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Can You Create Remarkable Content Consistently?

Can You Create Remarkable Content Consistently?

June 12, 2023
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Good content will nudge the needle on your business’s visibility. Remarkable content changes lives and earns you loyal followers.

For example, a recent study showed that educational content made buyers 131% more likely to purchase from the publisher. Over a third of that audience still felt the impact a week later.

How can you make the kind of content that sticks with your target audience? Learn the tips and tricks to creating remarkable content.

Remarkable content influences purchasing power and can make an audience 100 times more likely to buy

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Key Takeaways:

  • Remarkable content helps people and moves them to action. 
  • Creating remarkable content is within your reach, but you need to give your efforts time to gain traction.
  • Generate outstanding content by putting people first, sticking to what you know, keeping it simple, and following a consistent process.
  • The best content is actionable and emotional.

Understand What Remarkable Content Is

Impactful content is not necessarily a masterpiece that you slave over tirelessly into the wee hours of dawn. Rather, content becomes remarkable when it sticks with the audience and motivates them to action.

(This action might be as simple as the person rereading the item or clicking on a link in the call to action.)

Remarkability doesn’t depend on the information being long and complex, either. A tweet or short video can go viral and serve as a piece of remarkable content.

Simply put, remarkable work is above average and worth taking note of. It offers something of real value for the audience and pushes a button inside them that stimulates feelings and spurs them to act on it.

Have Realistic Expectations

Of course, you need to temper any grand expectations about what consistently creating remarkable content really means. Even your favorite musical artist or TV show probably doesn’t always serve up A+ material.

Remember, Babe Ruth didn’t hit a homer at every at-bat, Michael Jordan didn’t sink every bucket, and every Rolling Stones song did not top the charts. Still, each GOAT put up a steady effort that was a conduit for more wins than losses.

Outstanding work stems from consistency, following a proven pattern, and refining that system. You’re going to have hits, but you’re also going to have some misses.

One example of how remarkable work comes from a steady stream of above-average production is “Seinfeld.” At the end of the show’s nine-year run, TV Guide magazine gave each episode a letter grade. A reader later calculated that the average mark was a surprising B-.

How could such a significant show only garner that rating? The value of the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. As a result, the big hits far outweigh the sporadic misses.

It takes time for great content to generate lasting, tangible results, but the benefits are worth the effort. The persistent grind means you’re going to have numerous grand slams that add up to a mountain of remarkable content.

Focus on People

You can easily get lost in trying to keep up with the next big thing. Granted, you shouldn’t ignore what’s going on in the world so you can stay relevant.

Still, you need to remember what’s behind it all and what motivates change: people. Always have your audience as your motivation behind what you produce; that’s your target.

When you create content recipes that people want to consume, you’ll have a formula for consistently remarkable content.

Focus on your target audience and personas to create remarkable content

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Create What You Know

While you should work to meet the public’s demand, you should do so with what you can supply best. You can dip a toe outside your wheelhouse from time to time, but avoid straying too far outside your lane.

As an example, McDonald’s once tried to expand its offerings with pasta. (McSpaghetti, anyone?) Interestingly, the dish remains in a few select markets, but it’s not remarkable enough to go worldwide.

Provide people with what they expect from you to help them fill their needs.

McSpaghetti is a real example of the wrong kind of remarkable content

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Keep It Simple

One of the biggest traps in trying to create remarkable content is the feeling that you have to sit down and write “War and Peace.” On the contrary, people want direct answers to questions in simple language.

Organize your articles well and keep the information brief and digestible for readability.

Our straightforward system at Marketing Insider Group generates millions of monthly views. A couple of weekly articles that are 1,000-1,800 words is enough substance to fulfill SEO demands and draw in an audience.

Keeping your content simple also helps you test and improve it. Too many moving parts can make it difficult to determine why something worked (or didn’t).

Follow a Process

Great writers always have a process that helps them deliver remarkable content on schedule and with consistent quality. It takes time for worthwhile work to find an audience, and once they discover you, you want to be able to keep delivering the goods.

Take a lesson from masterful fiction writers like Gillian Flynn and Stephen King. King admits he has his share of stinkers, but any novelist would kill to have the acclaim of just one of his bestsellers.

How does he keep pumping out high-quality content? He follows a daily four-hour writing and self-editing routine that produces no less than 1,000 words every day.

Flynn explains she could never have become an effective writer without her time as a journalist, which forced her to create a writing habit.

As she states, “There’s no muse that’s going to come down and bestow upon you the mood to write. You just have to do it.”

Fortunately, you can get help from tools like a content calendar to keep you on track. Along with this tool, professionals such as our team at MIG will help you create a strategy and system for remarkable content in your voice.

Make Your Content Actionable and Emotional

Getting people to act on what you create means touching the heart more than hitting them over the head with data and proof. Search for people’s pain points and present solutions.

Intelligent professionals can get too wrapped up in trying to explain why people need to do something (such as convert to a sale). Instead, focus more of your time on showing how to fix or improve a situation.

Think of it this way: There’s a big difference between seeing a car speeding toward you, understanding what could happen, and acting by jumping out of the way. You want the action, so provide tips that show folks how to reduce or avoid pain.

Remarkable content also communicates to your readers that you understand how hard their situation is and that you’re ready to help them do better.

Whether you toss in some humor or bring in a touch of pathos, paint mental pictures that help your audience feel the reality of the situation and move them to act.

Start Creating Remarkable Content With Help From MIG

Building a repository of remarkable content takes persistent effort, but it’s worth it. Even so, most companies struggle to make the time for content creation.

Never fear: Remarkable content is what we do here at MIG. We can get you from zero to hero in record time. Schedule a free consultation to come up with a strategy that works for you.

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