2019 Predictions: CMOs Look to Prioritize the Customer Experience to Regain Trust, Authenticity and Relevancy

With 2019 just around the corner, every marketer is looking to forecast trends and opportunities to stay creative and ahead of competitors.

PAN Communications sought out the full spectrum of predictions from our clients and top influencers in the industry. Marketers are catching on to technology’s role within marketing – but this comes with a few detriments.

Now is the time to focus on the customer experience and the journey they take with brands. Brands are asking the question, “How can we stay relatable and personable with our customers?”

Authenticity will play a key factor here as marketers continue to realize this builds trust with their customers and target audiences.

As marketers and CMOs look to regain credibility next year, other challenges will likely come into play as mentioned above – understanding your customer, the role of your martech stack, proving ROI, prioritizing brand awareness, marketing and business alignment.

Ideas and innovation will be the ticket to overcoming these challenges.

Are you ready to challenge the status quo next year?

See the full infographic here.

Mark Nardone (@MarkCNardone) is Executive Vice President at PAN Communications (@PANcomm), an integrated marketing and PR agency driving communications strategy for companies in the B2B technology and healthcare industries. He oversees the firm’s strategic focus across business development and brand marketing efforts.

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