5 Bulletproof Tips and Tricks for Sales and Marketing

Every time when you finally go into buying something, you want to end it up not with the value-priced product, you want to go with something wish-list product with all whistles and bells.

Each marketer asks himself how to better work with sales and marketing. Sometimes the best way to achieve good results is to be open-minded and flexible and try something new. Here are five effective tips and tricks you should try out. If you get these tips in your arsenal, I would recommend you to brush up your skills.

  1. Use the power of customer reviews

Everyone knows how important is use the power of customer reviews. Based on the SEL research, 88% of clients trust online reviews and personal recommendations. If you know people who have already enjoyed your services or product, you can kindly ask them to get reviews from them.

You’ve noticed that most buyers on Amazon and eBay like to leave feedbacks about their purchases. It is good practice to focus on the importance of seller performance. No matter customers provide positive, negative or neutral comments, you can increase your brand credibility and rank your products in the top positions.


ebaySome companies like Sleep Junkie create a list of reviews where they compare different brands and put their own product into perspective. This is a specifically good tactic when you launch a new product.

sleepjunkieClient reviews help you boost your traffic and visibility. Make sure that services and products with ratings can sell up to 200% products than products without any ratings.  Focus on the optimization of your purchase tunnel that will generate more sales on your website.

Publishing customer reviews can give you detailed insight what makes your clients satisfied and what makes them upset. It will give you an option to find possible solutions to their problems and provide excellent customer service.

  1. Leave clear actions

You don’t need to speak in generalities. The goal is to increase sales and improve your marketing strategies. It is important to let people know about clear actions they should do before taking the buying decision. Using a right call-to-action can guide clients to perform a target task and build certain promises. Make sure that promises provide with more effective efforts and keep your business inside the sales organization.

To get readers’ attention, actionable verbs and phrases sound stronger than others and make readers to take an action. For example, SE Ranking demonstrates the following ideas:

serankingClarity for calls to action is very crucial. People should clearly understand what they should do and how it will be useful for them. Use simple language and avoid confusing works for writing a call to action. Adding the sense of urgency and time limitation will reinforce your calls to action and build a feeling of importance.


nescafeYou know that a good practice can make wonders. When you become familiar with this process, you will perform awesome call to action ideas.

  1. Offer sales and discounts

Discounts and multiple sales can be a significant way to drive sales and convert buyers into qualified leads. There are lots of different ways to offer sales and discounts, many companies offer at the end of a month to boost revenues.

Amazon has special product categories under the name “Hot Deals”, “Coupon Deals” and “Upcoming Lightning Deals” that can generate a large amount of traffic. This approach guarantees better exposure of your products on the page, allows users view all offers and deals at once and encourages them to buy products at half price.

amazon couponTo get more sales and promote your deals to customers, you can focus on building an extensive email list to deliver your discounts and offers on time. You will get the chance to increase conversions and market your products in the future.

DODOcase_SubscribeIf you are going to constantly use discounts and sales, you won’t reach business goals. Every online business should keep in mind a clear goal about your brand and some experiments to build customer loyalty and boost revenues.

  1. Provide something free

As you know people love free things. If you have inexpensive products of cheap quality and you are sure that they are not worth good money, you can offer this item as a bonus freebie. Selling expensive and luxury goods, there is a sense to offer a free shipping because of a higher quality and the desire to pay more for this item.



It may seem kind of weird, but when people view something free or discounted, even of a low quality, people still want to get this item because it costs them nothing. Over time people get confused about the quality and they decide to look for other items to find value. For example, if people buy a luxury car, they think like the “free” GPS of high quality as well. But they are mistaken in believing.

  1. Use social media

Good design, a wide range of items, web navigation, all these things are great. But without interesting stories, videos and images you can’t reach a significant effect. Focus on quality over volume and find right social media channels to share your content with customers.

social mediaYou also need to be involved while promoting your content in social media. Your goal is share something useful and interesting with your followers to increase your sales. Find a few minutes to learn and understand your audience, what they are interested in and who consumes your content.

No matter what marketing and sales tips you decide to pursue, you should be always committed to continue what you start. Only the propulsion can help you achieve great results.