Weekend Reading: “Brand Seduction” by Daryl Weber

For the 157th episode of The Marketing Book Podcast, I interviewed Daryl Weber, author of Brand Seduction: How Neuroscience Can Help Marketers Build Memorable Brands.

For many marketing professionals, “science” is a four-letter word. They see brand-building as an unteachable art guided by their intuition and experience. But at its core, marketing aims to seed ideas into people’s minds, make them feel a certain way, and, ultimately, get them to act.

In Brand Seduction, Daryl reveals the latest psychological and neuroscientific discoveries about how our minds process brand information and make decisions, and the important roles our emotions and unconscious play in our selections.

Highlights include the surprising unconscious side of brands, the biggest myths about consumer psychology and the real role of emotions in building brands.

From the book’s conclusion…

My goal with this book was to bring out a new understanding of, and appreciation for, how brands live in the brain. I hope you’ve gained a new perspective on the amazing ways in which our brains work, how our conscious experiences are often misleading, and how we are not as rational or even as conscious as we think. I hope you’ll now see brands in this new light and realize just how much power brands have lying beneath their conscious surface.

A bit more about the book…

Douglas Burdett

Douglas Burdett is the Principal of Artillery, a B2B marketing agency and is host of The Marketing Book Podcast. He is a former artillery officer, Madison Avenue ad man and stand-up comedian.