Carlos Hidalgo On His New Book Driving Demand

Driving DemandThis week my good friend Carlos Hidalgo released his first book called Driving Demand. According to Carlos:

The book is a guide for B2B marketing organizations that want to transform, but simply are perplexed by how to change. Driving Demand discusses how to first change the marketing and sales culture as well as how to align people, process, content, technology, and KPIs to the buyer in order to effectively execute demand generation.

In support of the book launch, I interviewed Carlos about his life, his work, and of course the book. Check it out:

1. Who the heck are you?

Wow, that is quite a question. I will start with saying that I am husband to Susanne who has continued to say yes for 21+ years and is the mother to four of the greatest kids anyone could ask for, so I guess for starters I am a very blessed man and wonder what I ever did to deserve such a great fortune. Professionally, I have had the opportunity to be in B2B marketing for 20 years with two pit stops in the non-profit world where I was in donor development (another great area where content marketing is needed). I have been very fortunate in my career to have great mentors and colleagues to learn from and guide my professional development. During the course of these years, I have also come to learn a lot of what is good and bad about B2B marketing and have tried to put that into Driving Demand.

2. Who is this book for?

I meet so many marketing and sales leaders as well as practitioners who say “we know what we need to do, we just need to know how to do it.” I believe most B2B marketing professionals understand that doing the same thing we did 15 years ago is ineffective, but knowing how to drive this change management initiative is a tall task. You have management pressuring to move quickly, sales is asking for more, buyers are getting more sophisticated so real and effectual change is needed. This book is for those who want to change, want to transform and adapt to the new world of what we at ANNUITAS call “Buyer 2.0″

3. What challenges were you seeing your clients facing that led you to want to write this book?

The biggest challenge was effective demand generation programs. Whether it was not understanding what their programs were returning back to the organization, not having the right organization in place or having a lack of success with marketing automation. All of our clients were challenged with creating demand generation programs that aligned to the buyers and their buying process. In all of the conversations I have, many of which I have detailed in the book, there is the aspect of doing more, but the question is really how is the value of that “more”?

4. What frustrated you about the current solutions / offerings / other books in the market?

I’m not so certain the past tense should be used here as I still see a lot of solutions that are frustrating. I think for me one of the most maddening things is to see organizations and even other solo consultants of consulting companies discuss the aspect of being “buyer-centric” in terms of demand generation but yet it is all so internally focused. The idea that a buyer aligned strategy can be hatched in a workshop with marketing & sales is ridiculous, yet this is what many organizations are doing. There is much more to it, which is detailed in the book.

I think the second most common thing that makes my teeth hurt is the isolated strategies that run amok in organizations. You see “marketing automation strategies”, “social media strategies”, “email strategies”, etc. There is so much bifurcated thinking that there is no way an organization can align to their buyer if this continues.

5. Summarize the approach or process of your book in a few sentences?

Demand Process. This is what the book discusses – The book is about how do you transform the culture of a marketing and sales organization so that you align People, Process, Content & Technology to that of the buyer and their buying process. This is fundamentally what the book is about.

6. What one thing would you like your readers to take away from the book to implement?

The one take away is that in order to achieve success and keep pace with today’s modern buyer, there is a need for change. We cannot keep just doing different things, we as B2B marketing and sales professionals must truly do things differently and without this change management approach we will only marginally move the needle.

7. As a young man, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I wanted to be what every son of a Cuban immigrant and an Irish mother who was raised in New York City wants to be – short–stop for the New York Yankees. However, one Mr. Derek Jeter did a fine job, so I guess I went to my second choice.

Check the book out on Amazon and let Carlos and I know what you think?

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