Tips On Building A Compelling Website That Generates Sales

You want to get people talking about your website, sharing the featured products and content, commenting under your post, and coming back to see what else you have to offer? Most of all – do you want to convert a random visitor into a customer? Of course you do! Why else would you invest time, money, and energy in this online project?

What’s the key to developing a successful website that generates sales? If you take a look at few successful eCommerce websites, you’ll probably notice few factors that separate them from the crowd:

  • They make the ordering process simple, fast, safe, and effective.
  • They offer unique value and they emphasize it;
  • The content at those websites is superbly written;
  • The users are attracted by their calls to action;
  • You’ll find promotional articles that intrigue the customers with awesome headlines;

There are other features that are unique for each successful website, but the 5 points listed above are common for all online destinations that generate sales. You want your website to fall into that category? The following tips will help you achieve that.

  1. Simple, Fast, Safe, and Effective Ordering Process

Everything starts with the design. When you’re maintaining an eCommerce website, you can’t even think about saving money on design. The visitors will judge the reliability and professionalism of your company upon the impression they get from the design. It should be serious, professional, and extremely easy to use.

expediaIn fewer words, you have to invest in a professional, experienced designer who will present your idea to the world. If you’re building your own website, take it slow and pay attention to every single detail. Expedia is a nice example of how a website that converts looks like. Thanks to the menus for specific categories, it’s really easy to find exactly what you’re looking for. Once you find that information, you’re not left with much choice: you’ll just click the Book button.

You’ll notice that successful websites have really short forms. They don’t bother you with too many details when you’re placing an order. Learn from their example: keep the form to the essentials. Take Udemy as an example: it only asks for your name, e-mail, and a password in the login form.

  1. Unique Value

When a new visitor lands at your page, he will wonder what makes you different than the competition. What is your unique value? Beauty Bay, for example, stocks cosmetic brands that are not available everywhere. That’s exactly what they emphasize on the homepage: the brands that can attract the visitor to make a purchase.

beauty bayThe concept of defined value is a basic principle in economics. You have to offer a product or service that gives more value for the user’s money when compared to the offer of the competition. You need to explain exactly what that advantage is. You have probably specified your target audience by now. Are you offering some kind of solution to their problems? Make your website convincing by emphasizing that solution.

  1. Superb Content

Imagine looking at the perfect website from a designer’s point of view. Then, you notice grammar mistakes in the middle of completely useless text that’s hard to understand. Your impression is ruined. That’s exactly what happens when you don’t pay attention to the content. Your visitors have to be impressed by your claims and explanations. In addition, the content at the website has to be optimized for the search engines.

storyHubspot, for example, has a pretty captivating About page with text that convinces potential customers to trust the service.

The only problem is: how exactly do you write that content if you’re not a writer, and hiring a professional content developer exceeds your budget? When you were at college, you had a simple solution when you struggled with papers: you simply hired a service and said “I need you to write my essay by a close deadline.” The prices were affordable and you could use the service without signing contracts with the authors.

Here is something you probably didn’t know: these services aren’t open solely to students. You can hire the writers for writing, proofreading, and editing whenever you need new content at your website. You won’t be tied with a contract and you’ll make the expense only when you need to.

  1. Irresistible Calls to Action

Every good salesman knows he has to finish the offer with a call to action the target user cannot resist. When you want to build a website that generates sales, you need a totally tempting offer that will lead the users in the direction you want them to take.

Even if you have the perfect design with great content all over the place, you might still lose sales if you don’t give your visitors a reason to act right now. Your unique value will be here tomorrow, or next week… and the visitors will keep delaying it if you don’t convince them to do something during the first visit at your website.

CTAHere is something that will help you fight your users’ procrastination: limited offers, discounts, and deadlines. Create the feeling of urgency. Explain that your offer is limited and the low prices will be available only for the first 50 buyers. You can promote a one-day discount that no one will want to miss, or you can give them that the offer will expire in seven days.

If you’re selling software, you can offer a free trial version that will convince your users how great the product is. Scentbird, for example, gives an offer perfume lovers can’t resist: they can get trial sizes of designer fragrances for a small price, so they can test several of them before buying one full-sized bottle. Think of your own attractive offer, which the visitor should want right now!

  1. Content Marketing: Promotional Articles with Intriguing Headlines

If you’re new on the marketing, then you need to focus on heavy content marketing for promotional purposes. Publish press releases and make sure to build a blog section at your website. Wait, why could you possibly need a blog when your main purpose is to sell? More high-quality content at your website will improve the aspect of search engine optimization. The blog gives you a chance to tell stories, share the experiences of satisfied customers, and keep your audience happy with trendy news and useful tips.

The blog will create a chance for engagement and it will drive more traffic towards your site. Of course, you need to make the articles brief and easy to read, so your potential customers will understand them without wasting much time, and they will continue to the main page to make a purchase.

HeadlinesLet’s take Helm Boots as an example – it’s a relatively popular brand that’s already recognizable on the market, but it still has a blog section that brings the specific style closer to the users. The articles reveal the history of the brand and the design process that stands behind those boots, so the customer feels greater connection with the product when he reads that information.

That’s exactly what you need: a blog. You have to pay special attention to the headlines, though. When a visitor lands at the page, you have less than 5 seconds to get his attention. The headline can make or break the deal for you. In addition, the headline is the first thing your social media followers see when you share the posts, so you need to make them really great. Use numbers, listicle titles, questions, or any other type of headline that will intrigue your audience to read the post. Remember: if you can’t write the articles yourself, you can always hire a writer to do that for you.

It’s Your Turn

If you read all tips above with great attention, you probably noticed they had something in common: they are pretty simple and easy to implement into practice. Now that you’ve had enough theory, it’s time to work on your website and make it so appealing and well-promoted that the visitors will be left with nothing else to do but to make a purchase.

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