4 Rules to Drive More Inbound Calls from Mobile Marketing

In 2016, mobile marketing is poised to be more powerful than ever. The number of users who own mobile devices is continuing to increase, and the amount of companies who focus on mobile are increasing as well. There’s no better way to attract web traffic, improve sales, or even drive inbound phone calls.

If you’re interested in driving inbound calls with your mobile marketing, here are four important tips to keep in mind:

Focus on Mobile Applications

If you want to drive inbound traffic you need to go where your users are. For mobile users, that means mobile applications. A survey of all people who own smartphones found the following information:

  • 86% of their smartphone usage is spent in mobile applications, meaning only 14% of their time is spent in an actual browser.
  • 79% of them access their mobile applications every single day.

You can take advantage of this in one of two ways. First of all, you can develop your own mobile application, which is a great way to offer promotions and loyalty programs or to simply message your audience via push notification. Another option is simply advertising within other mobile applications that fall into your audience’s interest. Either way can drive a great deal of inbound calls and engagement.

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Place an Emphasis on Mobile Search Engine Optimization

SEO has long been one of the best ways to drive natural inbound traffic. With mobile, however, it’s especially effective for driving immediate action. When people use a search engine on a mobile device, they take action on their search within an hour 70% of the time. Desktop and laptop searchers, on the other hand, take action on 30% of the time.

If you want to drive phone calls, make sure to pay extra attention to your mobile searchers. Make sure your website is optimized for mobile traffic and that your contact information can be found easily. A strong call to action will also be able to drive even more calls.

Provide Instant Access to Phone Calls

When somebody is on a mobile device, it can actually be inconvenient to make a phone call. If you include your phone number on a graphic or as plain text they’ll have to memorize and dial it or write it down before calling. You need to make sure that your phone numbers include one-click access or else it’s going to deter many people from ever making the call.

Beyond that, it’s going to lose you a lot of business overall. Studies show that including inconvenient phone numbers has the following long-term effects on a brand:

  • Customers are 47% more likely to take a look at your competition All Testimonials.
  • Customers are 47% more likely to feel frustrated or annoyed with your brand.
  • Customers are 33% less likely to remain loyal to your company.

In addition to making your information clickable, you need to make sure it’s easy to find. Include it on all contact forms and on any Internet directories.

Spend A Lot of Time on Social Networks

Even if you don’t have the time or ability to develop a powerful mobile application or website of your own, there’s a ton of opportunity by leveraging social networks. Facebook, the most popular mobile application in the world, owns an enormous chunk of the average user’s time. On average, people spend 42% of all the time they use mobile applications on Facebook. The second most commonly used mobile application is YouTube.

To increase your presence all you need to do is create valuable content and share it on these platforms. Share blog posts, interviews, case studies, or even relevant industry news. Make sure to include mobile-optimized calls to action on any content you produce and you’ll see a boost in phone calls quickly.
Do you have any tips for driving phone calls from mobile users? Make sure to share your own advice by leaving a comment below!

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