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Why does meaningful content matter? If you’re in the marketing game, you know it’s not just a nice-to-have; it’s a must-have. But here’s the catch: pumping out content like a factory isn’t the answer. Sure, volume matters, but if your content isn’t hitting the mark with your audience, you’re just burning cash and missing opportunities.

The real magic happens when you find that sweet spot between quantity and quality. It’s not just about cranking out posts; it’s about making each one count. So, how did our client Televerde nail this delicate balance? They didn’t just throw darts and hope for the best; they took aim and hit the bullseye. Let’s dive into their journey to discover how they not only produced content at scale but also made every piece resonate.

The Challenges

The Real Issue: When Content Doesn’t Convert

Look, Televerde was no slouch when they came to us. They’re a savvy outfit, laser-focused on optimizing the sales funnel from top to bottom. They get it—connecting with customers isn’t just a one-and-done deal; it’s a full-on journey.

But here’s the kicker: they were dropping a cool $130K a year on paid ads, and their social and blog content was still missing the mark. As their former CRO, put it, “We were talking ‘with’ our audience, not ‘to’ them.”

This is where a lot of companies trip up. They think just because they’re churning out content, they’re doing content marketing. Nah, not the same thing. The good news? Televerde was already halfway there. They had the content; now they needed to make it work for them.

  • Budget Drain: $130K per year spent on paid advertising with low ROI.
  • Content Disconnect: Social media and blog posts were being produced but weren’t resonating with the target audience.
  • Missed Conversions: Despite a focus on the sales cycle, the content wasn’t converting clients at a satisfactory rate.
  • Audience Mismatch: Content was talking “with” rather than “to” the audience, leading to a lack of engagement.

The Approach

When you’re working with a company like Televerde, you’re not just talking about sales funnels and ROI; you’re talking about changing lives. Their mission to empower incarcerated women to re-enter the workforce is at the heart of everything they do. So, our approach had to reflect that.

First up, we aligned on who Televerde was really trying to reach. This wasn’t just about target demographics; it was about connecting with people who share their purpose-driven values. We conducted a deep-dive content assessment that went beyond the usual metrics to include this mission-centric focus.

Televerde wanted a tone that was not just clear and authentic but also deeply inspiring. We’re talking about content that doesn’t just inform but transforms.

We then took a good look at the competitive landscape, zeroing in on thought leaders who were also mission-driven. With these insights, we crafted an SEO strategy and content calendar aimed at driving not just traffic, but meaningful engagement.

And let’s not forget, communication was key. As Televerde’s Head of Marketing & Communication noted, “The MIG team brought value beyond just marketing tactics; they understood our mission and incorporated it into the strategy.”

  • Purpose-First Alignment: Conducted a content assessment that included Televerde’s mission to empower incarcerated women.
  • Inspirational Tone: Aimed for a tone that was not just authentic but also deeply inspiring and mission-aligned.
  • Mission-Driven Competitive Analysis: Identified industry thought leaders who were also purpose-driven to inform our strategy.
  • SEO & Purpose-Driven Calendar: Developed an SEO strategy and content calendar focused on driving meaningful, mission-aligned engagement.
  • Empathetic Communication: Kept lines of communication open to ensure the strategy was continually aligned with Televerde’s purpose and goals.

The Final Outcomes

The Payoff: Purpose Meets Performance

When you align a killer strategy with a purpose-driven mission, you don’t just get results; you get results that matter. For Televerde, the impact was almost immediate—and let’s be real, that’s the dream scenario.

We set up Semrush Position Tracking Reports to keep tabs on the metrics that count. What did we find? A whopping 4x increase in overall keyword rankings and a surge in those coveted top 3 spots. That’s not just SEO talk; that’s the kind of stuff that drives real organic traffic.

But let’s dig into the numbers, shall we? Televerde saw upticks across the board: 28% more website users, 23% new users, and a 42% increase in total sessions. And get this—a 65% spike in “Contact Us” form completions, all thanks to organic traffic. Conversion rates? Up by 17%.

As Kellie Walenciak summed it up, “We shifted from a paid model to truly connecting with our audience through meaningful content. And the numbers? They speak for themselves.”

Key Takeaways:

  • Immediate Impact: Quick results post-strategy implementation, a rare but welcome outcome.
  • SEO Success: 4x increase in keyword rankings and a jump in top 3 rankings.
  • User Engagement: Increases in website users (28%), new users (23%), and total sessions (42%).
  • Conversion Boost: 65% increase in “Contact Us” form completions and a 17% rise in conversion rates.

These statistics demonstratethe importance and effectiveness of Content Marketing to reach your target audience.

Growth in Organic Search
Spike in Online Leads
Increase in Conversion

MIG's innovative strategies and open communication have been invaluable. They've turned digital content into a team-wide focus, even catching the eye of our execs. What sets them apart is their genuine investment in evolving with us. Simply put, they're more than a vendor; they're a partner.


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