In Search of the Perfect Writing Process [Podcast]

What is your writing process?

Like cats on catnip, us content marketers just can’t resist when someone answers that question. We positively obsess over each others’ writing processes, and the more known the marketer, the more we swoon and purr.

Ann Handley writes in a tiny house in her backyard? TO HOME DEPOT, TEAM!

Seth Godin shaves his head ’til you can SEE the brilliance? HONEY! CAN YOU GET THE BACK OF MY HEAD PLEASE?

Process. It’s like the skeleton key to our creativity. If we can just possess the right one, the BEST one, we’ll unlock all kinds of amazing work.

Today, we go exploring deep into this topic, and we question just how addicting this content-nip really is.

It’s Unthinkable.

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