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Revboss is an outbound email and lead generation service provider in a cut throat business. They pride themselves on being honest about how hard outbound email can be. After all, it is a cold email. And who wants more of those. But all their clients need leads. And they know how to get them (We know. We’re clients ourselves!)

In October, 2021, Revboss CEO Eric Boggs reached out to see if MIG could help them drive inbound leads, in the same way they are helping us with outbound leads. Turns out, we both agreed that an effective marketing strategy combines the best of outbound lead generation with inbound content marketing.

The Challenges

RevBoss had a decent digital marketing game with lead gen and Google AdWords but was dropping the ball on SEO and consistent content. They knew they needed to up their content game but were hesitant about the ROI of consistent blogging.

  • Consistency: RevBoss struggled with publishing content regularly.
  • Saving Time: Their CEO Eric wanted to focus his time on growing the business. Not writing blog posts.
  • Messaging: It’s one thing to send an email or post an article; it’s another to do it with the right messaging.
  • ROI Concerns: Blogging is a slow burn compared to paid media, causing reservations about its efficacy.

The Approach

The RevBoss team fully embraced Marketing Insider Group’s strategic approach to content marketing. We rapidly built an SEO strategy, identifying target keywords and blog topics, and then consistently publishing new content every week. This early phase, rich in topic planning and content strategy, was crucial for maximizing ROI in the long run. Revboss also collaborated closely with the MIG client team, providing timely feedback and ensuring that the content aligned with their business goals.

  • SEO Strategy: Developed a comprehensive SEO strategy tailored to their needs.
  • Keyword and Topic Planning: Identified target keywords and blog topics that resonate with their business.
  • Consistent Publishing: Committed to publishing new content every week.
  • Collaboration: Worked closely with the MIG team, offering feedback to fine-tune the strategy.
  • Focus on ROI: Understood the importance of the early planning phase for long-term ROI.

The Final Outcomes

RevBoss started seeing a return on investment almost immediately. Their keyword rankings and website traffic took a “hockey stick” upswing as Google began indexing their pages. They not only met but exceeded their initial metrics, ranking for their target keywords and surpassing competitors in online visibility. With 100+ blog articles and 120+ ranking keywords on Google, they’ve fully integrated content marketing into their broader strategy, enhancing the effectiveness of other channels as well.

According to their CEO, Eric Boggs: “Inbound is now our 2nd best channel for new business after client referrals.”

Key Achievements:

  • Traffic Surge: Experienced a significant increase in traffic as Google indexed their new content.
  • Keyword Success: Ranked for over 120 keywords, with 20+ in Google’s top 10 and 50 in the top 20.
  • Competitive Edge: Surpassed top competitors in online visibility to target audiences.
  • Generating Leads: Inbound leads from the content no generate almost half of new leads for Revboss
  • Holistic Strategy: Content marketing now complements other channels, creating a “rising tide that lifts all boats.”

These statistics demonstratethe importance and effectiveness of Content Marketing to reach your target audience.

Organic Search Increase
Top 10 Rankings
Best Lead Channel

We saw this traffic upswing — like a hockey stick! We’re ranking for the keywords that we want to rank for, and we’re meeting the metrics we established early on. To us, that’s where the strategy and content quality is really apparent. Inbound is now our 2nd best channel for new business after client referrals.


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