Ways To Fuse Social Media With Print Media

Creating a publicity campaign could never be easier now thanks to social media. Gone are the days of printing out thousands, if not millions, of flyers. No more buying up space in your local newspaper and plastering your logo on billboards. Digital marketing can spread your brand to users all over the globe. Or can it?

Let’s be honest about something. Even though pop-up ads have become less of a nuisance, you still don’t dare turn off your ad-blocker. You may be a small business promoting your brand online, but every click you get is a glittering buoy in a sea of apathy. Perhaps digital advertising could learn a thing or two from print ads.

Different marketing styles need to stick together when the going gets rough. So, here are ways print and social media can integrate for a better yield.

Business Cards

Whether you’re a freelance artist or a realtor in North Carolina, business cards are as professional as a LinkedIn page. Cards are great for handing out at events or meetings. In addition to your occupation and company, be sure to include social media and website addresses. A sleek, eye catching design goes a long way, too.


In 2016, catalog mailings were still sent 9.8 billion times despite the presence of online retail. This is because catalogs keep the buyer immersed in a brand while away from a computer.

Make catalogs available upon request to returning customers and new ones. Treat your catalog like a specialized magazine that showcases your products to prospective buyers. Sweeten the deal for them by adding exclusive coupon codes and giveaways that can be redeemed by mail-in or online.


Remember those PBS telethons where you donate money to support their programming and get a free tote bag? Crowdfunding is like that, but better.

Crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and Patreon are social media platforms that connect producers with their consumer base. They provide a clubhouse aesthetic wherein patrons commit a subscription fee to the supplier. In return, they get bonus rewards on top of new and improved product. These rewards vary based on the amount. They can be personalized mailings of postcards, artwork, t-shirts, or any other published materials.

QR Codes

Originally developed for Japanese car manufacturers, QR (for “Quick Response”) Codes are machine readable labels. They can take the hassle out of looking up a company’s business directory listing by whisking the user straight to their website.

QR codes are showing up on everything. They’re found on supermarket displays, on packaging, and, yes, even business cards. The main reason these codes are so handy is because they bridge the gap between print ads and web content. It works exceptionally well if your business is making visual media. Just one glance from your iPhone’s camera sends you to a YouTube page featuring a video of your product. Have an app you want to sell? A code can also be linked to a direct download page. Best of all, there are online services that let you make your own custom QRs for free.


Digital content is beloved because it is easy to produce, syndicate, pivot, measure and demonstrate ROI. But in a world where businesses are limiting access to some digital content for fear of cyber attack and security vulnerabilities, the idea of evolving print advertising to include features like augmented reality or other digital enhancements (such as Google’s mobile first initiative) might become an attractive option.

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