7 Tips for Creating Sponsorship Packages for Virtual Events

By on January 12th, 2021

Event sponsorship is one of the most effective ways of monetizing events and delivering marketing ROI. However, when it comes to virtual event sponsorship, additional considerations are needed to create packages that can be used to attract the best sponsors. Marketers need to gain a holistic view of the entire virtual event experience to identify promising opportunities. As a virtual event platform provider, we are seeing marketers introduce some top-notch…

Top 10 B2B Digital Marketing Conferences to Attend in 2021

By on January 11th, 2021
people clapping for best marketing conference 2021

In 2021, many top marketing agencies and tech companies are still hosting digital marketing conferences. Some are virtual, while others are still planning (and we are all hoping for in-person B2B digital marketing events later in 2021. With virtual events, you may think that we lose something that accompanies traveling, meeting marketing experts and peers face to face, and sitting in huge auditoriums with dynamically engaged marketing speakers. But there…

How Content Marketing Builds Trust

By on January 5th, 2021
content marketing builds trust

Data shows that audience trust is becoming increasingly important for brands. Over a third of American consumers now say that it’s vital to trust the brands they choose to buy from because they can’t afford to waste money on a bad purchase. 8 in 10 also say that trusting a brand to do the right thing is a deciding factor in their purchase decisions. Research into the most trusted brands based on social…

Executive Insights: Leveraging the Power of Webinars for Virtual Learning

By on January 5th, 2021

We have certainly all had our fair share of virtual events during the current global COVID19 pandemic. Whether it is Zoom meetings or physical events pushed on-line via webinars and virtual events, this element of digital transformation has become ubiquitous. It is easy to forget that webinars have been around for less than 25 years – the Internet and the World Wide Web created the technology and the venue for…

4 Lean and Mean Growth Marketing Strategies for Small SaaS Businesses

By on January 4th, 2021

Hitting that next level of growth is challenging for any business. SaaS (software as a service) businesses may find it even more overwhelming. Being creative and cost-effective is essential. When it comes to developing growth marketing strategies, you don’t have every resource at your disposal. You have to think lean and mean. For any SaaS company looking to accelerate growth with minimal investment, we’ve put together a list of actionable…

The Geeks Won Part Two: New Perspectives on Data Science

By on January 4th, 2021

Nearly three years ago, while working in SAP Global Marketing, I wrote a BLOG that has stood the test of time – “The Geeks Won: The Rise of Marketing Analytics, Performance Management and Data Science”. It was near the end of a long and successful run working for SAP Digital Business Services Marketing, focused upon the art and science of marketing analytics with a bit of thought leadership mixed in.…

11 Digital Marketing Trends for Growing Your Business in 2021

By on December 29th, 2020
digital marketing trends

Marketers have been forced into survival mode to keep their businesses afloat. While many of us are still reeling from the devastating effects of the pandemic, those less fortunate have shut their doors permanently. The businesses finding the most success today, despite the turbulence, are the ones willing to remain flexible, make change rapidly, and get creative. Despite the turmoil, many businesses remain optimistic heading into 2021. 73% of CMOs…

What Is Martech? How Can You Use It to Streamline Marketing?

By on December 28th, 2020

What are we without technology? It’s a fair question considering the digital world we live in and our celebration of technology. The reality is, we could certainly live without it on a personal level, but as a business, it’s a necessity. For marketing efforts, technology enables you to automate, track, personalize, and more. The key is to have the right Martech stack, but what is Martech exactly? And what tools…

Blog Design 101: How to Get Visuals, Images & Video Right in Your Posts

By on December 22nd, 2020
blog visuals

Successful blogging is about more than just great writing. Publishing a blog post without images is like serving a meal without seasoning. The main ingredients might be there, but your audience won’t come back for seconds. Crafting the perfect blog design for success means ensuring each of your posts is illustrated with images and videos to complement the text, provide more visual interest, and make your post more attractive and accessible…

Your B2B Marketing Budget Playbook for 2021 Success [Research]

By on December 21st, 2020
b2b marketing budgets for 2021

Enough with the negativity and cliches. What have you learned in the last year? Most companies have learned that B2B marketing budgets are much more important than they thought – and that their existing marketing strategies, well, kind of sucked. Look, we all knew B2B marketing had plenty of problems long before COVID-19: Generic, bland, and forgettable content Impersonal ads and digital experiences Poor use of technology and automation Ambiguous…

Take Your Content Beyond the Blog in 2021

By on December 17th, 2020

We use the word “content” all the time in B2B digital marketing. Content drives engagement, delights and assists your audience, and gives people confidence in your brand. Companies that actively generate digital marketing content often focus on blogs and industry articles, which can be very effective, but aren’t the only types of content that exist. The SageFrog 2021 B2B Marketing Mix Report shows that content creation remains among the top…

How to Make Your Team Believe in Content Marketing

By on December 16th, 2020

‘Tis the season to believe in the holiday spirit AND the power of content marketing. If you’re new here, content marketing is a business opportunity to reach and convert new customers. It drives measurable results through powerful story-telling that’ll hit home with your customers. Chances are, you believe in content marketing. You're ready to hop on the Content Marketing Express. But is your team? This is a recurring issue that…

How Exactly Does Content Marketing Help in Building Brand Awareness?

By on December 15th, 2020
content marketing for brand building

Brand awareness is more than people simply recognizing your business name or your logo. True brand awareness entails your audience getting to know the personality behind your brand and what makes you different from your competitors. It’s vital to build brand awareness because consumers are much more likely to buy from a brand they know and trust than one that’s new to them. A research study found that over 80% of…

7 Ways to Create Content that Generates Leads

By on December 14th, 2020
content that generates leads

Are you feeling your well of content marketing inspiration running dry? It doesn’t have to take a huge amount of time and energy to create content that generates leads. Sometimes it’s just a case of thinking outside of the box and putting a new spin on the content you already have. There’s still time left before the end of the year to make sure your content marketing efforts have an…

Optimizing Event Planning: 7 Ways Event Technology Eases The Process

By on December 10th, 2020

Whether virtual or in-person, event planning is a painstaking process. Planners oversee countless details and put in place many event aspects to ensure that events turn out great. Oftentimes, however, they encounter challenges. These challenges are not because the team lacks requisite skills and experience but because many planners still use traditional methods which can be quite out-of-date, which can lead to missing important details that might have significant implications…

10 Simple Tricks to Accelerate Your Sales Pipeline

By on December 9th, 2020

We know the sales cycle is composed of phases. It may vary greatly, especially on the time that it takes to complete. A long sales cycle typically requires several touch points and spans several weeks to months. I remember seeing around 84 days to convert a lead into an opportunity when I ran demand generation for a large software company. Then  it took on average, another 18 days to turn…

What Does Your Content Say About Your Company Culture?

By on December 9th, 2020
Tell your Story

It’s more important than ever before to build a positive and inspiring company culture. The culture of your organization affects the talent you attract, how engaged your employees are at work, and also the customers who choose your brand over others. Your company culture is a reflection of your core brand values and mission. And those values can be an important factor in the decision-making process when someone chooses to spend their…

25 B2B Lead Generation Strategies That Deliver Marketing ROI

By on December 8th, 2020

The beginning of the final quarter of the year always signals a re-evaluation of old strategies and the hunt for newer ones to stay competitive in your industry. Driven by a host of emerging technologies and an influx of new insights, b2b buyer behavior continues to evolve at breakneck speeds. Understandably, B2B marketers are hard-pressed to recalibrate their lead generation strategies in this ever-shifting landscape. The explosion of content addressing…

A Roadmap for B2B SMBs to Achieve Digital Transformation

By on December 8th, 2020

Is digital transformation just a buzzword? Does it seem unattainable for your small business? SMB business owners are wrestling with these questions and seeking clarity. B2B SMBs can achieve digital transformation; it takes work, commitment, and the right strategy. To help you get started or keep progressing, we’ve designed a roadmap for B2B SMB digital transformation. Quick Takeaways: Digital transformation is a necessity to stay competitive and meet customer needs. SMBs…

Content Marketing Analysis: How to Win The CRM SaaS Market

By on December 7th, 2020
Content Marketing Analysis for CRM SaaS Companies

Managing customer relationships has always been super important to the success of a business. For many product and service companies, it is an evolution. It starts with defining product-market fit. Then we have to hire and scale sales and marketing pipeline to acquire new customers. And it culminates in servicing and retaining existing customers to maximize profit. For nearly 40 years, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has been software-based and data-driven.…