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White Label Content Marketing: Why, When and How

White Label Content Marketing: Why, When and How

September 19, 2023
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As marketers and content creators, we all know that content is king. But keeping up with demand and consistently producing high-quality content is a tall order, especially for small businesses with limited in-house resources.

That’s where white label content marketing comes in: A solution that takes content creation off your plate while still allowing you to meet both your own and your clients needs. It not only streamlines content production, but also lets you focus on what you do best while still offering clients top quality information.

In this post, we’re covering the ins and outs of white label content marketing, its benefits, and how to choose the right provider for your unique needs.

Quick Takeaways

  • White label content marketing allows businesses to brand and sell content produced by another company, facilitating expanded content offerings without in-house production. 
  • B2B and B2C businesses need to post at least 11 blogs monthly for significant traffic increases, highlighting the demand for consistent content. 
  • Partnering with white label content providers offers expertise, scalability, quality, diverse offerings, and cost-efficiency without the need for a full-time team. 
  • To choose the right white label content service, consider communication, transparency, adaptability, positive feedback, expertise, branding alignment, timely delivery, and trial run compatibility.  

What Is White Label Content Marketing?

White label content marketing is when one company produces content, but another company brands and sells it as their own. This approach allows businesses to offer content marketing services without having to create every piece of content themselves.

Here’s a more detailed breakdown:

  1. One company, typically a specialized content creation agency, produces content. This could be blog posts, videos, infographics, social media posts, or any other type of content.
  2. Another company, which could be a marketing agency or any business that needs content, purchases or partners with the content creator to use the content. They then rebrand the content as their own, and redistribute it to their clients.

graphic shows how the white label content marketing process works

Image Source: Boostability

Take Marketing Insider Group for example:

As a content marketing agency, we offer top-tier blog and SEO services to our clients. We use a combination of in-house and white label services to create content, and then deliver that content to our clients. This way, we can not only operate at a higher capacity, but also ensure our clients have high-quality content that:

  • Generates quality traffic
  • Engages their target audience
  • Increases brand awareness
  • Establishes expertise

So in simple terms, white label content marketing is a collaboration. It’s a great solution for businesses that want to expand their content offerings, but don’t necessarily have the expertise or in-house resources to do so.

Why Work With a White Label Content Marketing Provider?

We all want to offer the best to our clients. But sometimes, we find ourselves stretched too thin.

According to our research, B2B and B2C businesses need to post at least 11 blogs per month to see a significant increase in traffic.

graph shows that B2B companies need to post at least 11 blogs per month to see a significant increase in traffic

As a content marketing agency, keeping up with this high demand calls for non-stop content creation, especially if you’re trying to grow your client base. With the help of a white label content marketing service, you can:

  • Meet demand
  • Enhance what you offer
  • Ensure consistent quality
  • Gain flexibility to grow and adapt

Here’s a few more reasons why you might consider partnering with a white label content marketing provider:

1. Fill the Expertise Gap

Not everyone is an expert in every niche of content creation. A white-label provider brings specialized knowledge to the table.

So, if you’re great at strategy but not so much at infographic design, you can still offer high-quality infographics to your clients without a major time commitment.

2. Scale Your Services

Imagine you land a major client who needs double the content you’re used to producing. Instead of turning down the opportunity or burning the midnight oil, a white-label provider can help you meet these demands without a hitch.

3. Maintain Consistent Quality

Quality and consistency are two pillars of effective content marketing. But, we all have our off days when quality and consistency are nearly impossible to meet.

With a dedicated team behind the scenes, you can rest easy knowing that your content quality stays consistent, no matter how busy things get.

4. Expand Your Offerings

Want to offer a new type of content to your clients? Instead of spending months mastering it, you can instantly expand your services by partnering with a provider who’s already an expert.

5. Cost-Efficient

Hiring a full-time team can be expensive, especially for small businesses. With a white-label provider, you get the benefits of a skilled team without the overhead costs of salaries, benefits, and training.

6. Focus on What You Do Best

According to a recent survey, 38% of bloggers who spend at least 6 hours writing a blog post report great results. So essentially, if you want to create just one successful blog post, you need to set aside 6 hours of your time. Not exactly ideal.

graphic shoes that 38% of bloggers who spent at least 6 hours writing blog posts report great results

Image Source: First Site Guide

By outsourcing some of the content creation, you free up time to focus on strategizing and building client relationships. Why should you be tied down by content creation when you can use an innovative solution? Focusing on what you do best will likely result in an even bigger return on your investment.

Want to learn more about how white label content marketing can make your business more profitable? Watch the short video below.

Video Source: Conduit Digital

How to Choose the Right White Label Content Marketing Service

Before you start divvying out your duties, you need to find the right white label content marketing service for your business. Here’s what you need to explore to find the a partner that first your needs:

1. Communication

We’ve all heard the adage, “Communication is key,” and it couldn’t be more accurate, especially in partnerships.

It’s essential to choose a service that not only responds quickly, but also communicates clearly. They should be adept at understanding and catering to your specific needs. After all, you’re looking for a collaborative partner, not a service provider.

2. Transparency

In any business relationship, transparency is the foundation of trust. Make sure that the service you’re considering is candid about its methodologies, pricing structures, and operational processes. The more open and honest they are about these aspects, the easier it will be for you to trust and collaborate with them.

3. Flexibility

The content marketing landscape is always changing, and so might your business needs. It’s important to partner with a service that’s adaptable and resilient.

Whether you’re thinking of expanding your content types, scaling up production, or adjusting your strategies, your service should be ready and willing to switch gears with you.

4. Reviews and Testimonials

Before making a decision, it’s important to check out the experiences of others. A service that consistently receives positive feedback and has satisfied clients is promising.

screenshot shows example of positive reviews and testimonials on website

Don’t just skim the surface. Dive deep into platforms like Google My Business, Yelp, and the service’s official website. These testimonials and reviews can offer invaluable insights into the company’s reliability and performance.

5. Expertise

While versatility is valuable, specialization can sometimes be the key. Many services might boast a wide variety of content offerings, but it’s vital to pinpoint where their true expertise lies.

For example, if your primary focus is blog posts, partnering with a service that excels in writing will be more beneficial than one that’s primarily known for video content.

6. Track Record

Past performance can be a reliable indicator of future results. Ask to see case studies, detailed performance metrics, or stories of client successes. If they’ve consistently met or exceeded expectations in the past, it’s a good sign they’ll do the same for you.

7. Branding Process

The content they produce will represent your brand, so it needs to align seamlessly with your brand identity.

Discuss and make sure that the service is well-versed with your brand voice, visual style, and overarching guidelines. This alignment ensures that the content resonates authentically with your audience.

8. Turnaround Times

In content marketing, being timely can be as crucial as being relevant. Clarify the service’s delivery timelines to make sure they can consistently provide quality content within your schedules. This will help make sure your content strategy stays on track.

9. Trial Run

Committing to a long-term partnership can be a lot. Consider starting a pilot project or a smaller task with the service in question.

This allows you to gauge their quality, responsiveness, and compatibility with your needs, ensuring you can make an informed decision.

Create More Quality Content Today with Marketing Insider Group

By partnering with the right white label content marketing provider, you can boost your content offerings, maintain consistent quality, and ensure that your brand voice resonates loud and clear. It’s all about finding the right balance between in-house efforts and outsourced expertise.

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