Top 10 LinkedIn Pulse Articles of 2015

Michael Brenner on Dec 29, 2015 in Content Marketing

Over a million professionals have published a blog on LinkedIn, according to LinkedIn’s executive editor Daniel Roth. These individuals publish more than 130,000 posts every week on LinkedIn. Nearly 50% of all readers are in leadership roles, including CEOs, VPs and managers, across 21 industries and 9 countries. And this number is expected to go up as LinkedIn’s publishing platform becomes available to every language in the near future.

So what does this all mean for marketers? I believe LinkedIn is an untapped opportunity in content marketing to drive more awareness, leads and ultimately sales.

By sharing new, relevant insights about your target audience’s businesses and helping them solve their toughest challenges, you show that you actually care about your customers beyond just selling your products or services. This helps build trust and credibility for your brand, and when it comes time to buy it is much more likely that these customers will buy from you.

What do you think? Is LinkedIn a part of your content marketing strategy? I am always curious to learn what works for other marketers and their best practices and lessons learned. Here are my 10 top picks for LinkedIn Pulse articles that I think marketers will find helpful:

Top 10 LinkedIn Pulse Articles 2015

  1. 11 Secrets of Irresistible People (719,121 pageviews / 1,509 comments) by Dr. Travis Bradberry. As the title suggests, this popular post shares 11 habits people do that makes them irresistible. While this post isn’t marketing-specific, there are many lessons marketers can take away from this to create irresistible content. Travis makes the point that irresistible people focus more on others and have a genuine interest in them. The same can be said about content marketing. Effective marketing is about focusing on your target audience’s needs and giving them what they want.
  1. Why This CEO Will Never Hire Another Salesperson (496,533 views / 2,455 comments) by Brian de Haaff. Brian is the CEO of Aha! – a software company that doesn’t have sales teams or commissions. Brian talks about the four keys to his company’s success and growth: 1) don’t push your product and focus on building trust and relationships, 2) consumers are smart so don’t try to pitch something they don’t need, 3) collaborate and listen to the customer’s needs so you can better serve them, and 4) connect with your customers by creating content that engages, delights and surprises them.
  1. #RaceTogether: 3 Reasons Behind Starbucks’ Failure (439,667 pageviews / 1,132 comments) by Tai Tran. This post breaks down Starbuck’s infamous #RaceTogether marketing campaign earlier this year, which went horribly wrong and created a huge blacklash on social media. For Tai, authenticity is the key driving factor behind successful marketing. And this can only be accomplished when a campaign or piece of content is designed and executed with the customers in mind.
  1. 25 Technology Trends for 2015 – 2016 (387,801 pageviews / 421 comments) by Brian Solis. Brian takes us through 25 technology trends that brands and marketers need to know heading into 2016 and beyond.
  1. You Can’t Fake Personality, Passion or Purpose (251,675 pageviews / 1,694 comments) by Richard Branson. If you’re a manager or will be doing any hiring next year, check out these four qualities Richard looks for in candidates which he believes are key indicators of future success: 1) skills can be learned, but you can’t train personality, 2) experience is more important than one’s credentials, 3) hire your weaknesses because they can help you become more successful, and 4) find people who are passionate about your company and its purpose – passion and purpose are what separate successful people from unsuccessful ones.
  1. How to Copy Netflix (170,867 pageviews / 212 comments) by Barry Enderwick. A former marketer at Netflix, Barry shares the seven strategic moves that fueled Netflix’s international growth and success in creating original content people love. You’ll find lots of interesting insights on Netflix, everything from the company’s strategy shift to its company culture, brand and positioning, which led to Netflix’s successful transformation and global expansion.
  1. How to Sell Anything to Anybody (125,322 pageviews / 459 comments) by Bruce Kasanoff. Bruce believes traditional sales strategies are ineffective in driving long-term success. Instead of trying to sell and push products to customers, effective salespeople should focus on serving and meeting a customer’s needs. For marketers, here’s all you need to read: “You can’t sell anything to anybody, and sleep well at night. What you can do, however, is to sell people the things they actually need, the products and services that will bring them closer to their most important goals. Serve, serve, serve is a more profitable strategy than sell, sell, sell.”
  1. How to Tell a Story People Will Remember (66,224 pageviews / 265 comments) by Bruce Kasanoff. This is another post from Bruce that’s great for any marketers who are looking to give their storytelling skills a boost. Bruce walks us through ten strategies you can use to make your content more memorable: 1) evoke emotion, 2) use contrast, 3) spark mental pictures, 4) use the unusual, 5) be shocking and visual, 6) visually simplify, 7) exaggerate, 8) have them say it, 9) tell stories, and 10) be relevant.
  1. State of Content Marketing: Why So Many Companies Fail at Content Marketing (18,240 pageviews / 82 comments) by Joe Pulizzi. Why isn’t content marketing working for you? Content marketing expert Joe Pulizzi may have the answer. The two most important aspects that separate successful marketers from the less effective ones are that great marketers document their strategy and review it on an ongoing basis. Joe also shares some of the content marketing trends happening right now and his predictions for 2016, which may give you some inspiration and ideas for your marketing plans next year.
  1. Tips for Telling Stories That Readers Will Share (11,415 pageviews / 54 comments) by Glenn Leibowitz. As marketers, we all know how important good storytelling is when it comes to creating great content. So how do you become a better storyteller? According to Shane Snow, co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of Contently, there are three elements that make up a good story: fluency, relatability and novelty. Shane also shares his two top tips for writing content that will resonate with your readers and encourage them share: one, tell a personal story to connect with your audience and convince them to stick around and read more, and two, find your (right) audience and create content that is relevant to them.

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