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Why I’m Excited For The Avinash Kaushik CMWorld 2023 Keynote

Why I’m Excited For The Avinash Kaushik CMWorld 2023 Keynote

August 18, 2023
5 min read

One of the best marketing events every year is Content Marketing World. I never miss it.

And this year the speaker lineup is unmatched. Elizabeth Banks is the headliner but I’m most excited for one of the best marketing speakers I’ve ever heard, Avinash Kaushik.

But What does Avinash know about content marketing. And why am I excited to see him speak? Stick around and I’ll fill you in.

Key Takeaways:

  • Avinash Kaushik is a visionary marketer who always seeks to simplify the complexity of performance-based marketing
  • His “See-Think-Do-Care” framework continues to be foundational for effective content marketing.
  • Join me in watching Kaushik’s keynote speech at CMWorld 2023 on September 28, Actionable AI: Solutions for Unknown Unknown Problems!

Who Is Avinash Kaushik?

Avinash Kaushik is a respected voice in the marketing world with good reason. I heard him speak at another marketing event a few years ago. And while he dropped f-bombs like my kids spill their cheerios, he was also one of the most unique, intelligent, and passionate speakers I’ve ever seen.

His main message has always been to focus your efforts on stuff that works, using focused data and analytics. He thinks of marketing much more holistically than most: he believes marketing’s greatest value happens when we marry the art and the science, the long term and the short term.

He alsowants to eliminate “suckiness” from our lives. Which obviously gives me an opportunity to plug my best selling book Mean People Suck!

Check out Avinash’s recent CMWorld Community Talk to get to know him a little better:

An Admirable Career

Avinash’s bio states that he “helps executive teams, marketers and data analysts leverage innovative digital strategies and emerging technologies to outsmart their competitors.”

He was famous as the senior director of Global Strategic Analytics Google at Google, where he spent 16 years and led the company’s Google Analytics product.

Recently he transitioned to the C-suite, becoming Chief Strategy Officer of the global digital marketing agency Croud.

An Engaging Writer

If Kaushik’s Occam’s Razor blog is not in your feed, subscribe now!

Kaushik has written two best-selling books: Web Analytics: An Hour a Day and its follow-up, Web Analytics 2.0.

LinkedIn also selected Kaushik to be a Top Voice on LinkedIn (jealous!), which is a designation very people qualify for.

A Snarky Speaker After Our Own Hearts

Major brands have invited Kaushik to share his insights, including Porsche, Hyatt, IBM, Chanel, and Unilever. He’s an in-demand speaker for keynotes at conferences worldwide.

All those accolades are great, but the real reason we love him is his no-holds-barred, tell-it-like-it-is, practical style. Kaushik keeps it real, bringing a refreshing dose of humor and snark to keep you engaged.

(Here’s a perfect example:)

A cartoon shows how what looks good to marketing clients might not look so good to end users.

Image Source

Kaushik’s Stances on Business and Marketing

In all things, Kaushik wants organizations to learn how to collect the right data and commit to calculated risks in serving clients. At the same time, leaders need to be ready to pivot once the data indicates a clear need for change.

The 10/90 Rule

You know you’re doing something right when people worldwide adopt your principles and marketing models. Kaushik’s first big breakthrough was his 10/90 rule that he first shared in 2006.

This guideline can save a lot of budgeting headaches for marketers. Kaushik asserts that you must invest $90 on analysts for every $10 you spend on analytical tools.

Appropriately, the 10/90 rule puts the emphasis on the professionals who interpret data over the tools they use. This stops organizations from blindly investing in data analysis products and looking for unrealistic returns.

I think we could use the same principle in describing how we use AI in Content Marketing!

The See-Think-Do-Care Framework for Content Marketing

Kaushik’s See-Think-Do-Care model pushed companies to take advantage of digital communication to get more personal in their marketing. And it served as a model for me in my earliest days of content marketing.

He posits that the buyer funnel has four stages. Marketers should provide relevant content for each stage of the journey.

The See-Think-Do-Care framework narrows down your audience into smaller segments in the buyer funnel.

Image Source

1. See

The See stage includes your largest addressable qualified audience. This LAQA is just window shopping and puts purchasing decisions off to the future.

Instead of barraging these people with buy-now messages, content should grab their attention with relevant topics. This is a great time to be entertaining and informational to attract and draw users in.

2. Think

The Think phase is when buyers are sure they want to buy something soon. These individuals don’t have a definite interest in a particular product but realize they have a problem that needs solving soon.

At this stage, content marketing needs to be even more educational to guide the person toward a buying decision.

3. Do

The Do stage is where a buyer is ready to take action. The person knows the problem and understands how they want to solve it.

This individual is the most profitable prospect, and you can implement strong calls to action.

4. Care

Care is where most companies fall on their face. This is how you deal with real customers who loyally engage with you.

Kaushik defines this as a person who has made more than a single purchase. (A one-time buyer might be handling a one-off transaction or could be unhappy with the results and never come back.)

As the name suggests, personalization and emotion are at the heart of this stage. Companies must focus on building relationships with these users, not just pushing products.

How See-Think-Do-Care and Data Help Direct Marketing Efforts

As Kaushik explains, a business must gather data to find out where buyers are in the See-Think-Do-Care framework. Organizations then use the info to focus marketing efforts in areas with the most significant return on investment.

This image gives a practical breakdown of where to use each type of marketing. You’ll notice that content through display ads and search engine optimization proves cost-effective throughout the entire journey.

This chart breaks down what marketing focus and metrics matter for each segment of a buyer’s consideration stage.

Image Source

Crucially, a company has to use the correct metrics for each funnel section. Many marketers have fallen into the trap of measuring everything by conversions, which really only works in the Do phase.

By relying on the appropriate metrics at the right time, marketers can make more cost-effective decisions about campaigns.

Kaushik’s Views on AI

I know marketers are eager to hear his thoughts on the recent developments of AI and Marketing.

His take is sure to be a balanced approach and promising for any of us “meatbags” who are worrying about a robot revolution coming to take our jobs.

On a recent podcast, he emphasizes using AI as an enhancement to our work instead of replacing it. This thought jibes with his contentions in the 10/90 rule, which promotes a larger investment in workers than technology.

In any case, we look forward to him giving us practical pointers on the subject.

Avinash Kaushik’s Talk at Content Marketing World 2023

We can’t wait to see what Avinash Kaushik has to say about AI at CMWorld 2023. He’s on the Keynote Stage on Thursday, September 28, 8:25 AM Eastern Time discussing Actionable AI: Solutions for Unknown Unknown Problems!

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