The 10 Internet Trend Charts You Need To See From Mary Meeker

The 10 Internet Trend Charts You Need To See From Mary Meeker

June 2, 2014
2 min read

Every year around this time Mary Meeker puts out her famous Internet Trend Charts.

I cover them every year because I think she has found a way to show all the amazing change the web has brought to our lives, the world of business and especially for us marketers trying to reach the digital consumer.

There’s 164 slides in her latest deck, so I have pulled out the 9 internet trend charts you need to see…

Mobile Still Has A Ton Of Growth

According to the report, only 30% of the 5.2 Billion cell phones on the planet are smartphones. That’s a whole lot more data and content usage to come once the remaining “feature phones” are replaced with smart phones.

A couple of slides later, the report details how global mobile internet traffic has increased from 14% last year to 25% this year

Advertising Spend Continues To Rise

Advertising on both desktop and mobile is rising vs. last year. 2013 saw a 16% increase in advertising revenue as brands chase the attention of elusive digital consumers.

Huge Gap In Spend Vs. Time Spent In Digital Advertising

One of my favorite chart from Mary every year is this one showing the gap in spend vs. time spent. The opportunity gap is getting larger from $15 Billion 2 years ago to $20 Billion last year and now we see a $30 Billion gap.

Mobile shows the largest opportunity while print and TV show over spend and could face downward pressures as brands shift their spend to digital.

What Technology Bubble?

According to this chart, technology market valuations are right in line with the (increasing) long-term historical averages at 19% and nowhere near the exuberant 35% we saw during the dotcom peak in 2000 of 35%.

Visual Sharing Continues To Explode

This chart shows the continuing rise of visual communication platforms like Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, Vine and Snapchat. (Although I wish she also included Slideshare!)

The Rise Of “Social News” Content

Buzzfeed and HuffPo have mastered social distribution by relying on Facebook and Twitter to help reach new audiences who respond to their lists, quizzes, breaking news and quirky coverage.

The Internet Trifecta

I think Mary nailed it with this chart on the Internet Trifecta of content + community + commerce. Forget the 4 P’s. This is probably the most concise way to summarize marketing in the digital age.

Data Sharing Growth

Digital data shared on the internet is growing at 50% each year and will continue into the near future. two-thirds of the data shared over the internet is created by consumers.

Smartphone Video Viewing Is Bigger Than TV

Smartphones are the screen people choose to watch most of their video programming in most countries.

Millennial Digital Habits

Millennials watch 34% of their video programming online. 3 times that of non-millennials. So, you know, the cool kids are doing it!

Here’s the rest of the deck…what do you think? Did I miss any?

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6 thoughts on “The 10 Internet Trend Charts You Need To See From Mary Meeker

  1. Paula Cusati

    Nice analysis of the key Internet trends from Mary Meeker’s report! I agree that SlideShare would be a great add to the visual sharing. And I think an opportunity for business is to learn from the distribution success of social content leaders such as Huffington Post Post and Buzzfeed. Thanks Michael.

  2. Michael Brenner

    Thanks Paula! I tried to boil the 164 slides down to something CMOs need to focus on. I hope this covers the main points pretty well!

  3. Steve Faber


    Very interesting. All video sharing sites but Snapchat showing a short term decline to start 2014. Do you anticipate a rebound for all, or is this just an effect of aggregate shares spread over more sites?

  4. Louis Gudema

    Hi Michael – I love Mary Meeker’s annual report, too. Thanks for posting your thoughts on this.

    I do wonder, though, about the slide claiming that print advertising is over-indexed, and mobile under-indexed, based on time on medium vs ad spend. The real metric marketers should care about is effectiveness, not time on device. It may simply be (1) that many small mobile ad formats are not as effective for marketing some products, such as automobiles or luxury goods, (2) on mobile context is king, and mobile ads that relate to the context of the user (selling apps, things that are near to where they are in time or space, etc.) may always be more effective than ones that are not related to their context, and (3) storytelling sells. And small mobile ads can’t tell as much of a story as a TV commercial or big print ad. Mobile is very young, of course, and maybe as mobile ad techniques mature and more and more people are using smartphones those issues will disappear. But maybe not. Maybe some media are inherently better at some things than others.

  5. Michael Brenner

    Yes, I think it is just proliferation of channels and lower growth rates for each.

  6. Michael Brenner

    Thanks Luis, I agree with you in an ideal world. But measurement on any of these channels, especially for awareness, is very dicey at best. I personally believe we will continue to see a shift from print / TV to digital. More newspapers will fold and more magazines will go to digital editions only due to the lower ad spend.

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