Content Marketing: Your Solution Is Solving Your Customers’ Problems

By on July 8th, 2020
content marketing thought leadership solves problems

I can’t say it enough. Successful content marketing is all about solving your customers’ problems. And that requires a culture shift inside businesses. We need to think of content marketing as our solution, more than our products. Because when you show customers how to face their challenges and come out victorious on the other side, it builds trust. Your expertise, not your products and services, positions you as an authority…

Publishing Blogs Articles Isn’t Enough – It Needs to Be the Right Content

By on July 7th, 2020
Publish the right content with blog articles

You’ve read all the advice. You’ve started a corporate blog or a branded content hub. Then you published a ton of articles that run the gamut from your company’s response to the news story du jour to how your new gadget works. Then – crickets. It might be tough hearing it – but just publishing blog articles isn’t enough. You need to publish more of the kind of high quality…

Your Complete LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

By on July 6th, 2020
LinkedIn B2b marketing strategy success tips

LinkedIn is undoubtedly one of the best social platforms for B2B marketing. With 675 million monthly users and 30 million companies active on the platform, it lends itself well to promoting business services, networking, building an audience, and content marketing. Just like any other social network, you need to have a good strategy in place to succeed with LinkedIn marketing. Likewise, as an enterprise, your strategy will need to be…

The Ultimate Guide To A Content Marketing Strategy That Delivers ROI

By on July 1st, 2020
ultimate guide to content marketing roi

Content marketing, when you peel away all the layers of techniques, trends, and possibilities, is a business opportunity. At its core, it’s a tool businesses can use for growth. Content marketing is the kind of marketing that delivers ROI you can measure. And that's important - now more than ever. Unlike other methods of marketing, content marketing stands out because it is completely sustainable. It funds itself. And then some.…

Q&A with Michael Brenner: Content Recovery and Virtual Event Strategies in a COVID-19 Era

By on July 1st, 2020

We recently sat down with Michael Brenner, CEO of Marketing Insider Group, for a Q&A around COVID-19 and its impact on the marketing industry. Brenner discussed where teams should be allocating resources, how content programs should be shifting and ways the pandemic has impacted event strategies for brands. As the industry landscape changes daily, what is the #1 area that you feel marketers should be agile in? One of the…

10 Secrets To Help You Succeed In B2B Content Marketing

By on June 30th, 2020

As a business, you’re always looking for ways to sell your products or services. Content marketing is a great way to do so: When you generate informative, useful, and interesting content for your audience, you can also directly or indirectly sell your products or services to them. Doing so will not only help sell the product but also work toward establishing a better relationship with vendors, partners, and clients. Content…

The Tidal Wave Technique to Increasing Your Blog Traffic [Ultimate Guide]

By on June 30th, 2020
Tidal Wave Technique For Content Marketing

Surf's up. But are you ready to ride the wave? Many marketers struggle to attract more visitors to their website that are relevant and engaged. But we've found a new way to tap into the powerful forces of human nature. Turns out, going with the flow is easier and more effective. There are some effective techniques you can use to increase blog traffic. There’s The Skyscraper Technique. There’s E-A-T. There’s…

How to Find a Content Marketing Agency to Seriously Grow Your Business

By on June 24th, 2020

Every week I speak to a few startup founders, B2B marketers, consumer brands, even other marketing agencies who are struggling to break through in this crazy and noisy world. And they are all looking to find a Content Marketing Agency to help them grow their business. That's why content marketing agencies are thriving right now and ad agencies...not so much. Why? Because they know that Content Marketing has the power…

Why SaaS Businesses Need To Get Branding & Content Right

By on June 24th, 2020
saas content marketing

Today’s SaaS businesses must learn how to get ahead in an increasingly competitive market. There are currently over 10,000 private SaaS companies, and the average startup spends 92% of its first-year revenue on customer acquisition. So, it’s vital that SaaS companies have a strong branding and content marketing strategy in place to stand out from the competition. Marketing SaaS products can be more challenging than marketing a traditional software product. Brand…

Your Guide to a Smart B2B Website Strategy in 2020

By on June 23rd, 2020
web strategy is important

Just like digital marketing, web design has its own trends to follow if you want to stay current. But a successful web strategy doesn’t end at your website. The discussion can take many different forms and include topics ranging from navigation to user experience to ongoing content creation. Right now, since your customers likely can’t meet with you in person, your web strategy, which includes your website and your online…