7 Surprising Things You Have Never Thought About Content Marketing

Content Marketing is the king, you are probably tired of hearing it. But this is the truth for sure as most of the visitors of your website or blog certainly ended up there after looking for some kind of information. Meaning you will have to keep spending most of your time trying to get it right, so you can increase your traffic and make more conversions.

But, like anything regarding the internet, there is a lot of misconceptions being believed as the right thing to do. On the other hand, while you invest your energy trying and testing each one of them, you might be missing what really matters, such as these 7 things about content marketing that we have listed below to you.

1. You don’t have to write anything to have great content

 You have to create new content so you can attract people to your website or blog, right? Wrong. Content marketing isn’t only about writing posts and articles, but also about comments and shares.

So, if you manage to make sure that you never infringe any copyright, feel free to share content written by other people on your website by asking for their permission – so you both benefit from the traffic that will be created from it.

You can also comment in forums, and on social media networks that your target audience is more likely to access, and post a link to your website right there.

2. Content Marketing isn’t a new thing

Content Marketing isn’t something recently created with the explosion of blogs and social media networks. Actually, content marketing was invented long before the advent of the internet, being a completely offline marketing strategy by nature.

So every time that you read an in-house or advertising paper publication in the past, you were dealing with content marketing, as you might have come to realize at this stage. The oldest of this kind that we have information about is The Furrow Magazine, created in 1885 by John Deere to educate farmers on how to use technology to improve their farming practices.

And that’s why content works so well in phygital marketing.

3. Content Marketing has to be done 24/7

This is truth, unfortunately. Especially when you are sharing your content on social media (and you probably is), content marketing becomes a task that needs to be constantly supervised even during late hours and over weekends.

And this is because you don’t want to have a negative comment growing legs while you are not looking – remember that your website is accessible from any part of the world. Meaning that you have no idea of when someone will be reading your post.

Of course, nobody is suggesting you to stop sleeping altogether. But be aware that this isn’t a Monday to Friday 9-5 kind of work, and that you might need some help monitoring your traffic.

4. You need a strategy to make it work

If you thought that you could just start writing and do more writing after it, think it again. Before start writing your first post, you will need to think and decide what your content marketing strategy will be. It involves defining a few things, from your target audience to your message and added value.

When you don’t know who you are trying to attract to your site, and their expectations, you are less likely to succeed. And if you are unsure about what message you want that they take with them, and the added value of your product or services, you will have fewer chances to turn your traffic into conversions.

5. Your content doesn’t need to be a breakthrough

 So you are concerned that you are not that smart neither an expert in the topic that you would like to write about, then you just give up on content marketing altogether. If you are in this situation, you should know that you are completely wrong.

Bear in mind that you only need to deliver expert-level content if you are writing to an expert-level audience. Otherwise, just make it the best that you can, and you should be fine. Invest in your research, and compensate your lack of knowledge with interviews, for instance.

As you probably know, most of the information that people search online is very basic – when they want something deeper, they search for academic papers, not for blog posts. So rest assure that if you know your product and understand your industry, you will be able to create some valuable content.

6. More content isn’t the only way

Some people still think that they need to have hundreds and hundreds of posts available, so they can demonstrate authority to their audience. But this isn’t true. Quantity isn’t the point at all here, especially because nobody is going to stop to count how many posts you have on your blog.

Most of the time, you only need around 100 posts to get Google’s attention and to ensure that your visitors will find your blog reliable. And, at the end of the day, you only need that one post becomes viral to bring awareness to your brand and increase your sales.

7. Longer posts are shared more often

Yes, online readers have the attention span of a goldfish, but statistics say that the longer posts are those who get the most shares. Actually, the ideal number seems to be 2,400 words, something that you probably have thought that is far too much.

Of course, what matters here is to ensure that those almost 2,500 words are consistent and relevant. Otherwise, people will stop reading at the very first lines as usual.

To sum up

There are a few things that you need to be aware while creating content. You will have to start from the very beginning, writing a strategy down, and getting yourself ready for making of it a full-time job.

On the other hand, you can achieve great things by sharing and commenting on other people’s websites and blogs. You will also need to be aware that you won’t need to have tons of content on your website, neither they need to be as good as a broadsheet article.

What really matters here is that you understand that content marketing is a proven way to make any online business work, so you should take it seriously. So keep yourself updated and with an open mind, so you can find out things that very few or nobody is considering about and stand out from the crowd.