Why Blogging Is Dead

By on April 1st, 2023
marketing insider group shares why blogging is dead

Ah, finally… blogging is dead! It’s time to forget about SEO and give up on your target audience because today’s most innovative businesses are pulling the plug on blog content creation. Since today’s customers are so consumed by video content, there’s no need to keep churning out written blog posts. In 2022, video content reached 92% of internet users worldwide. It’s all about the TikToks baby! And, let’s be honest…

Your Guide to a Smart B2B Website Strategy

By on March 30th, 2023

You must continually adapt your website marketing strategy to stay relevant and visible to your desired clientele. For example, recent numbers show that 75% of customers judge a company’s credibility on its web design. Undoubtedly, your online marketing presence will become even more vital as the world handles more commerce digitally. The challenge lies in addressing the numerous elements of your site, including navigation, user experience, and ongoing content creation.…

How to Start and Set Up Your Company Blog for Success

By on March 29th, 2023
screen shot of the MIG new homepoage to show how to setup your company blog for success

We're currently in the midst of re-designing our website. So setting up our company blog for success is super top of mind right now.  There’s a lot that goes into launching and maintaining a successful blog — strategic content, SEO, CMS systems, social media, image selection, article promotion, and more. In this article, I want to show you how to design your company blog for success. Why? Because websites with…

Brand Storytelling Lessons from The Most Binge-worthy Shows

By on March 29th, 2023
ted lasso showing storytelling lessons

If you’re a TV watcher, you know great stories — ones that hook us from the start and keep us watching until one, two, or (oops) five episodes have gone by without even noticing. Did you know that brand storytelling can have the same effect? When brands use content marketing to tell compelling stories, they can make us forget that it’s marketing at all. Instead, what we see and feel…

Blog Posts We’re Tired of Seeing in 2023

By on March 28th, 2023
template image with tired man for marketing insider group’s article on blog posts we’re tired of seeing in 2023

We hate to complain, but there’s just too many blog posts we’re tired of seeing in 2023. As content marketing experts, we know what kind of articles drive traffic to and from your website. It breaks our hearts to see your marketing efforts go to waste with content that isn’t optimized for conversion. If you’re taking time or spending money to create content, you might as well make it worth…

The Insider Guide to Choosing a SaaS Marketing Agency

By on March 28th, 2023
template image with monkey in a sweater thinking about choosing a saas marketing agency

If you’re running a growing SaaS company, you’ve probably found yourself wondering, “Do I really need a SaaS marketing agency? You’ve already gotten so far without outsourcing an expert, and keeping your marketing efforts in-house has to be more effective and less expensive – right? Not necessarily. Even if your business is already successful, a marketing specialist can take your company’s ROI to the next level. If you’re busy growing…

How to Grow Your Small Business with Data: 4 Practical Tips

By on March 28th, 2023

It doesn’t matter if you’re a new company looking for a strong start or a town staple looking to break bad habits, you can always improve and grow your small business. For some, that might mean entering new markets. For others, it may mean creating deeper engagements with existing customers. Throughout this guide, we’ll look at four effective ways to use data to improve your small business practices to increase…

Why AI is Not Taking Over Content Marketing

By on March 27th, 2023
a robit hand about to touch a human hand to show that AI and content marketing can work together

AI and content marketing — if you’ve logged into Twitter in the past year, you know it’s all the digital marketing world can talk about. Every day, thread after thread is tweeted to tell us why ChatGPT is the future of content and how it’s going to replace the human writer altogether. So I did what I normally do when it seems like the world has gone a little crazy.…

6 Content Marketing Lessons from Classic 90s Sitcoms

By on March 22nd, 2023
90210 cast

Ah, the ‘90s. The last decade before everyone began to have a cell phone in hand. A time just before technology really took over. Life was a little slower (and some would argue less stressful) without social media feeds to scroll every time we were just a little bit bored. And in the absence of new tweets and TikTok trends to keep up with all the time, we turned elsewhere…

11 TED Talks Every Content Marketer Needs to Watch

By on March 21st, 2023
marketing insider group shares 11 content marketing TED talks

There’s nothing like one of the best content marketing TED talks to inspire a new perspective. At Marketing Insider Group, we love learning from the industry’s thought leaders to keep our own marketing efforts both innovative and effective. A nd what better way to inspire our readers to do the same than to share some of the best content marketing TED talks ever given? Whether you’re in a content marketing…