5 Real Estate Agent Digital Marketing Tips

The real estate industry is extremely competitive, and you have to be creative and always looking for new ways to keep your company in the forefront to survive. However, this is the exact reason why so many people get drawn into the real estate industry. They thrive on the challenge it presents and on finding new ways to promote their business. Since this is the digital age, we’ll give you several real estate digital marketing tips and tricks that can take your company to the next level.

1. Harness the Power of Social Media

In the United States alone, roughly 77% of the population has at least one, if not more social media accounts. This is driving more and more companies to take advantage of the various social media platforms and network across them. 


You can start your digital marketing campaign on Facebook with its’ over 1.47 billion active daily users. Set up your business page and utilize Facebook Insights to get a good understanding of your page’s fans. This will allow you to narrow down and target your messages to meet your fan’s needs or requirements. For example, if you’re selling homes in a family-oriented community, you can target your ads for young people who are house hunting by location or interests.

You may also want to consider taking advantage of paid advertising on this platform. This will allow you to quickly and easily promote your business and increase your business’s reach to people who have similar interests or are members of the same demographic. 


Pictures sell, and this rings true for the real estate industry. People want to see photos of the property they’re interested in to help determine if it’s going to be a good match. Instagram has also reached one billion active users, so this is a chance to expand your company’s reach. You can promote open houses, upcoming events, or showcase your company’s agents or listings. This will help to get the word out on what you have to offer to people who are considering buying property in your company’s area.


YouTube is another social media platform that is quickly gaining popularity among companies. With over one billion users in 88 countries and 76 languages, YouTube’s reach is enormous. It’s also an extremely smart digital marketing move. Not only can you showcase the homes or properties you have for sale, but you can also interact with your subscribers. This adds a powerful humanizing element to your company. People want to know that they’re working with a company that has their interests at the forefront, and YouTube can do this.

Additionally, you can ask former clients who had success stories with your company to give you a video of the reasons why they loved working with the particular agent, along with their personal story or positive outcomes. Reviews are easy to fake, but the emotions that can come with these videos are difficult to fake. This is a powerful tool that will give your subscribers real insight into why they should choose your company over your competitors.

Check out this example of my good friend and successful local realtor Michelle Duran using the power of client testimonials on a YouTube video:

2.  Use Local Images and Videos on Social Sharing

When you network, it’s important to include local images or videos in your digital marketing campaign. Many companies forget this vital aspect, and they start sharing just text. Images and videos are important because they increase your current and prospective customer’s engagement levels with your company.

The various platforms make it very easy for companies to incorporate these key elements into all of their posts, and the worst you may have to do is click “Insert Photo or Video” and select your images before you upload them. Also, don’t forget to make your posts public so your followers can share it with their followers or fans.

3. Create a Virtual Tour

Is your company involved in community activities? Have you created a unique culture inside your business that you want to show? Perhaps your business has a pet or a beloved mascot that your customers rave about. You can create a virtual tour of your business. If you don’t want to make it a long tour, break it up into several smaller segments and follow a different agent around once a month.

Videos and virtual tours that showcase the day-to-day operations and culture of your business can engage your customers. People will be more likely to reach out and want to work with a company that they trust, and this insider’s view can generate a lot of trust, even if the people have never personally talked to anyone face-to-face.

4. Use LinkedIn to Make Your Mark

LinkedIn has 467 million users with 106 million active monthly users. It’s a place where industry professionals can gather and network. It’s an excellent opportunity for your business to establish its professional reputation in an online format. It can also gain your businesses exposure to investors, business owners, banks, and clients in your immediate area.

This is huge because a lot of potential clients will ask the bank they’re getting a mortgage through for real estate company or agent recommendations. You can get your company or agents involved in the group discussion boards, blogging, or private messaging features that LinkedIn offers as well. Share your newest exciting projects or listings, or post relevant articles, white papers, or reports to engage other companies.

5. Add Valuable Real Estate Blog Ideas to Your Site

Blogging is gaining momentum with all types of companies, and it offers valuable industry insight for your clients if you keep up with it. You want your blog to show your company’s expertise in the real estate market, and you should concentrate on optimizing your content to attract new customers.

Coming up with new ideas can be difficult, so try to put yourself in the shoes of a homeowner who is new to the area or considering moving to the area when they find the right property. What would you want to know? This can give you a platform to build your blog content, and it’ll be entertaining and informative to your readers.

These five digital marketing tips for real estate agents can help you boost your company’s level of customer engagement and keep you out in the forefront of the local real estate market. With a little time and effort, you should start seeing positive impacts throughout your business

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