Emerging Marketing Trends to Monitor in 2022

By on February 15th, 2022
marketing trends

If you asked 10 marketers to predict the emerging marketing trends for 2022, you’d get 10 different orders of priority. It’s equally likely that there would be at least a few trends that everyone would validate as being critical to the success of any marketing strategy. Since early 2020, so many tried-and-true marketing tactics have begun to yield unimpressive results. The seismic shifts we saw in 2020 brought permanent changes…

The Insider Guide to Choosing a SaaS Marketing Agency

By on February 14th, 2022
saas marketing agency

Do I really need a SaaS marketing agency? If you’re the founder or CEO of a growing SaaS company, you’ve probably asked yourself this question more than once. After all, you and your team have been handling marketing on your own so far and your business is successful. Surely you can keep handling it in-house and avoid the cost of hiring an agency — right? Here’s the thing: If you’re…

What Is Brand Storytelling?

By on February 14th, 2022
brand storytelling

Brand storytelling is gaining momentum in the marketing world, and with good reason. Stories are scientifically proven to get a person’s attention. In fact, stories stimulate brain activity. When we read or hear plot points our neurons start firing—and not just in the part of the brain that controls the language center. But there’s a lot of confusion around the idea of brand storytelling. It’s becoming a term that is…

Content Marketing Guidelines: Why and How to Create Them

By on February 9th, 2022
content marketing guidelines

Brands with effective content marketing have a consistent voice, tone, and personality. The quality and style of your brand’s content can become as strong of a marker of your brand as your logo for dedicated readers. However, it can be difficult to preserve these qualities if you have a growing business with many writers or a content marketing agency who does not have a full picture of your business and…

The Unwritten Rules of Email Marketing [Infographic]

By on February 8th, 2022
rules of email marketing

If you’ve been keeping track of your marketing channel return rates, you might notice that your some of your biggest ROI comes from – surprise – email marketing. Based on statistics, email is one of the main driver of leads and revenue for B2B marketers, proving to be 40% more effective than social media. These numbers only prove that email marketing is like ol' reliable when it comes to marketing…

How To Earn Quality Inbound Links with Content Marketing

By on February 8th, 2022
woman staring through a fence to show inbound links with content marketing

If you’re a digital marketer, you know that link building is like the holy grail of organic traffic, second only to publishing quality content marketing itself. But earning inbound links with content marketing can feel like an elusive goal. How do you know where to start? What are the best ways to do it? In this article, I’ll cover the basics of inbound links, why they’re important, and several specific…

10 Google Sheet Templates for SEO and Content Marketing

By on February 7th, 2022
woman with sheet to represent google sheet templates for content marketing

Using a Google sheet for content marketing planning and SEO management is one of the most effective ways you can keep your strategy on track. It’s true that there are tons of powerful technology tools out there for different content marketing needs. But Google sheets should not be underestimated among them. Google sheets provide a free, centralized, collaborative place where you can have total control over how you build your…

How to Coax Gen Z Into Your Store

By on February 7th, 2022
skeptical teenager for coaxing gen z into your store

Whenever the subject turns to Gen Z and its buying habits, just about any savvy business owner or marketer is likely to tell you the same thing. If your products or services aren’t showing up on a Gen Z-er’s smartphone, you probably aren’t showing up at all, at least as far as they are concerned. Accordingly, if you aren’t driving your marketing team crazy with the two-word mantra “mobile first,”…

What Is a Marketing Strategy?

By on February 3rd, 2022
what is a marketing strategy creative child

Let’s start with what a marketing strategy is not: hiring someone to manage your social media accounts and upload TikToks. It is also not about running banner ads no one wants or clicks on. A marketing strategy defines how a business grows through reaching, converting and retaining new customers. And a clear marketing strategy defines measurable goals, validates the business challenge your brand solves in the marketplace, and communicates the…

How to Create Compelling Content (With Riveting Examples from Boring Industries)

By on February 1st, 2022
content for boring industries

Compelling content sells. That’s great for those marketing for the so-called sexy industries like food, travel and leisure, and skydiving. For insurance brokerages, accounting firms, and plumbing repair services, getting people excited about your brand isn’t as simple. Yet, with creativity and some thinking outside-of-the-box, you can make any industry interesting, engaging, and worthy of being shared on your audience’s social media sites. What will make your visitors share your…

What Tools And Tech Should Make Up Your Martech Stack?

By on February 1st, 2022
woman with tools showing martech stack

Let’s get real. Every marketer on the planet is overwhelmed by the number and variety of marketing technology tools available today. What are the best automation platforms? How smart are your prescriptive analytics? Are you using the right technology to increase the impact of your organization’s social media campaigns? Did you know AI can already do that too? You’ve probably heard of the infamous Martech 5000 Supergraphic – which represents the thousands of marketing technology…

The Insider Guide to Hiring a Content Writing Agency

By on February 1st, 2022
content writing agency

Do you feel overwhelmed by the prospect of building a content strategy that covers all bases? Unsure about the real ROI on your current content marketing efforts? Stretched thin by the constant tasks required to keep publishing content? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re not alone — and it’s probably time to hire a content writing agency. Here’s the thing: outsourcing to a content writing agency…

How to Develop a Content Strategy (with Examples)

By on January 31st, 2022
content strategy

In today's crowded and increasingly digital marketing landscape, you need a strong content strategy in order to reach your audience. Here's why: Your content strategy is what makes your brand visible on search engines. It helps the right customers find you at the right time and provides the best possible user experience once they’re on your website. In this guide, we'll cover the specific steps you should take to develop…

How POS Systems Can Enhance Your Small Business’s Marketing

By on January 31st, 2022

Chances are that your small business has explored a variety of marketing strategies over the years. However, business owners can sometimes overlook ways to enhance their marketing that are right in front of them, such as their point of sale system. Your POS system is actually not as unorthodox a marketing tool as it might first seem. Many small businesses have experimented with their POS system and marketing endeavors to…

Top B2B Marketing Experts to Follow

By on January 30th, 2022
b2b marketing experts

What does it take to be recognized as a high-profile B2B marketing expert? Opinions vary, but most marketers agree on one important element, and it has nothing to do with followers, likes, education, or qualifications. B2B marketing experts earn their titles as influencers by sharing valuable insight with others consistently. And they share their thought leadership online and offline where other people want to listen to what they have to…

9 Best Practices for Optimizing Your Calls to Action

By on January 26th, 2022
optimize your call to action

Your calls to action, or CTAs, are arguably the most important part of your copy. Your CTAs guide users through your marketing funnel, giving them clear instructions on what to do next. They are also the key to transforming leads into valuable conversions. Because it’s so vital to get your CTAs right, you should spend some time making sure they’re optimized in terms of wording, color, positioning, and other factors.…

What Is Smart Content And How Can It Work For You?

By on January 25th, 2022
smart content

Digital marketing is a fast-paced industry and one that seems to attract lots of buzzwords. Sometimes it can feel like you’re speaking a different language when you’re talking to your content marketing agency! “Smart content” is one of those terms that has popped up in the last few years. There’s definitely a lot of excitement around its possibilities. If you’ve heard about smart content but don’t understand exactly what it…

The Only Website Launch Checklist You’ll Ever Need

By on January 25th, 2022
website launch checklist

Launching a new website is exciting, but it can also be stressful. Even seemingly small issues that occur during a launch can have big impacts. Forms that don’t work can result in lost leads. Slow loading times can create user frustration. Online consumers aren’t forgiving, either — 88% of them won’t return after a bad experience with your site. Plus, with so many moving parts involved with launching a new…

Using Buyer Intent to Drive Your Marketing Strategy

By on January 25th, 2022

Individual users and businesses are becoming increasingly dependent on the internet as a research portal. This has led to changes in the way brands market their products and services. If you’re familiar with the B2B buyer’s journey, then your business may benefit further from understanding the age-old but somehow underutilized concept of buyer intent. With a holistic understanding of buyer intent, your business can improve the lead qualification process and…

5 Content Marketing Lessons from the Fastest Growing SaaS Companies

By on January 24th, 2022
content marketing lessons

Debate raged for a long time about whether SaaS companies really needed content marketing. In 2022, that debate is dead — content is a critical piece of successful digital marketing for every SaaS brand. But SaaS solutions also have unique traits that make the one-size-fits-all approaches working for other industries more challenging for SaaS. Topics covered in SaaS content are often technical. In addition, SaaS companies are always playing a…