How to Develop a Content Pillar Strategy (With Examples!)

By on October 25th, 2022
content pilar strategy

Does your brand have a content pillar strategy? If your answer is no, your content strategy is likely disjointed — both from your perspective and your audience’s. Pillar content provides an important foundation on which the rest of your content is built. It focuses on the topics you and your audience care about most, and it establishes your expertise in the eyes of potential customers, search engine crawlers, and industry…

A Practical Inbound Marketing Strategy for B2B Companies

By on October 25th, 2022

Attracting leads is a daunting task for any company. Figuring out which way to go about attracting leads is half the battle. Inbound marketing might be your next best step while marketing your B2B company. The internet has become a superhighway for communication. There are billions of avenues for users to explore. Interactive communication is what people crave most when they go online. They want to feel seen. As a…

How to Build a Content Management Workflow That Works

By on October 24th, 2022

Content marketing is an organic way for marketers to create owned assets and increase views through quality publishing and composition. Not to mention, less of the budget burned on traditional marketing efforts. But executing a content marketing strategy can be overwhelming. A content management workflow is a game changer to perfecting your content marketing strategy. Imagine the ideal outcome from your content marketing efforts. Then map out the steps to…

Boost Word-of-Mouth Sales for Your E-commerce Business This Fall

By on October 20th, 2022
fall leaves on a road to help e-commerce companies boost word-of-mouth sales

We call it Black Friday because it's when retailers finally start to see profits after months of carrying inventory and slower summer sales. That's why the fall season is a great time for e-commerce businesses to boost word-of-mouth awareness and sales as we head into the upcoming shopping season. Consider the following statistics about the state of the holiday shopping season in previous years: E-commerce accounts for more than 20%…

How to Plan Your Blog Content Calendar for the Entire Year

By on October 20th, 2022
man planning to show planning blog content

Have you been tasked with planning your marketing team’s content calendar for the entire year? No doubt, this can feel like a tall order. It requires including key themes defined in your content marketing strategy and planning for various types of content. Likely, the driving force behind your content marketing success is your business blog. Setting out to create a long-term blog content calendar can be daunting – even for…

Content Creation and Marketing Team Dynamics

By on October 20th, 2022
hand shaking across table to show marketing team

When you drop a pebble into a body of water, the splash creates ripples that multiply and expand outward symmetrically. The ripples get larger and larger, reaching more and more space within the water. Some people like to imagine effective content marketing in that way – an ever-expanding item that continuously reaches farther and wider than before. Samantha Stone, founder and CMO of The Marketing Advisory Network, isn’t satisfied with…

Omnichannel Retail Marketing: Consumer Demands Then & Now

By on October 19th, 2022
omnichannel retail marketing

Only 15 years ago, the average consumer used two touch points when purchasing an item. That number today? Six. So, how are retailers supposed to keep up with the demands of today’s consumers? By adopting an omnichannel retail marketing strategy. The long answer is way more fun. So, stick around. Because in order to understand what’s going on with the world of retail today, we have to first analyze what…

16 Influencer Marketing Tips & Strategies to Reach New Audiences

By on October 18th, 2022

Influence cannot be gained overnight. Much like any other authority figure, a person is considered to be an influencer when they can influence audiences, which comes from being well-respected in the industry. Becoming an influencer is achieved through hard work, passion, and excellent community management skills. Not to mention, having a captivating or likable personality never hurts. By the book, influencer marketing utilizes key individuals with a following in their…

Is Your Marketing Ready for Web 3.0?

By on October 18th, 2022

The internet is in a constant state of flux. This often makes locking down effective digital marketing practices difficult. Trends are always changing, always evolving, leaving us marketers to pick up the pieces and figure out - what works? Take the advent of social media for example. Before TikTok and Instagram were providing brands with new and exciting ways to connect with the world, we were just making commercials and…

Do You Need a Privacy Policy on Your Website?

By on October 17th, 2022

Who doesn’t love their privacy? In today’s digital landscape, user data is more important than ever, and protecting your customer’s privacy is a top priority for your business. Not just for your business, for every business. Every time you have input data (intentionally or unintentionally) into a website or service, you’ve agreed to a privacy policy. It’s meant to protect the company that's collecting the data and the visitor giving…