The Top 200 Content Marketing Brands And Influencers

One of the biggest questions buyers ask in their online journey from awareness, to consideration, to selection is “who is influential?” on the topic.

It is human nature to look for validation, expert advice and insights from those who understand a topic and seem to know what they are talking about. This is true in just about any major decision, including who we buy from.

Is Influence Important?

While there is a ton of healthy debate about online influence and the companies that measure it, I think it’s important to understand how to gain influence and authority and learn from those who have achieved it.

Sorry, no magic bullets or huge secrets there. The trick is mainly to just create decent content on a consistent basis and frequently share on a few social networks.

One of the many business objectives that content marketing can help you achieve is gaining your fair share of the conversation happening online about your topic.

One way to gain influence is to create lists of influencers!

The Top 200 Content Marketing Brands and Influencers

In November, Onalytica updated their initial list with the Top 200 content marketing brands and influencers in what they call the “content marketing debate.” And just last week, they updated the list again for the Top 100 Brands and Top 100 Influencers in Content Marketing showing the interaction between the top brands and the top influencers in content marketing.

Onalytica mentions that the volume of content marketing discussions on Twitter has more than tripled in the last year.

They also provide a handy Disclaimer:

Disclaimer: As ever with these lists, it must be stressed that the ranking below is by no means a definitive measurement of influence, as there is no such thing. The people listed below are undoubtedly influential when it comes to driving discussion within the context of content marketing.

The PageRank based methodology we use to extract influencers on a particular topic (tweets mentioning #contentmarketing in this case) takes into account the number and quality of contextual references that a user receives. These calculations are independent of a user’s number of followers, but we do filter our lists based on how much a user is engaged in the conversation and the influence they drive through their networks.

I am truly honored to be on this list of influencers with good friends like Gerry Moran, Joe Pulizzi, Ann Handley, Jay Baer, Lee Odden, Mark Schaefer, Heidi Cohen, Rebecca Lieb, Carla Johnson, Robert Rose, Bryan Kramer, Jay Acunzo, Carlos Abler, Luke Kintigh, Chad Pollitt, Andy Crestodina, Pawan Deshpande, Ian Cleary, Michele Linn, Peter Loibl, Marcus Sheridan, Doug Kessler, Jason Miller, Drew Davis, Ardath Albee, and many more.

I am also thrilled to see @NewsCred make the #3 spot for brands along with powerhouses @CMIContent and @Hubspot.

On the brand list, there’s a really interesting combination of technology providers, media brands, associations and agencies. Which could be helpful when thinking about what events, publications and partnerships you might be considering.

The Top 50 Content Marketing Influencers:

Rank Twitter Handle Name PageRank
1@jeffbullasJeff Bullas100
2@BrennerMichaelMichael Brenner43.56
3@GerryMoranGerry Moran32.09
4@GlenGilmoreGlen Gilmore #SocBiz13.08
5@JoePulizziJoe Pulizzi41.55
6@leeoddenLee Odden16.63
7@markwschaeferMark Schaefer10.58
8@FX_DigitalSteve Cartwright26.12
9@ryandeissRyan Deiss22.64
10@JuntaeDeLaneJuntae DeLane22.3
11@jaybaerJay Baer21.1
12@TPLDrewAndrew Davis5.59
14@TheSalesLionMarcus Sheridan14.49
15@TedRubinTed Rubin4.75
16@dougkesslerDoug Kessler12.39
17@lieblinkRebecca Lieb12.35
18@MarketingProfsAnn Handley11.98
19@ArnieKArnie Kuenn11.6
20@CarlaJohnsonCarla Johnson11.27
21@ashishkheraAshish Khera11.06
22@dshiaoDennis Shiao10.62
23@garrett_moonGarrett Moon9.81
24@JasonMillerCAJason A Miller9.29
25@stonetempleEric Enge7.48
26@FeldmanCreativeBarry Feldman7.47
27@ContentDuncanDuncan Milne7.34
28@bryankramerBryan Kramer7.15
29@FollowJamesJames Reynolds6.77
30@BrianHonigmanBrian Honigman6.66
31@scottabelScott Abel6.6
32@richiekawamotoRichie Kawamoto6.52
33@setlingerSusan Etlinger6.43
34@chrisduckerChris Ducker5.32
35@pushingsocialStanford Smith5.25
36@SFerikaErika Heald5.12
37@BrettRelanderBrett Relander5.08
38@IanClearyIan Cleary5.07
39@klauseckKlaus Eck4.72
40@Max_AzarovMax Azarov4.72
41@kcclaveriaKelvin (KC) Claveria4.61
42@RyanHanley_ComRyan Hanley4.56
43@martinjonesazMartin Jones4.51
44@michaelgerardMichael Gerard4.49
45@djthewriterDominique J.4.38
46@rahulag80Rahul Agarwal4.34
47@johnleedumasJohn Lee Dumas4.3
48@DholakiyaPratikPratik Dholakiya4.3
49@kimgarstKim Garst ツ4.28
50@jasonburrowsJason Burrows4.28

The Top 50 Content Marketing Brands:

 Rank Twitter Handle Name PageRank
1@CMIContentContent Marketing100
7@socialmedia2daySocial Media Today17
13@CoScheduleCoSchedule App11.28
14@MarketinglandMarketing Land11.19
20@convinceConvince & Convert8.7
37@InboundorgInbound Dot Org4.91
38@SmartInsightsSmart Insights4.9
41@DigitalMktrDigital Marketer4.54
43@OracleMktgCloudMarketing Cloud4.34
44@TriangleAMATriangle AMA4.28
45@ContentCouncilThe Content Council4.1
47@DNNCorpDNN Corp.3.81
49@LinkedInMktgLinkedIn Marketing3.76
50@VerticalMeasureVertical Measures3.64

You can also download the full list of top 200 content marketing brands and influencers.

How Do You Become More Influential?

Here are 10 tips to becoming more influential in your own niche:

  1. Create interesting content.
  2. Share interesting content.
  3. Make it easy to share your content.
  4. Become a source of helpful insights for the audience you have.
  5. Seek to grow the audience you  have.
  6. Engage with people on a few social channels. Comment. Ask and answer questions.
  7. Only “like” stuff you like. Don’t troll others with too many likes or comments.
  8. Identify and engage with the influencers around your topics of interest.
  9. Look at what kind of content creates a social reaction (likes, shares, comments)
  10. Commit to actively engage on social networks. Make a commitment and stick to it.

How Do You Find The Time For Creating And Sharing Content?

We make time for what’s important. So if you think it’s important, make the commitment. Here are my top three tips for finding the time.

  • Make a small but daily time commitment. You have to find the time to make small “investments” in creating and sharing content each and every day. Tweet once a day. Blog once a week. Do whatever works for you and be realistic. But it’s amazing what happens after a year. You’ll have sent hundreds of tweets, created dozens of blog posts, connected with lots of great people and learned more than you would have ever imagined.
  • Build your content and your audience based on your passion. Write about and share what interests you and you will attract an audience of like-minded people. They will inspire you with questions and theories and unique points of view that will spawn completely new thoughts of your own. This in turn becomes the “idea factory” you need to consistently generate lots of great share-worthy content.
  • Help others. Give-to-get (G2G), “pay it forward,” whatever you want to call it, the bottom line is that “karma” works in the social world. Share the work of people you admire and they will take a second look at your own work. Over time, you will become an authority yourself.

How Do You Find Your Online Influencers?

Onalytica has given me exclusive access to a new tool they are offering. According to Onalytica’s Arthur Hilhorst, the tool matches the words in your content “against an aggregate of what an influencer has posted on Twitter over the past 12 months to return the most relevant influencers.” Arthur believes that this will point to more relevant influencers than simple keyword searching across social media listening tools.

You can try it for free right here. Just upload any piece of content, sit back, and then see a list of your top influencers.

Are you interested in engaging and converting new customer for your business? Contact me here and let’s talk about how we can help.

Note: This post was originally published in November, 2014 and was updated July, 2015.

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    1. Thanks Reginald, so glad you liked it. Yes, Jeff is a content machine and always full of great advice and helpful information. Now hopefully you have a bigger and more diverse list of people and brands to follow.

  2. Content is King! Learn, Share, and Help others by providing your insight to help marketers grow their business.

  3. Hi Michael! Great list! Thanks for posting!

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    1. Hi Fernando, I’m not sure but these automated lists always have some gaps. While you may rank someone as being influential, an algorithm likely isn’t processing the same information you are, in the same way. And certainly not in the same context.

      The way I look at it: this is the way algorithms identify influence. For better or worse.

  4. Fantastic list Michael, I knew some already but have found some great new tweeps to follow thanks to your very useful list! Thank you for sharing!

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