The Best Marketing Automation Tools

What are the most valuable marketing automation tools for your industry?

Businesses are changing. So does marketing. One of the robust solutions to keep the pace with the changes is marketing automation – a set of tools helping to speed up the processes and upgrade their outcomes.


Development of the marketing automation market – a sharp uptake!

Here are recent statistics about the marketing automation industry. Data clearly shows a trend of dynamically increasing interest in these tools and their presence on the market:

  • Global investments in marketing automation software are expected to grow by 9.29% within the period 2014-2019[1].
  • Marketing automation market is expected to grow from $3.65 billion in 2014 to $5.5 billion in 2019[2].
  • 63% of companies which have already successfully deployed the marketing automation software plan to increase their budgets within this field.
  • 42% of CRM users plan to increase spending in marketing automation[3]
  • Marketing automation companies increased from 51 in 2014 to 83 in 2015[4].
  • This number is even more impressive since this growth happened despite multiple merges in the branch.
  • Marketing automation market holds a leading position in the rank of the most dynamically increasing customer service related markets. Five years in a row[5].
  • Marketing automation was amongst the most piloted marketing technologies of 2015[6].

There are reasons for such a high growth of the marketing automation branch – one who combined several of these tools in the form of a complete marketing automation platform can create a significant upgrade of the critical business indicators:

  • ROI: return on investment in marketing automation in 75% of cases is realized within 12 months from the purchase. In 44% of cases, the return is achieved within six months from the transaction. Return on investment in ERP system comes on average after 2,5 years[7].
  • Productivity: Marketing Automation boosts sales department productivity by 14,5% while decreasing fixed costs by 12,2%[8].
  • Marketers contribution to the size of sales: increased on average by 10% by the marketers who implemented marketing automation software[9].

Top marketing automation tools

There are many types of tools available on the market, each focused on different marketing activities and having a different goal. As already mentioned, there are over 200 marketing automation solutions on the market. Deployment of the marketing automation tools is certainly a wise step, but how to choose those driving the highest potential for a particular business? Let’s take a look at the tools which are the most valued by the companies from particular branches[10]:


And the winner is….

It can be quickly spotted that the most useful tools for the industries presented in the infographics are very similar, sometimes even identical. If we took a total number of votes, not dividing it into branches, we would get to the conclusion that the winning marketing automation solution is:

Client segmentation leading to a display of a personalized, dynamic web content and to the customized, dynamic and automatically sent emails

Clients segmentation is simply the core of marketing automation, providing compelling outcomes of an increased efficiency in the email marketing (significant growths in OR and CTR indicators) and growth in the web-based leads generation and conversion, as acknowledged by companies from the various economy sector.


About The Author:

Greg Blazewicz is CEO and founder of SALESmanago, a cloud based European marketing automation platform used by more than 5,000 companies worldwide. His digital marketing career dates to the mid-1990s at agencies in New York City and London. For six years, he held the position of marketing director at Comarch. In 2006, he was named CEO of Interia, one of the largest horizontal internet portals in Europe. In 2012 he created SALESmanago Marketing Automation. He has 18 years of experience in marketing, including 7 years on a marketing director post.






[5] Data for 2012.





[10] Text built on the basis of the successful stories of the SALESmanago marketing automation platform users, source:

[11] Own infographics

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  1. Interesting post – especially that infographic with different kinds of automation for each industry. I’ve started using GetResponse recently. I like it that they offer some other useful tools too.

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