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Navigating the Crowded Tech Landscape with Purposeful Storytelling

In a world where tech headlines are dominated by industry giants, how does a trailblazing enterprise cloud computing company like Nutanix make its voice heard? Enter “The Forecast,” a branded newsroom designed to showcase Nutanix thought leadership. Launched in 2019, this innovative platform had one mission: to cut through the noise and connect with key audiences—from IT influencers to tech decision-makers—in a meaningful way.

Rather than just adding to the cacophony of tech chatter, “The Forecast” aimed to be a beacon of clarity and insight. It was designed to go beyond traditional PR and demand-gen tactics, focusing instead on authentic storytelling at the intersection of technology and human experience.

So, how did this purpose-driven approach pan out? Let’s dive into the challenges, strategies, and game-changing results that have made “The Forecast” a standout player in the tech media landscape.

The Challenges

The Challenge: Breaking Through the Noise in a Saturated Market

Nutanix was already a force to be reckoned with in the enterprise cloud computing space, but they were up against a double-edged sword. On one hand, mainstream media was shrinking its tech coverage, and on the other, the spotlight was primarily on the industry’s big players.

In this crowded and competitive landscape, traditional PR and demand-gen efforts were falling short. Nutanix needed a way to not just reach but truly engage with a diverse audience—IT influencers, tech decision-makers, company investors, and more.

The question was clear: How could Nutanix elevate its brand and effectively engage new and existing audiences without getting lost in the shuffle?

Key Challenges:

  • Media Limitations: Shrinking mainstream tech coverage left little room for emerging players like Nutanix.
  • Industry Giants: The tech media landscape was dominated by big names, overshadowing Nutanix’s contributions.
  • Audience Diversity: Needed to connect with a wide range of key stakeholders, from IT pros to investors.
  • Traditional Tactics: Conventional PR and demand-gen strategies were not yielding the desired brand awareness and engagement.

The Approach

Fantastic, let’s move on to the “Approach” section:

The Approach: Authentic Storytelling Meets Strategic Insight

Understanding the challenges at hand, Marketing Insider Group crafted a unique content strategy for “The Forecast” that went beyond the usual tech jargon and buzzwords. We aimed to create a newsroom that was as authentic as it was insightful, focusing on journalistic storytelling that took an industry insider’s perspective.

But we didn’t stop there. We knew that to truly resonate, the content had to touch on the human element—how cloud innovation and digital transformation are actually changing lives and industries. Through original interviews and in-depth features, “The Forecast” aimed to demystify the complex world of IT for its audience.

To ensure we reached the right people, we employed a multi-channel approach that included organic search optimization, social distribution, newsletters, and even paid native media. The content calendar was robust, featuring three stories a week, podcasts, and videos, all designed to engage and educate.

Key Approaches:

  • Authentic Storytelling: Focused on journalistic integrity and industry insights to set “The Forecast” apart.
  • Human-Centric Content: Aimed to publish stories at the intersection of technology and human experience.
  • Multi-Channel Distribution: Utilized SEO, social media, newsletters, and paid native media to reach a diverse audience.
  • Content Variety: Published a mix of news, features, profiles, podcasts, and videos to keep the audience engaged.

The Final Outcomes

The Results: Where Purpose-Driven Content Meets Performance Metrics

When you marry authentic storytelling with a laser-focused strategy, the results can be nothing short of spectacular. And for “The Forecast,” the numbers tell a compelling story.

First off, let’s talk reach. The site saw a 47% YoY increase in monthly page views (July, 2023), clocking in at over 100K. First time visits? Up by 167%. And let’s not forget the podcasts, with a 50% YoY increase in monthly downloads.

But it wasn’t just about eyeballs; it was about engagement. The average time spent on the site was a staggering 4 minutes—quadruple the industry average. Paid promotion through MIG and the Zemanta platform yielded a cost-per-click of just $0.18, a whopping 94% less than the industry average.

And here’s the kicker: “The Forecast” didn’t just boost Nutanix’s brand; it breathed new life into it. The site contributed to 20% of all new visitors on, redefining the company’s digital footprint in a fiercely competitive industry.

Key Results:

  • Explosive Reach: 47% YoY increase in monthly page views and a 167% rise in first time visits.
  • Podcast Popularity: 50% YoY increase in monthly podcast downloads.
  • Sky-High Engagement: 4-minute average visit duration, 4x the industry average.
  • Cost-Effective Promotion: CPC of $0.18, with 1.7% CTR far exceeds industry averages.
  • Brand Revitalization: Contributed to 20% of all new visitors on

There you have it—the proof is in the performance. “The Forecast” not only met its goals but exceeded them, setting a new standard for what purpose-driven content can achieve.

These statistics demonstratethe importance and effectiveness of Content Marketing to reach your target audience.

Monthly Visitors

Working with Marketing Insider Group was a game-changer for our brand. Their team didn't just bring marketing expertise; they brought a unique blend of audience understanding, strategic insight, and high-quality content to help us redefine our value proposition. Simply put, they're not just writers; they're content marketing leaders who know how to get the job done.


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