, you earn new followers — 42 on average.

Posting 20 times per month increases that number of followers. In fact, the top LinkedIn publishers today all publish three or four times per day.

That’s a lot of content traffic. So it’s no wonder that one post only reaches about 20% of your audience at a time.

To get the most out of your LinkedIn blogging, post once every weekday.

You can earn even more from your writing by posting about topics like career management, workplace psychology, or talent management — the most popular topics in LinkedIn’s top articles.

Finally, you can maximize your readership by posting between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. every day for your target audience’s timezone.

In other words, post during the workday. It’s the perfect time to reach those B2B decision-makers and B2C households.

Chris Zook is a content marketer at WebpageFX, a full-service Internet marketing agency located in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

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