4 Secrets of Webinar Marketing that Drive Revenue

By on May 31st, 2023
Man in a suit from the waist up and pajams from the waist down, hosting a successful webinar after implementing these four secrets

Picture this: your team is in a meeting discussing new ways to highlight your business’s value position and drive more leads. Someone experiences that “Aha!” moment and suggests webinar marketing. Webinars are an excellent way to inform, engage, and sell your brand to your audience. In fact, 73% of B2B marketers say webinars are the best way to generate quality leads and extend brand awareness. While that all sounds great,…

11 Customer Journey Mapping Tools for B2B Marketers

By on May 31st, 2023
confused tourist looking for customer journey mapping tools

Odds are you already know how important it is to attract and retain customers. But do you know how direct the relationship is between understanding your customers’ needs and maximizing the results of your marketing efforts? Luckily, with the right customer journey mapping tools, you can create a specialized experience for your audience that not only improves satisfaction, but also creates opportunities for growth. Customer journey mapping tools can range…

9 Proven Practices for Increasing Organic Website Traffic

By on May 31st, 2023

In modern B2B marketing, a vibrant, engaging website isn’t just a bonus, it’s a necessity. A great website drives customer engagement, builds brand credibility, and can help foster a community around your products or services. But these benefits only come to light when your audience can easily find you in the crowded digital marketplace. And while paid ads and promotional partnerships are great ways to gain traction, organic website traffic…

Can Small Businesses (Really) Use AI for Marketing?

By on May 30th, 2023
pensive man wearing glasses thinking about ai for small business marketing

Are you tired of spending countless hours manually creating content, following up with leads, and analyzing data for your small business marketing? Have you thought about using AI for small business marketing to make your life a little easier? You’re not alone. In fact, more than 25% of small businesses are already using AI tools to support their digital marketing and automation efforts. But before you buy a ticket for…

How to Measure Your Small Business’s Marketing Success

By on May 30th, 2023
measuring small business success

Small businesses rely on outreach to stand out from the competition, raise brand awareness, and achieve sustainable growth. However, for businesses with finite resources and limited marketing experience, it can be difficult to determine the effectiveness of a campaign and make necessary improvements. In this guide, we’ll explore various methods for measuring your small business’s marketing success. Whether you run a dog training business, dance studio, or flower shop, these…

8 Advanced Google Search Tips To Optimize Your Web and Content Marketing

By on May 24th, 2023

No matter what tools you have, you probably do a lot of your marketing research on good old Google. The search engine giant stomps the competition with over 90% of the market share, while the closest challenger barely gets 3%. As a result, combing for data on its billions of pages can be harder than finding a needle in the proverbial haystack. That’s the reason you need advanced Google search…

Why Google Magi Will Force You to Rethink Search

By on May 24th, 2023
humanoid robot pointing and thinking about new Google Magi developments

For the last 25 years, Google has ruled the digital space, guiding our searches and shaping our online experiences. So, we can only imagine how shocked Google employees were when they learned that Samsung, a powerhouse of consumer electronics, considered swapping Google as their devices’ default search engine for Microsoft’s Bing. Bing, once considered a smaller player in the search engine game, has been quietly integrating advanced AI technology into…

The Complete Guide to Fintech Content Marketing

By on May 22nd, 2023
photo shows chimpanzee in business clothes working on fintech content marketing

The financial technology market is in a golden-age, a renaissance if you will. It’s the 21st century and everyone wants in on the next big advancement in tech. But just like every other industry, the key to business growth lies in content marketing. If you aren’t effectively using content marketing - check out this graphic from Codefuel.com. Some studies suggest digital ad spending will soar to $242.80 billion by 2024.…

111 ChatGPT Prompts to Level Up Your Digital Marketing

By on May 22nd, 2023
AI robot whispering effective chatGPT prompts for digital marketing to business man

If we weren’t testing out the best ChatGPT prompts for digital marketing, could we really call ourselves digital marketing experts in 2023? With a good bit of trial and error, we’re pretty sure we’ve mastered the language model and its preferences. More specifically, we understand the importance of crafting effective ChatGPT prompts for digital marketing to receive a well-rounded, quality response. Today, we’re saving you the guesswork so you can…

7 Digital Marketing Examples To Inspire Your Campaigns

By on May 17th, 2023
Companies speak loud and proud to their target audiences by imitating the best digital marketing examples

Marketing used to be easy. You could throw a sign up in the yard, call up the newspaper for an ad, and print up some flyers to pretty much knock out a complete strategy. The remarkable convenience of digital communication means that you have to worry about evolving methods of self-promotion more than ever. If you want to know what works best, you should look to successful digital marketing examples.…

The Antidote to AI Taking Over SEO: Publish More Content?

By on May 16th, 2023
Man in a hazmat Suit holding the antidote to ai taking over SEO

Well folks, sharpen your pitchforks and abandon the marketing strategy we’ve been swearing by for 10+ years because industry influencers have delivered a shocking exposé: AI is taking over Marketing. Yeah, right… Image Source: Giphy Is it just us, or does this feel like a classic game of “telephone”? A few whispers of crazy AI claims and the entire marketing community is up in flames! We think we are at…

B2B Digital Marketing: The Only Guide You’ll Ever Need

By on May 15th, 2023
photo shows happy tour guide woman standing and pointing as she gives tips on b2b digital marketing

If you're a business owner, marketing professional, or digital enthusiast, you already know how important it is to perfect your B2B digital marketing strategy. But you know what they say – nothing good comes easy. Navigating the complex landscape of B2B marketing and creating a strategy that generates results can be tricky, especially with today's ever-evolving digital technologies and trends. But why is digital marketing so important? B2B marketing may…

6 Ways Nonprofits Can Grow With Content Marketing

By on May 11th, 2023

Nonprofits may have different goals than traditional brands, but when it comes to content marketing their objectives aren’t as different as you might think. In fact, nonprofit content marketing drives revenue, brand visibility, and engagement much like it does in the for-profit world. While nonprofits aren’t looking to make sales, they still must communicate a need and drive their audience to act. In some ways this task is more challenging…

9 Things To Look for in a Digital Marketing Agency

By on May 10th, 2023
a man in a swimsuit holding a rubber ducky floaty searching the desert for a good digital marketing agency

Your hard work providing an excellent product or service goes to waste if no one knows about it. How can a digital marketing agency help you stand out in a crowded market? A digital marketing agency can help you gain visibility or, at a minimum, keep up with your competitors. Statistics show that most companies are increasing their marketing budget because of a demonstrable return on investment. However, you can…

How to Crush Audience Engagement in 2023

By on May 9th, 2023
photo shows hand crushing soda can and audience engagement

Let me guess – you’ve been trying to increase audience engagement for what feels like forever, but you’re just not seeing the results you had hoped for. You know that engaging your audience is no longer just “nice-to-have” –  it's critical if you want to stand out from the competition and build a loyal following. But, you feel like you’ve tried everything and just don’t know where to go next.…

What Can a Specialist Inbound Marketing Agency Do for You?

By on May 8th, 2023
image shows retro business woman thinking about hiring an inbound marketing agency

What can a specialist inbound marketing agency do for you? Let’s take a look at Intermedia, a unified communications company, as an example: Over the past 4 years, we have had the pleasure of working closely with Intermedia and helping them implement inbound marketing best practices: Creating an updated annual strategy that aligns with their business goals Publishing 2 new weekly blog posts Building a link strategy through guest posts…

A Quick Guide To Successful Growth Marketing

By on May 4th, 2023
an elephant bursting out of a small room, an illiteration of what growth marketing can do for your business

What is growth marketing? You’ve likely heard of it, but you’re not sure how to put it into practice for your business. Growth + marketing seems like a perfect match, right!? But, there’s a lot that goes into this nuanced term. You must understand some of the core components of growth marketing, as well as how to apply them effectively. When you do, new doors will open that you didn’t…

The Complete SEO Checklist for SaaS Companies

By on May 3rd, 2023

Demand for Software as a Service continues growing at a rapid pace and looks to quadruple in less than a decade. As the industry grows, SEO for SaaS is more vital than ever for companies to remain visible and competitive. The challenge is that SaaS companies live almost exclusively online and must depend more on digital marketing than enterprises with physical stores and products. As a result, a practical blueprint…

AI and Content Marketing: A Love Story or Disaster Waiting to Happen? [Webinar Recap]

By on May 3rd, 2023

It’s no secret that artificial intelligence is quickly transforming the field of content marketing and search engine optimization. While AI tools can make the content creation process more efficient and less time-consuming, businesses still need to be aware of the potential risks and pitfalls of using AI-generated content. In hopes to make the B2B world a better place, Brody Dorland, co-founder of DivvyHQ, and I hosted a webinar to discuss…

How to Use Zero-Party Data to Level Up Your Content ROI

By on May 2nd, 2023
template photo shows business team leveling up their content ROI after they chose to include zero party data

Sometimes creating content for your audience can feel like throwing spaghetti at a wall– hoping something will stick. But what if you could trade in your old approach for a strategy that’s more reliable (and a lot less messy)? Image Source: Giphy Our secret weapon for success is to include zero-party data. Savvy marketers and content creators who want to level up their ROI know that harnessing the power of…