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Which Is the Best Blogging Platform for You?

Which Is the Best Blogging Platform for You?

June 27, 2023
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If we know one– or two– things here at MIG, it’s blogging and content marketing. So if you’re searching for the best blogging platform, you’ve come to the right place.

Blogging is still one of the best ways to market yourself at a low cost and high return on investment. Studies show that companies with a blog generate 67% more leads than those without one.

However, success only comes if your blog looks good and runs smoothly. Check out our roundup of the best blogging platforms to find what suits you.

Using the best blogging platform leads to inexpensive content marketing with high ROI

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Key Takeaways:

  • The best blogging platform for you will be flexible and allow your blog to grow.
  • tends to be the best blogging platform for most organizations.
  • Services like Wix, Medium, and Blogger could help you start blogging quickly.
  • Keep in mind best practices to help your blog succeed in the long term.

The Criteria for Determining the Best Blogging Platform

We know one of the first things on your mind is your budget. Rest assured that you can get a decent blogging platform for less than what you might spend weekly at your favorite fast-food establishment.

Some services have free plans, but that’s not the route you want to go if you’re serious about content marketing. Like renting a physical storefront, you need to make some kind of investment for good visibility.

We also considered key features that help you build an audience. In particular, you need support for SEO plugins, analytics, and third-party software integrations.

Above all, the best blogging platform allows your site to expand. You should be ready to handle the traffic if you happen to go viral one night.

Plus, a reliable platform lets you adjust to future needs. Switching could become more of a pain than you’ll want to deal with, so making the right choice the first time saves you a lot of headaches.

Without further ado, here’s our list of top blogging services.

WordPress: The Best Blogging Platform

Time and again, if you search for the best blogging platform, you’re going to find WordPress at the top of the list. Simply put, this option gives you the most control over your content and offers room for limitless expansion.

WordPress also takes the cake as the most popular builder. 43% of the web uses its services and software, including us here at MIG.

Many agree that WordPress is the best blogging platform, and it has the most market share by a wide margin

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One vital note: We’re talking here about, not offers beginner-friendly blogging but lacks the capabilities of its more powerful sibling.

(If you started blogging on and need to switch, here’s a helpful video.)

WordPress lets you build your blogging setup a la carte. The caveat is that you have to have some coding knowledge to set it up, or you need to hire a capable developer.

True, having someone build your blog site is another expense, but many companies that start with less functional blogs end up moving to WordPress anyway. Besides, most businesses require such help to run a blog.


One thing is for sure: Blogger wins the naming title when it comes to the best blogging platform. Use this site if you want to dip your toes into blogging as a hobby without concerns about business or monetization.

Blogger makes it easy to get started with a free account. All you need is to connect your Google credentials.

You can purchase basic domain and analytics features, but the service won’t let you go beyond that. If all you care about is having a casual blog, though, Blogger is for you.


If you want to create your own site from scratch with dummy-proof guidance, you can’t go wrong with Wix. Wix might be the best blogging platform for beginners who still want to set things up themselves.

Free Wix plans start with limited features that you can expand with paid options. While you’ll get decent introductory pricing, the cost will jump after your first year.

That cost might be worth it to you for the convenience. However, many users comment that you may still need to go to WordPress one day if you want maximum content marketing.


Medium is a platform that curates content for its readers by topics and writers. The site provides tools for formatting articles and helps new readers discover writers they’d likely love.

This site is particularly for people who want to earn a living by writing, which means it’s not the best blogging platform for content marketing. Reposting your site’s blogs on Medium can grab attention, but you should get readers on your own pages as quickly as possible.


CMS Hub is a platform specifically for marketers. Hubspot created this blogging service to integrate with its suite of marketing and customer service solutions.

The advanced features may move some to view this option as the best blogging platform. The system provides advanced insights and analytics to show a page’s performance.

Of particular note is the adaptive testing feature that lets you compare five variations of a page at a time. The system determines which content performs best and automatically shows that page to visitors more often.

For example, you can experiment with pages to see what gets the most views or submissions. Then you use the data to settle on the page with the highest conversions.

The drawbacks may be the higher cost of this system and its steeper learning curve. If you decide to invest in CMS Hub, make sure you’re going to dedicate the time to get the most out of its features.

Adaptive testing features from CMS Hub make it one of the best blogging platforms for marketing

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We’ve given you five great choices for the best blogging platform. Now you need to get to creating!

Best Practices for Blogging Successfully

Don’t forget these top tips when it comes to managing your site:

  • Post regularly to get traction. Two to four times per week is the magic number for top ROI.
  • Keep your blog secure with passwords and multifactor authentication. Schedule regular site backups, use a domain privacy service, and have a strong privacy policy to safeguard your data.
  • Optimize your blog with good SEO practices. Incorporate relevant keywords and topics and create high-quality content.
  • Publish at the right times. Weekdays beat weekends, and early mornings outperform late afternoons.
  • Keep a consistent content calendar to plan your topics to maintain a practical schedule. If you lack the time or the team, hire an agency for help.

Don’t count on going viral immediately, even with the world’s best blogging platform. Honestly, you’re better off planning on winning the Mega Millions.

In contrast to playing the lotto, steady content marketing reliably produces results, within months in most cases. Patience and consistency is the key.

Consistent posts on the best blogging platform leads to returns in less than a year

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Your Source for Continual Content on the Best Blogging Platform

The best blogging platform only works well if you have a steady source of content. Where can you find the time and resources to supply your audience with quality material?

Talk to us at Marketing Insider Group. We’ll help you create a content marketing plan that enables your blog to thrive.

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