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Why Human Content Plus AI-Driven Distribution Is The Future of Content Marketing

Why Human Content Plus AI-Driven Distribution Is The Future of Content Marketing

September 12, 2023
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Robots aren’t here to take our jobs. But, they are playing a significant role in the future of content marketing. In fact, 52% of business leaders have already implemented AI content generation tools into their content marketing strategies, and 64.7% will have tried it by the end of 2023.

So, if you want to keep up with the competition and continue to thrive in the digital space, the key is understanding this: It’s not about handing the reins over to artificial intelligence, but rather knowing how to collaborate with it.

In this article, we’re unveiling our tried-and-true formula for harmonizing AI and content marketing. Dive in to discover how you can strike the right balance between human content and AI, giving your content marketing efforts a big boost.

Quick Takeaways

  • AI may offer speedy content creation, but it lacks the emotional depth and cultural nuances of human creators.
  • Human experts are essential if you want to meet the high standards of modern SEO requirements, like Google’s E-E-A-T.
  • By integrating AI into content strategies, marketers can gain invaluable insights about their audiences, while the human touch ensures the content stays relevant and resonant. 
  • From audience targeting to distribution and optimization, AI tools can help ensure content reaches and resonates with the intended audience, maximizing ROI.

AI and Content Creation

As marketers, we’re first-hand witnesses to the shift in how content is being created. AI, with its computational prowess, has made its way into the world of content marketing, offering tools that promise top-notch efficiency and speed. But what does this mean for us, the marketers and content creators?

First, let’s acknowledge the undeniable benefits of AI-driven content creation. We can create reports, summaries, and basic blog posts in seconds. AI tools can sift through incredible amounts of data, identify patterns, and create new content at a pace that we humans simply can’t match.

graph shows how much time people save when using generative AI to create a new piece of content

Image Source: DataBox

That being said, AI has its limitations. Sure, it has speed, but creating high quality content takes more than quickly stringing words together. It’s about conveying emotions, understanding cultural nuances, and resonating with our audience on a personal level.

Can a machine really capture the essence of a heartfelt story or the subtleties of humor? For the foreseeable future, the answer is no.

As content creators, we bring a unique perspective, creativity, and emotional intelligence to the table. When we read content, we look for a connection, a shared experience, or a fresh perspective. These qualities are what make content impactful, and they can’t be replicated by a machine.

The Power of Human-Generated Content

The art of storytelling is inherently human. We’ve been sharing stories around campfires, through books, and across generations for centuries. When you create a piece of content, you’re not just sharing information, but rather telling a story. And stories have the power to captivate audiences in ways that AI-generated content can’t.

Now, let’s consider a key aspect of modern SEO: Google’s E-E-A-T (Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) requirements.

graphic outlines and explains Google’s E-E-A-T requirements

Image Source: Fat Joe

In order to provide users with high-quality, reliable content, Google highlights the importance of these four factors. And who better to showcase expertise and authoritativeness than professionals with hands-on experience in their fields?

Human experts, with years of knowledge and insights, are the only ones who can truly meet these standards. Human-generated content is the only way we can ensure that content not only ranks well, but also offers genuine value to readers.

That’s how we’ve come up with the perfect recipe for effective, efficient, and powerful content marketing: human content + AI-driven distribution.

The Future of AI and Content Marketing

In this new era of AI and content marketing, we know that the future isn’t about choosing between machines and human creativity, but rather harnessing the strengths of both.

Consider the large amounts of data we encounter on a daily basis. AI does a good job analyzing this data, identifying trends, and predicting user behaviors. By integrating AI into our content strategies, we can gain insights about our audiences that were previously out of reach.

But, while data gives us direction, it’s the human touch that gives content its soul. That’s where we come in. It’s our job (and yours) to create content that’s not only relevant, but also deeply resonant.

Now, think about distribution and optimization. We all want our content to reach the right audience at the right time. At MIG, we use AI-driven platforms to optimize the distribution of our clients’ articles and content, ensuring that their stories land in front of the eyes that matter most.

This process creates a seamless loop, where man and machine work together in the creation and distribution phases, maximizing ROI.

Our Nutanix Case Study

One of our clients, Nutanix, created a news site in 2019, called The Forecast, that dives into the latest insights on cloud computing, technology, and the impact they have on businesses.

Over the years, we’ve worked closely with Nutanix to write blog articles for The Forecast, while simultaneously putting our secret recipe to the test:

  • High-quality, human-generated content
  • AI-driven distribution platforms
  • Organic SEO

As a result, Nutanix gained:

  • Almost 200,000 unique visitors
  • 365,000+ page views (137% YoY)
  • 1,100+ newsletter subscribers (332% YoY)
  • Organic readership of almost 35%

By taking a collaborative approach to content marketing, using both human creativity and AI-distribution platforms, we helped Nutanix see some serious growth in organic search traffic.

graph shows Nutanix’s growth in organic traffic from AI and content marketing

Our method allows us to create story-driven content experiences that both reach and deeply engage our clients’ target audiences, driving efficiency and results that AI alone can’t match.

Read more about our work with Nutanix here.

How to Use AI in Content Marketing

Now, the real question is: How can you put AI into action when it comes to distribution and promotion? Here’s what we recommend:

  • Precise Distribution. Gone are the days of the scattergun approach. With AI, you can ensure that your content lands exactly where your audience is most engaged and active, maximizing reach and relevance.
  • Efficient Ad Campaigns. With AI, you can automate and optimize your campaigns in real-time. If a strategy isn’t hitting the mark, AI swiftly adjusts, redirecting your resources to avenues with the most potential.
  • Audience Targeting. Knowing your audience is the first rule of marketing. AI delves deep, segmenting and pinpointing specific audience groups based on their behavior, interests, and demographics.
  • Personalized Promotion. AI knows that each audience member is unique. By tailoring promotional campaigns based on individual user behavior, preferences, and past interactions, AI can help you create an experience that leads to more engagement and conversions.
  • Perfect Timing. Timing can make or break a content piece. AI, with its predictive capabilities, determines the prime times to publish or promote content, based on when your audience is most active. By aligning your content release with these peak periods, we ensure maximum visibility and engagement.
  • Channel Selection. When it comes to content marketing platforms, your options are endless. AI can evaluate the effectiveness of each channel and guide you to the best platform for your unique content.

While the creation of compelling content is key, its distribution and promotion are just as important. By harnessing the capabilities of AI and using them to distribute human-generated content, you can ensure that your content both reaches and resonates with the right audience.

Boost Your Content Marketing Strategy Today

AI and content marketing certainly go hand-in-hand, but maybe not in the way you’d expect. While AI offers unmatched efficiency in data analysis, distribution, and optimization, it’s the human touch that breathes life into content, making it relatable and impactful.

The future of content marketing isn’t about choosing between AI and human creativity, but rather about leveraging the strengths of both. By embracing this collaborative approach, we can deliver content experiences that truly resonate and drive results.

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