Three Phases of High-Performance Campaign Creation

While creating quality campaigns at scale may seem a daunting task, it is important to follow best practices to create quality, targeted campaigns that will capture your audience’s attention, provide them with the information they are looking for, and drive them into the pipeline.

To help you on your way, here are the three phases of a successful, optimized campaign launch:


Gathering the data points before you begin will ensure your marketing campaigns will tie in with overall marketing strategy and accurately reflect your messaging.

  • Determine which themes you are going to tackle in conjunction with your “big picture” marketing plan. Select long-tail keywords to target and set a campaign launch timeline.
  • Create or choose call-to-actions (CTAs) to feature that relate to the keyword. Review the Content Marketing ROI Checklist to make sure your content is on point.
  • Familiarize yourself with campaign and SEO best practices that will affect the search engine rankings of your finish product.


Gather your wordsmiths and get ready for launch! Depending on which marketing automation tool you are using, determine how many campaigns you will launch. Using a Top of Funnel tool like Captora will allow you to scale your optimized campaign deployments – doubling, or even tripling, campaigns without extra time or resources. Make sure your template includes the following features to make the launch workflow as simple as possible:

Since many hands make light work, you’ll probably have several team members helping create campaigns. Make sure your writers are following these best practices:

  • Do not overload with text. You don’t want to overload your visitors with copy. Make sure that your content asset description is short and to the point.
  • Use bullet points. Using bullet points or a numbered list draws the eye and is a great way to succinctly lay out all of tips and strategies that your reader will learn by reading or watching your content asset.
  • Pay attention to SPAM scores. Repetitive content, or text that is chock-full of buzzwords will rank high in SPAM filters and lower your ranking in search engines. Don’t zone out and lean too heavily on your copy and paste buttons, since it won’t do any good to save time if prospects cannot find your pages.
  • Include a form. Make sure there is an area for a lead to fill out a form that is connected with your marketing automation tool. The best practice here is to err on the side of a short form with only the necessary fields for a lead to fill out.
  • Always have a strong CTA. A strong call-to-action is very important when it comes to campaign effectiveness. Make sure that your reader knows exactly what to do—don’t overcomplicate your page by asking them to do too many things.


Once your campaigns are launched, pat yourself on the back! However, the work isn’t done yet.


  • What metrics should you watch to make sure your campaigns are maximizing conversions?
  • SPAM scores. Algorithms change all the time. How are your pages ranking with search engines?
  • Number of visits. How many visitors do your pages get? Are the keywords drawing interest?
  • Number of conversions. The ultimate goal of marketing campaigns to drive leads into the pipeline. What’s your conversion rate?

With this data in mind, the optimization process can begin! Check:

  • CTAs. Conversion rates will tell you if your CTA is relevant to your audience.
  • Keywords. See which keywords are performing better than others. This insight should influence your content strategy since it tells you specifically what your audience wants to know.
  • Forms. Collaborate with your Sales team on this one. Look at what information you ask leads to provide and A/B test to see if asking for more/less information changes conversion rates.

Top of Funnel marketing tools like Captora streamline all three phases of the campaign launch process, allowing you to launch marketing campaigns at scale, and use the data to optimize and influence your campaigns and content strategy to accelerate pipeline growth.

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