3 Easy Questions To Answer For Your First Blog Post

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Newbie road sign reflecting tips on your first blog postLast week I wrote about the biggest reasons people don’t do social media. The majority of respondents to my highly unscientific poll stated lack of time, uncertainty of the value and not being sure what to say.

Now I’ve written before about the business value of blogging and how marketers need to get social, find the time for bloggingtwitter and other social tools. But I think blogging in particular can bring value to your business and to your personal brand. And I advise students interested in business to start blogging early.

But once you commit to writing your first blog, what the heck are you supposed to write?

Well here are a few ideas and a list of structured questions anyone can answer for their first post . . .

Who are you?

Open your email program and write a couple of sentences about what you do as if someone just sent this question in an email. You respond to emails all day so this should be easy.

Go a little deeper than your title. Talk about the things you do in your current role that make you excited, passionate or simply engaged.

Think about the last time in your current position when time flew because you were doing something interesting, challenging or down right hard. Tell a story of one accomplishment you’ve made using the “PAR” or “CAR” approach:

  • Problem / Challenge: what Problem or Challenge did you face?
  • Action: what Actions did you take?
  • Result: what Results did you achieve

We face obstacles every day. You probably have hundreds you could tell. Just pick one little story.

How did you get here?

Next write a few sentences on the journey your career has taken. Don’t just list the jobs you’ve had, talk about the highs and lows, the goals you had in mind when you started your career (or even earlier) and the struggles you faced along the way to your current role.

Every good story has a hero (you), who goes on a quest (your career), who faces obstacles (the struggles) and then achieves resolution (your current situation).

It’s not my best writing but you can see my very first blog post “Why am I in Marketing?“.

Why are you writing?

My second blog post defined the objectives for my blog. But whether you commit to 2 posts a week or 1 post a month, have a clear goal in mind and answer this question to close your first post.

Use this opportunity to write your objectives down and share it with the world.

Define what schedule you want to keep, what topic you want to write about, what unique perspective you hope to provide and look for feedback from your fledgling audience what they would like to hear.

Write for just one other person!

Many people tell me “I’m afraid I don’t have anything unique to say.” And the fact is that there is an audience for every writer.

Seth Godin helped me through this fear when he said to “write for just one person.” So imagine that there is one person who is expecting to read what you have to say. And you cannot let them down.

I hope this helps to guide you through your first blog post. Please share this with your friends. Or reach out to me if you have any questions. Or share your first post in the comments. I’d love to hear what you have to say!

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10 thoughts on “3 Easy Questions To Answer For Your First Blog Post

  1. I just started a new facebook page and this is also good info to setting up a profile. I never heard of the “PAR” or “CAR” approach. I love learning new things. I gotta pin this!

    I am glad I saw your tweet.


  2. I don’t believe you can become a writer if you don’t LOVE to write. I worked in showbiz and used to LOVE writing cover letters when I’d submit a book, idea, or screenplay. I actually believed the recipient would take the time to read my never more than one page cover letters. Who knows, but it was the beginning of the writing bug for me.

    IF you are inspired to write, you will…my 2 cents!

    1. Good point Bruce, you can’t force it. I do think there are people that want to share what they know but just need to get over the initial fears. I hope this post helps them a bit.

  3. Thanks, I needed that. Having not written a blog yet, this will be great to remind me when I break the ice.

  4. A wonderful post for 1st timers and this rekindles the magic of why many of us got started in the first place. Also a good post of those whose well runs dry and they need to take it back to the basics.

  5. Write for a cause, not for applause. Once you have the cause, you’ve constructed your cognitive framework, so that’s the phase when ideas will start flooding out.

    Have a glance at my daily entrepreneurial dose at viktorpreneur.blogspot.com

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