Before Agile Marketing Think About the Attitude of Marketing

Even before you implement the most ideal methodology when it comes to marketing, you need to make sure you are approaching it in the right frame of mind and with the right persona. It doesn’t matter if it is in person or via the internet. If you are in a bad mood, that will permeate out to the group you are trying to reach.

What is YOUR desired attitude or persona in the virtual world? Don’t think that just because it is virtual that somehow you can hide behind some sort of imaginary virtual mask. It doesn’t work that way. And… people are smarter than that! They will sense it.

Brief Glance into Agile Marketing and Helpful Articles You Will Find on This Site

Quite honestly, agile marketing has been a buzz phrase for some time, but it has gained particular attention lately. And, it is effective… when approached properly. So, my contribution is to say that before you even approach anything related to agile marketing or even agile transformation, understand it. But, before that, make sure you are not wearing a mask that covers up something that needs a bit cheering up on the inside of you.

I mean, if you are going to lead someone through the agile transformation, similar to the one told through gifs, it is much more helpful if you have mastered it yourself and you know where you are leading your followers. So, let’s find that happy spot for YOU, before you market to others.

Your Persona and Attitude Permeate Through the Internet

Even if you use the nicest words and try your hardest to be kind, if you are in a bad mood, people are going to notice.

And, what happens if people sense that you are in a bad mood as you are trying to sell them your newest ecourse? Do you think that they are going to feel inclined to purchase from you? Or, do you think they will feel more inclined to check out the next offer that just arrived in their email inbox?

You see… It is that important! That is if you want to be successful

What is the Solution to Being that Pleasant Person Even if You Don’t Feel Like It?

There are several things that you can do and they are not that much different from what you would do in an offline marketing situation. But, before you begin, step away from the computer, or at least away from people that you may offend (assuming that you are starting in a mood that would not win awards for congeniality).

Strategy One: Step Away From It

This is difficult, I know. This is especially difficult if you have a deadline or a product launch. But, it does not benefit you if you are coming across as the woman at the top, on the left, during your product launch. So, step back, away from whatever it is that is causing you consternation. If that puts you in a pickle, as far as timing, there is another solution that you can use in conjunction with this one, in Strategy Two.

Strategy Two: Find Someone to Step In for You (i.e. Virtual Assistant)

If you are really upset, but you have a virtual assistant who is available to step in and take your place, let him or her do that for you. Provide whatever notes are needed so that he or she can get the ball rolling for you. Possibly, if it is a few days before the launch, at least your virtual assistant can get things ready and after you have been able to find that happy place, you can come in and close out the launch preparations or publishing of your marketing article.

Strategy Three: Rinse-and-Repeat Preparations

Granted, this strategy is not something that you can do at the last minute, but it is something that you can keep in mind for the future, especially if your environment is stressful. For example, prepare launch methodologies that can be documented and pulled out and used by others (i.e. Strategy Two) without additional planning (or minimal planning). This also makes life easier and may minimize those not-so-pleasant times that need adjusting.

Strategy Four: The Substitution Strategy

Ok, there are some similarities with this strategy when comparing it to Strategy Two or even Strategy Three but it is a little bit different. Here is an example of where this strategy would come in handy. Let’s say you had a webinar scheduled. And, something comes up, maybe even an emergency in the family (see – it doesn’t all have to do with bad moods or not-nice-attitudes!). Let’s say that you gave the very same (or extremely similar webinar) last week. Pull the recording of that previous webinar (you made a recording, right?) and set it up as a live webinar presentation.

Don’t be dishonest to your attendees. Let them know that this is a special presentation, with a recorded webinar, but then maybe offer them a special gift to help them to overlook any potential inconvenience. And, be sure to offer a method for them to ask questions, even if you open up your support system and suggestion that they list their questions in a support ticket and you will get back to them personally. (This may even help those who are shy and prefer the one-on-one attention).

Who knows? Maybe through the use of some of these strategies, you will find something that works even better in your business and helps you to increase your ROI (return-on-investment)

Strategy Five: Find Your Happy Spot

Ok, even with strategies that will make do in the interim, we really want to get down to the core of the issue. That means we want to help you deal with whatever it is that has your attitude off-kilter.

  • Is it an issue with another person? >> Consider talking it out with that person and resolving that issue.
  • Is it an issue with another person who is completely unreasonable (yes, it happens)? >> Let it go. Brush it off like you would brush the dust from your furniture. Yes, ideally you want to solve it but you can’t let something unsolvable (because the other person doesn’t want it solved) stand in the way of your progress forward… Let it go.
  • Can’t figure out what it is… just feel like a bad mood seemingly for no reason? Try distracting yourself. Watch a comedy on television. Hang out with happy friends for a lunch break at work. If none of those work, there probably is something that you need to deal with and need some time to dig in and figure out what it is so you can resolve it. I didn’t say it was easy, but unfortunately, it has to be done.

In Review

If you prefer to be an angry or unhappy person, there is no one here who is going to stop you from being what you want to be in life. But, if you want people to draw near to you, to want to be like you, to want to listen to you, to want to follow you… Well, a bit of a pleasant attitude usually has more success in that area. Just take a look at our pictures at the top of this article and you tell me which one you would want to spend some time with, listening to their most recent pitch or idea. The woman on the left for the woman on the right? Thoughts?

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