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Content Marketing Examples: The Best Company Blogs from Lesser-Known Brands

Content Marketing Examples: The Best Company Blogs from Lesser-Known Brands

September 29, 2020
5 min read

These days, a blog is pretty much a must-have for any business. But if you don’t put careful thought into the content of your company blog, it’s a waste of time and money.

The creators behind the best company blogs take the time to understand the needs of their audience before crafting content to fit, as these content marketing examples show.

Quick Takeaways:

  • These blogs really know their audience and use targeted content and design.
  • Some of the best blogs use content ideas only loosely related to their niche to reach a wider audience and be more entertaining.
  • Small businesses can achieve success in competitive content areas by taking their own unique slant on a common topic.


Human Resources solutions provider ADP offers several software tools and services for HR and payroll management. But crucially, they understand that the “human” aspect of human resources is the most important part.

This is reflected in their blog, SPARK, which is summed up with its subheading, “helping ignite the power of your people.”

As well as covering the latest news and helpful information in areas such as legislation and taxes, the ADP blog covers more “human” topics such as the importance of empathy in leadership and creating meaningful connections with employees while working remotely.

SPARK proudly displays its contributors, “a hand-selected group of ADP subject matter experts, entrepreneurs, business writers, and consultants” right on the homepage, demonstrating that its content is written by individuals with the experience and authority to provide real insights and actionable advice.

The Orange Dot by Headspace

Headspace is frequently cited as being one of the best meditation and mindfulness apps, so it doesn’t have to try hard to win business from people who are already looking for such an app.

Where its blog, The Orange Dot, draws in new business is from the thousands of people who’ve never tried meditating or have no idea that a meditation app exists or how it could help them.

With articles covering such varied topics as tackling goals for work, sports, and life, improving relationships, getting better sleep, and having a healthier, happier pregnancy, Headspace attracts a new audience looking for advice on these subjects.

TheWarmUp by ClassPass

The fitness niche is highly competitive in the blogging world. It’s also an area where content tends to be formulaic – think, “Best 10 exercises to reduce belly fat”.

But online workout library ClassPass has managed to both carve out a name for itself as a fitness content publisher and come up with some unique angles on the same old fitness topics.

Rather than simply rehashing workout tips and exercise descriptions, TheWarmUp tackles topics such as corporate wellness, activewear fashion, and round-ups of unusual fitness classes across the US.

By tuning into trending topics including turmeric lattes and CBD beauty products, the blog turns out entertaining and informative content with a high shareability factor.

Breakthroughs by Pfizer

A pharmaceutical company blog might not sound like a particularly exciting form of content. But Pfizer has successfully pulled it off by dedicating their blog posts on Breakthroughs to the cutting edge of scientific research.

The COVID-19 pandemic proved to be a huge content opportunity for this blog, and some of its most recently published articles cover understanding coronavirus risk, news on potential vaccines, and the importance of data in fighting the virus.

Coronavirus may be a trending topic, but there are plenty of other articles of interest here covering subjects such as using wearable technology to treat chronic conditions and using translation technology to improve drug design.

Not only is the content interesting, but the blog is also very well designed with eye-catching images and magazine-like formatting.

Rosetta Stone

Once the king of language-learning products, Rosetta Stone has lost ground in recent years to a slew of new apps.

But the company has risen to the challenge and evolved along with the rest of the world. One area where it’s really excelling is the content on its official blog.

The Rosetta Stone blog mixes language learning tips and tricks with real-life stories of travel from around the world.

As a reader, you’re naturally drawn into these articles (everyone loves a good story!) They’re also very effective at convincing you that you need to start learning a new language.

Prosper and Thrive by Santander

Personal finance blogs have always attracted a healthy readership – after all, everyone could always do with a little extra money in their pocket at the end of the month.

Most personal finance blogs are written by individuals (or a small team) who’ve undergone their own saving, investing, or getting out of debt adventure. But understandably, the banks want a piece of this very lucrative pie too.

Santander has hit just the right balance between financial education and staying human with its Prosper and Thrive blog. At first glance, you wouldn’t even notice Santander is behind the blog at all. Its design and logo look professional but not corporate.

The blog, aimed at Millennials, includes case studies of people who have paid off their debt, tips for achieving savings goals, and info on how to stick to a budget. But other “lifestyle” content with a money theme such as building a capsule wardrobe on a budget and money-saving travel hacks help the blog to feel more rounded and less like a financial boot camp.

Duplo Play Ideas

Duplo, Lego’s chunkier cousin aimed at toddlers, has been a favorite toy for decades. Lego has tapped into the interest in “educational play” to come up with a fun and inspiring blog showing different ideas for using Duplo blocks.

Some of the recent posts include a memory game with Duplo bricks, using Duplo blocks to build letters, and some themed party ideas (including Lego and Duplo figures, of course).

The blog is really successful at demonstrating just how versatile Duplo is as a toy. The bright colors and inviting photography make it appealing to browse and explore for both children and parents.

The Journal by Intrepid Travel

Content marketing is absolutely essential to travel companies who can use the power of storytelling to tempt new customers to book a trip to somewhere new and exotic.

Adventure travel company Intrepid Travel uses its blog, The Journal, to publish real travel accounts from previous customers, “listicle” style posts (“The top 10 destinations you should visit in 2021” is sure to be a favorite on social media”), and ideas for eco-friendly and more sustainable travel.

These articles subtly reinforce the brand image of Intrepid as being an environmentally responsible, socially aware company, as well as inspiring readers to start planning their next trip.

Four Seasons Magazine

Aimed at a very different type of traveler, the Four Seasons Magazine provides a taste of the best in luxury travel, with cocktail recipes and private jet travel diaries in-between the resort profiles and country guides.

A lot of thought has gone into the design of this blog. Browsing through it feels like flicking through a glossy magazine with typography that’s almost as beautiful as the photography that takes pride of place.

Four Seasons cleverly invites some of the world’s top travel and lifestyle bloggers to contribute to its content. This makes for stories and photographs that are aspirational but believable. Tapping influencers means the blog reaches a much wider audience too.

The Do List by Fiverr

Fiverr is a freelance services marketplace that allows businesses to buy “gigs” such as logo creation or a video intro for as little as $5.

The Do List is aimed at freelancers rather than the businesses buying these services. With titles like “How I Bought a House with my Fiverr Revenue” and “How to Build a Real Estate Business” with Fiverr, it’s clear how the blog is effective at attracting new freelancers to the platform.

But Fiverr also publishes a lot of content aimed at small businesses. By giving tips on digital marketing, outsourcing, and managing remote teams, the brand is helping freelancers scale up their operations while feeding back into the Fiverr ecosystem.

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